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Gazjeep 09-01-2013 12:11 PM

CJ2 / Chevy V6 parts in Miami
Hi all,

New to the forum & from the UK so be gentle with me :laugh:

Coming over to the USA in 2 weeks for a holiday in the Keys & a mate with a 1947 CJ2, with a small block 229 V6 (its around a 1979-1980 model) has asked me to pick up some parts for him.

He is after a new starter motor & new Twin carbertter. More specific engine info when he gives it to me to follow.

Basically, can you guys give me any pointers as to where I can pick these up from. We fly into Miami so somewhere in that area will be ideal.

If you can give me any links to places so I can make sure they have them on the shelf or if I have to order up front that would be great.

Apologies if there is an introductions area, Im still looking around the forum.

Cheers for your help :cheers2:


The time now is 09:16 PM.

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