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ntritt 10-02-2012 01:01 PM

Noobie help with mods
Hey guys this is my first post. I have little to no experience with cars and was hoping for some advice and pointers. (any pointers or advice will be helpful) I want to do some mods myself so I can get my hands dirty but I would need instructions.

I have had a 2006 LJ Wrangler for 4 years and everything is stock as far as I know. (like I said I have very little knowledge on modding Jeeps and engines) Now that I am out of school I want to start to mod it. I was thinking for my first mod that I would get a lift kit and a grill guard.

So if I could get some help with types of lift kits I should get and the cost of the parts and installation. Same with grill guards as well.

Thanks in advance for being supportive for a noobie modder. I am here to start to gain knowledge and get into the community. So any help is appreciated. I have faith that the Wrangler community is a helpful one!:cheers:

jksmith93 10-03-2012 12:37 AM

check your area for a local off road shop, or find a jeeper in your community, people are going to be able to help much better in person, just do your research, and keep browsing the forum.

Icemanlives 10-03-2012 12:13 PM

Where are you located?

As for lifts a it is dependant on what type od driving you are going to do, whether mostly on road, trails, mud rock crawling etc.

As for a grill guard depends if you want to build your own from scratch or if you are buying a manufactured one. If manufactured it is usually pretty easy only requiring basic hand tools.

haloperformance 10-04-2012 08:06 AM

My personal advice to start modding your jeep... Skid plates, some tow straps, a winch if possible. They bolt right on and will protect your Jeep while you're getting the hang of off roading. Thinks to look for are differential covers, steering box, radiator, rockers, engine/oil pan. I would say avoid going crazy with a lift. If you're shocks are getting original, consider getting a budget boost. It adds spacers on top of your coild springs, and you get new shocks. They are inexpensive and a great "first lift." Once you get into expensive lifts and everything, you want to have an end goal in mind. Otherwise you'll do what I did, and have 4 different lifts in it until you are satisfied! Good luck, and enjoy your Jeep!

NonRubicon 10-04-2012 07:54 PM

I agree that in order for a lift to be the right one, you'll first need to know how you plan to off road. You need to know what size tires you want to run. - the bigger the tires, the more ground clearance you'll get. Running 33" tires can get through places that 31" tires might have you dragging your belly and scraping your differentials on rocks. Once you know the tire size you want, you can decide on the amount of lift you'll need to fit the desired tire size. From there you can start checking out lifts that fit your budget. Keep in mind that (in general) the cheaper the lift, the cheaper the quality.

My best advise is to take your time and do the research before dropping the cash. Make sure you know about all the essential components needed, and any potential/optional components. If you're going to lift, do it right the first time and save yourself time and money.

Jason 10-05-2012 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by NonRubicon (Post 14256654)
I agree that in order for a lift to be the right one, you'll first need to know how you plan to off road.

I agree, but I'll take this a step further and say wheel it stock first. Find out where it's lacking for your type of wheeling, upgrade accordingly. Don't spend money twice on components if you can avoid it; an expensive lesson learned by many, including myself.

Jeep folks are a pretty helpful bunch. You should be able to find someone near you to help you install the mods you choose. You can also ask the collective here at JF too. You'll generally find folks who have tried the same at least once.

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