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Dogs riding shotgun.......

Finally found the right Jeep for me---a 97 SE---other than a pioneer cd player--- it's totally stock which is what I've been looking for. I'll be picking it up tomorrow.

Anyway--I'll leave the front passenger seat in for my wife-----but I planned on removing the back seat since the only passengers back there will be my 2 dogs.

One concern I had was making sure the dogs couldn't jump out when the top's down.

Someone recently posted a link here showing a harness & short leash set up that would restrain the dog-----but putting on & removing that harness looks like it might be a pita.

I was thinking of some kind of cargo netting around the back & sides to keep them from getting any ideas about escaping.

Anybody familiar with anything like this?????

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yeah someone makes those, check quadratec cant remember what they are called tho.

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I've thought about the same thing since I have a small cairn terrier that loves the Jeep. Last weekend after nailing a deer at 55 MPH I thought that while a net is great for keeping the dog from jumping out or jumping into the front, it does nothing for keeping them safe if you roll or made a sudden stop. Your dog will be a dog-missile at high speeds, though a well-contained dog-missile if you have nets.

For the safety of the animal I think a harness system is best. I'm looking for one. I've been letting her sleep in the back for a few trips and that works, but after sudden braking on a two lane in the middle of nowhere it made me realize my little dog has no way to hold on to anything. I have to wear a seat-belt... stupid me for not thinking she should to.

(My Unlimited survived with precious little damage. I hammered the fender out to damn near good as new, and I need a new fog light. I have a front receiver and just happened to have the cargo tray on the front after a camping trip ... use it like a table. It took a glancing hit and kept the damage to a minimum. All is well, and I'm happy my dog was in the back laying down at the time. She gets a harness in the very near future.)

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We made one for our Jack Russel. We have a harness that holds him around the chest that we got at one of the big pet stores. You want to avoid the ones that hold around the neck...

Then I ran a strap tight across the two front roll bars. Took another short strap and use it between the dog and the tight strap. Hook and unhook with a D-ring, real quick. Allows him to pace and stick his head in the wind, but not jump out.
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Go to "Google" and do a search with the words DOG SEAT BELT and a whole bunch of dog seat belt/harnesses come up. Any dog riding in any vehicle should be secured with a seat belt harness! In an accident your dog can be a flying missle that can kill you/maim you and for sure kill or maim him.

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do it on a dogsled
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your not going to like what I'm going to say,,,,,,,, but use a crate and anchor it to the roll bar support. Put the pooch in the crate. if you take the top off poochie still stays safe. and reduces the wind effect,,, protecting ears and eyes and won't jump or get bounced out. On another note anyone,,,, don't let a dog ride in a vehicle with it's head out the window,,,,,just look at your windshield,,,,,enough said. I've treated many dogs with eye and ear injuries due to this practice!

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raingler nets

The cargo nets that you are talking about are called Raingler Nets, and can be found here.

I've got a Golden Retriever that goes EVERYWHERE with me except for work. It actually feels strange for me to drive my jeep without her in the back. For safety, I made my own harness that is very similar to the "buckle-up-pup" setup. It took a few times, but my golden got the hang of getting into the harness and now it only takes a few seconds to slip it on.

Happy Jeepin' with your dog!!!
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My dog "Red" goes where I go i.e. Tellico, Paragon, Big Dogs, etc. I have web nets on both sides and across the back. Check RAINGLER NETS. They will do what you want.

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My dog just rides in the back just like if it was a truck. No seat belts no harness or anything. Yes i love my dog and care about his safety. But Im not gonna trap him in.
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My two boxers love to jeep dog.
they sit in the back, no seat, look out the side, etc
I keep a leash on them that I put my hand through, up to the bicep/
Now for those who say they could jerk me around if they fell out
if they fell out the way you would instinctively brake the jeep would be just as bad
anyway, after the first ride they usually just lay down if we get over 35 mph anyway, Oh I only take one at a time.
I thought about the doggytie thingy and saw how little room they had to get comfy, nah
like the dogs that ride in the back of trucks, a dog wants to move a bit and when you get up to speed they usually lie down.
I would not suggest letting them in the front seat, dogs like to nuzzle their owners and that can really get distractive.

edit: they really never pull on the leash, it just lets them know they are not allowed to do anything unless I let them. well trained dogs.
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Just be wary if your dog likes to try and jump out. When mine was a pup I had him in the front seat and he managed to worm his way out of the soft window that was unzipped about 4". Luckily I was at a light and chased him down before he could get into the intersection. That is when he started riding in the back.

Several months later it was time to take the top off, so I tied him off to a short leash in the back. He wasn't even able to get his nose to the edge of the tub, but while i was driving about 35mph he decided to jump *** first out the side. I had to pull over really quick while he sat there hanging himself. The dog was fine, but my girlfriend about had a heartattack when he did it.

Now I have a tonnea cover that he has to stay under and that seems to work just fine. The windjammer keeps him from getting into the front.

The buckleuppup looks like it would work pretty well.

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Two Labs

I use a 4 foot lead around the roll bar right in front of the sound bar. This is just enough room for them to have the inside perimeter of the vehicle and lay down in the front seat or rear floor (no seat) with slack.

I have two dogs and have used this opportunity to train them how to ride in the jeep. They like to stand up on the wheel wells in the back and use the leash to lean out as far as possible. I don't like them doing that so I use a water bottle to squirt them if they do it. They are starting to learn the off command as well (which is get off what they are on, and down is for laying down).

I thought I may be able to train them with doors off. That scares the crap out of me as everyone knows a dog will lay down and evey few minutes stand up, make a couple of circles and then lay back down . First couple times I saw my 9mo old pup do that, I decided doors off would not be for me as they ride with me all the time.

With all of that said, I am still thinking about getting the raingler nets for some additional restraint from them trying to get out while I run inside the store or something. A 4ft lead and a lifted jeep could strangle them if they were to jump out A$$ first or something.


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I have to say the buckle up pup looks good and the raingler nets would provide another measure of added comfort in both keeping the animal in and keeping other annoying humans out. My lab rides in the front seat unrestrained and at 85 pounds is bigger than my children but is very well behaved, and now as I am writing this I will be purchasing a restraint system, because of his safety and he behaves and listens more than the aforementioned children. And yes my children are restrained more from each other than for the law.

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I also lash a lead to the roll bar in front of the sound bar.... I bought a simple harness for the dog that makes it impossible for her to hang and choke herself as a normal collar would. Then I got a 12-ft tie-out leash. This has an adjustable loop with a snap buckle at one end that lets you easily lash it to the rollbar, right in the center. You can then wrap it around the bar muiltiple times to get it to the length you need. Clip it to the dog, and she then has access to the front and the back of the jeep, but cannot jump out. And she won't get tangled up in the leash since it is lashed above her. Only downside is it is not a seatbelt; it will not protect her in a crash or rollover. But I figure that's an acceptable risk, to allow her to put her front feet on the wheel well and hang over the side like dogs do.

Do make sure the leash does not let her jump completely over the side. I thought I had my leash short enough. I had stopped at a gas station and gone inside to use the ATM, leaving the dog in the jeep. She figured she was supposed to go with me, and had just enough lead to get her shoulders over the side of the Jeep. So she jumped, and immediately hung herself. Since she was in a harness, it was like being lifted by your shirt collar. She just lifted her front legs and slipped right out of the harness. I had no idea the harness would let her do that. I figured if she ever jumped, she would just hang suspended. Imagine my surprise when I look down at the floor, inside the gas station, and see a dog standing next to me. My first thought was, "Hey, someone let a dog in here. And she looks just like mine! But it can't be mine, because mine is tied up in my Jeep!"

The lead is much shorter now.
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