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Camping Essentials

I'm always going on camping trips. What do you think are the jeeping essentials that are most important?

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A tent, a Jeep, something to make fire with, beer, food, and a cooler and you should be set.
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In my neck of the woods a rifle is advisable.
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A woman. A really hot one that is totally turned on by Jeeps. With only me to take her lust out upon.
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Originally Posted by NonRubicon View Post
A woman. A really hot one that is totally turned on by Jeeps. With only me to take her lust out upon.
I don't think anyone is going to give you a better answer than this, haha.
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good answer....o and a fishing pole and worms

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You need a chair to sit in and drink that beer. Depending on the cooking you do, you might need a grill or stove, and pans and such to cook it. I don't know too many people that can cook a decent meal by just using the campfire. But if you can do it...
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you need a modded maglight

The best darn thing for camping at night besides a good woman, is a P7 modded 3 D cell maglight. A stock maglight is so lame.
Stick three low self discharge (LSD) NiMh batteries in er. With the head on, it is like a searchlight. With the head off, it is like a Coleman Naptha lamp.
Hang it up from a tree and your campsite is well illuminated.
No fuel to mess with. You get about 8 hours of light out of it. The emitter never wears out and the thing doubles as excellent club if you ever need to bludgeon anyone.
For another 20 bucks you can get an aspheric lense. Then, you can light up the clouds or see every fish below you as you canoe at night
Check out the candlepower forum on the net.
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Lock box to keep the damn coons out
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coffee, coffee mug, and water are the first items to go in the jeep on any trip
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Stream Light Stinger LED, Favorite hand gun,Rifle, and a 22.

Shovel,Axe,water jug, fishing pole.

Sleeping bag,*** wipe,cooking stuff.

the rest you improvise
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If you already camp you know that end (beer, women, food, TP, e-tool for digging cat holes, etc).

Firearms, especially in the hands of untrained, people/drunks (or even trained drunks) are a disaster waiting to happen (IMO). (I have never need one in more than 40 years camping or 25 years wheeling; I am a firearm enthusiast).

In a Jeep bring tools, spare parts, fluids, hoses, clamps, rescue stuff like snatch strap & shackles (basically standard four wheeling gear).
Don't forget a practical first aid kit; and formal first responder training in how to use it...

There are horrendously long overly detailed lists out there on the web and here at JF but the best list is the one that you make yourself after determining what you need and what you need to leave behind (IMO), it depends on your camping/wheeling level, the trip, and the terrain you are going into.


...a well prepped, well driven, vehicle should do well in any terrain, including the highway.

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A tent, a bag, food and toilet paper..
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Take everything you own, put it in the jeep and go camping, make a list of all the items. When you get back, take out the list and x out evrything you didn't use and add anything you needed but didn't have!
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Mean Max
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Camo toilet paper.......for obvious reasons.


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Originally Posted by UltimatE View Post
Max has a picture of every Jeep part ever made.
Originally Posted by Benderff View Post
No one here knows what they are talking about. You should try Pirate 4x4 they will be happy to help you.

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