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Hi there,
I'm new here & looking for some experienced advice. I've had my '86 Wagoneer for a little over a year. I've recently been having some electrical starter about 6 months ago & about 6 weeks ago new starter wiring. Last week as I was driving home all my dash lights & radio died & I lost brakes. When I pulled over & turned her off I noticed smoke under the hood. Turns out 2 of the spark plug wires were on fire & at this point the brake fluid reservoir was on fire. After having her towed home I tried turing her over & she started right up complete with radio & dash lights. The brakes were very soft, but I was able to back her into a spot. I have since replaced the 2 wires that were on fire & she seemed to be running even a little better than before. Last night the same thing happened again.
Has anyone ever encountered this problem? I'm planning on replacing all the wiring (I was low on time when I replaced the 2 & really just wanted to see if that would help) as well & the distributor. Also the master cylinder. But i'm stumped about why the wires caught fire to begin with. Any thought?

Thanks much!


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04-25-2013, 01:27 PM
I would ask this question over in the FSJ forum of the site. More people see it there.

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