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Jeep Information


Model:1-Ton Pickup


Transmission:Dana 4 speed

Transfer Case:Stock Dana

Front Axle:none

Rear Axle:none

Axle Gear Ratio:none





Recovery Gear:none


Future Modifications:New frame, 4-link Air/Hyd, 30-40" flex, LCOG, 400+hp MPFI SBC, list goes on and on...

So I hasa 62 Willy's Pickup

With Big Plans, and a short budget

Story goes, Im building an expedition rig, with a custom 4-link, suicide hard doors, 1/2 doors for the summer, 7' cargo bed with the Deuce style canvas, and removable hoops.

Plans for the engine,
I have a sentimental 350, 4-bolt I bought from my stepdad, the day after he died in a house fire, We discussed it the night before he passed away.
So plans are to build it up, pretty stout, with a Forged 383 crank, H beam rods, Forged pistons, Holley Deliminator Fuel Injection, Victor Jr heads, and possibly twin turbo.

The frame, and suspension I plan on starting on soon as I get the money, right about $350 for the rails. Planing on using 3x5x1/4" stock, and building a longarm 4-link, with either pneumatic, or hydraulic suspension for in-cab adjustment, or just may run some 4" coilovers.

With the cab, Im'a do a roll cage, and possibly have the roof removable, and expanded steel screen underneath, Shaved Suicide Hard-Doors, with a 1 piece window, and safari doors for the summer, Leaving the Cowl vent functional will provide me with 1960's style air conditioning

Recently I had some pretty serious Kidney surgery, and got bored during recovery, spent alot of time thinking I was gunna die, so I hopped on the computer and built my jeep on Sketchup, gave me something to fight for


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View FZY1's Jeep
01-16-2014, 02:48 PM
It has been almost a year, what is the status?

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