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FC2TurboMSS 02-04-2009 11:10 PM

Great Jeep Service in South Central PA
Forgive me if this is the wrong forum for this thread, but given this was a Service/Technician Praise, I thought it was appropriate to put it in the General Technical Discussion.

I have read many threads on this forum relating to horror stories about your local Jeep Dealers. I would like to offer a praise for MY local Service station/Jeep Dealer.

I have twice taken my JK to Stetler Dodge and Jeep in York, PA on Roosevelt Ave and twice I have been overwelmingly pleased with not only the service but the quality of workmanship.

My first instance was a damaged serpentine belt idler bearing and wheel assembly. The damaged part also took out my belt as well. I called the service department and described the part and problem and they ordered it in on my word alone. Then once the part got in house along with the JK, they noticed belt was stretched and replaced this. No parts were in the area at the time. They expedited both parts be shipped and replaced in an extremely timely matter.

My second trip was for a faulty starter. There have been a few threads on here about this. This was replaced and once again, I'm extremely happy with the speed and quality of the work.

If you live in the York area of PA and if you are looking for a new service station to take care of your warranty issues on your newer TJs or JKs, I can highly recommend this service department as being a CLASS A, #1 place to have work done. The costomer service is impeccable and they know how to take care of their Jeep Owners.

CRJeepin 02-06-2009 01:32 PM

Good to know, thanks. I didn't even know of Stetler, I bought my jeep right after I moved to the area - bought it at Jack Giambalvo, which was a huge mistake....will never go back. Looking on Jeeps website it looks like JG lost the brand now. No surprise there.

Fishel has been OK, they did some warranty work for me but over a month to replace the rear diff...I think they knew they had me by the boys b/c they didn't have to warranty it with my 35's and lift.

Will give Stetler a try next time I need something, thanks for the heads up.

mctwin2kman 02-06-2009 02:42 PM

You should get good service from the oldest Dodge dealer in PA! LOL! Although not owned by Stetler anymore. Do they still have the Dodge Bros. sign in the show room.....

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