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BlackToe 07-21-2013 11:07 PM

Frontrunner Slimline rack
I've been researching racks for my 2013 JKU. Was going to get a Garvin Wilderness rack because that's what I had on my old XJ, but then I happened to park next to a guy with an AEV rack today. Now I'm thinking AEV vs Frontrunner, leaning toward the latter. I doubt I'll ever take the hard top off, so mounting to the bars isn't a concern.

Here's my question: The Frontrunner site appears to show a rail-mounted full rack on a JKU, but the only racks listed in the JKU section have front supports that mount at the bottom of the windshield. I'm basically looking for something like this:

I think I've been looking at racks for too long. Is anyone using a rail-mounted full-size Slimline?

EDIT: This site answers my question, I think. You can get tracks that mount to the hard top. The rack apparently supports up to 660 lbs. Anyone care to share an opinion about the Frontrunner vs AEV?

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