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mike m2
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Do you document your mods?

Hey guys,
Just wondering what kind of documentation you guys do, if any, with work done to your Jeep? For the past year or so I've been contemplating starting a pretty structured way to keep track of exactly what I've done to the Jeep, and when. I know the majority of the people on here probably just "throw the receipts in a pile somewhere if I ever need it", but I'm sure there's a (small) number of you that probably have something a bit more thorough.

I've owned my Jeep for 7 years now, and I plan on owning it forever. At first, it was easy to keep track of what U-joint I changed, and when, or when the last oil change was done. Now that I've done so much I can't just "remember" like I used to.

I've thought of a few different systems to keep track.
1) At work I started a log book to track work done to a CNC machine we have here. I adopted the same thing for my Jeep. Just a simple log of what I did, and when. Essentially creating a timeline of work.

2) I've thought about taking a short video with my cell phone, a "note to self" thing, and just quickly explain what I did to the Jeep, and throw all the videos on my laptop for future reference. That might be hard to find info in the future though... having to sift through a watch videos to find out "how I did that again..."

3) Create a public log. Start a build thread here on JF, where all Jeep work is documented. Everything from oil changes to "heard a weird rattle on the way home..." It might be a boring read for some people, but I wouldn't force anybody to read it. I suppose if lots of people started doing that Jeep Forum might turn into a very boring place...

Wiring changes/mods are a particular concern for me. It's very difficult to diagnose a problem when working on a modified wiring system... I haven't been doing anything yet, but thought about updating the Jeep wiring diagrams to reflect any changes I make. A bit of a pain, but might be invaluable later in life.

I already know most people probably don't do anything at all. So feel free to skip posting if the "do nothing" strategy works for you. I'm in this one for the long haul, and have already decided that system is not for me. Looking for constructive feedback on anyone who does have a good system in place. Preferably something simple that doesn't turn wrenching into an office job...

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mike m2
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Here's a copy of the log sheet I started recently. Pretty self explanatory.
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Yep. I basically have a factory service manual for my 3B with the factory being me. It is presently a 200 mb Word file. Not only does that save me a bundle of time when needing new parts (I include part numbers) and actually making any repairs, but assuming I don't total it at some point, it will give the next owner a lot less reasons to bash the PO. It is set up just like the FSM and I included a section about the known history of it. The biggest task is just making sure it remains current.

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Jeep '08 JKUR, is 6yrs old-

I have kept all receipts (categorized) and listed-


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I just keep a small note pad with all my general repairs and maintenance as well as current mods done. That's stuffed into a small accordion file folder with all receipts that fits in my glove compartment. That way, if I don't have a moment to mark it down, the receipts are at least in there for later.

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The voices in my head help keep track of the PMCS, mods, and other stuff that has been done to my jeep in the last 10 years I have owned it.

Each voice is assigned tracking/logging in areas that it likes or has expertise in.

That is what I tell people who want to know every single thing I have done when I lack the time or caring to tell them (you know, those weirdos that can't take a hint). I do keep a log makes it hard to dispute I don't keep up my vehicle when I have a detailed log of the PMCS' done to it should I ever get sued because some ******* ran into me while tweeting about his latte and his lawyer notices I drive a modified vehicle and is seeking contributory negligence to reduce the amount of liability his client is exposed to.

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Originally Posted by mike m2 View Post
Here's a copy of the log sheet I started recently. Pretty self explanatory.
This, except I have a mileage column next to the date. Just use 8 1/2x11 pad of paper (complete with greasy fingerprints...LOL) . Comes in handy when I want to check when I did the last oil change, or what shocks I used when I did the lift, or when and how many miles since I did the last brake job and what pads/rotors I used, etc. Just use paper and pen and keep it in a folder with receipts. It's pretty fat now but the sheets of records are on top in the folder in order. (the receipts are a messy pile underneith....LOL)

Low tech and old fashioned but it works for me.

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mike m2
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Originally Posted by DaveJKJ View Post
I have a mileage column next to the date.
Good idea. I'm going to start logging mileage too.
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One thing I keep a list of in the jeep is changes that are not factory. In my YJ it now has a Dana 44 so I keep a list of those parts so if I need to replace something I know what to ask the parts store for. If I tell them I need brake parts etc. and they look up a 95 YJ I know they will never find the parts, now if I say brake parts out a 1999 TJ with a D44 I will get the proper parts.

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I've been keeping a log in a notebook with date, job done, approx time involved and money. In the back I have a ever growing list of "future" mods.
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I have a simple excel spread sheet with a tab for each vehicle. Date and mileage. Work done and sometimes notes to myself like. "Only took about 2 hours" or " 9/16 inch wrench from the bottom was the easiest way to go". If I do a brake job I will note if I replaced or turned the rotors/drums.

Here are some example logs for the 82 Cherokee

7-Oct new headliner
7-Oct in prep for emissions, I turned idle screw open about 1/8th of a turn. Trying to get it to pass Hydrocarbons
12-Oct it failed Hydro and passed CO. 1st idle 131, precondition 14, final 90 standard 220. CO (carbon monoixide) 1st 1.46, precondition .59, final 1.87, standard 1.2 (fail). Maybe due to the idle screws?
11/10/2013 250860 Atlas 4 speed install.
Tom wood 1310 u joint on rear driveshaft at transfer case
Dura last 'gold' lifetime u joint on rear drive shaft at axle.
added just over 1 1/2 quart of dextron VI castrol total synthetic (transmission lost some when I pulled TC)
27-Dec 251590 bigger trans pan including filter. Added 7 1/2 quarts of castrol synthetic dextron vi
251595 Altas fluid change. Small white funnel works well. Make sure to loosen top site tube nut to allow for venting of air. Even new the fluid looked dark in the site tube. I was also surprised at the amount of stuff on the magnets.
1/5/2014 251787 Oil Filter and oil. (Fram filter, uck!). Installed atlas vent vent
3/15/2014 picked it up from Leslies. Battery was 100% dead from sitting for 2 months with the little light on. Used the mustang battery.
3/23/2014 251985 new spark plugs (champion), new plug wires (msd) new cap (msd) new rotor (msd)
had to get battery recharged from dead (it is actually the mustang battery)
4/12/2014 oil pressure was too high. I noticed this when wheel'n but it was pegged (even when the engine wasn't running and the ignition was 'on'). Disconnected the sending unit wire and that 'fixed' it. I bought a new sending unit but have not installed yet.
4/19/2014 replaced oil sending unit. Back to about 40lbs at idle. Nice. There is a fitting for the sending unit as well as another unit which is not currently connected.
body work done
5/23/2014 Back from body shop. 425.
Started running funny on the freeway like it was running out of gas (1/8 of a tank was shown) Added gas and no further problems
Back window broke. Bad wire connection at the motor connector.
6/8/2014 Fixed window wire, new channels. Got e-clips from ace for channel. Used some white litium grease. Works great!
16-Jun headliner. Need to put bulbs in the light as well as wire it up

82 Cherokee WT - SOA/SF/agr box/Borgeson ujoint steering shaft/401/performer/holley TA/HEI/BeCool/727/np208/d44(aussie)/amc20(ARB)/BFG 35X12.5/Corbeau Moab Seats/RCI 6point Harness,Hella Aux lights/tuffy console/killer32 slider bars/custom bumpers and roll bar/Alpine head unit/amps/speakers 2002 Liberty Limited Early edition - Basically stock
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mike m2
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Some great ideas here.
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