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While trying to fill tank with gas at the pump, we discovered a leak at the fuel filler neck hose (cracking in the rubber at the lower clamp) so time for a replacement. So far only able to disconnect hose from bottom of filler neck at the metal tubing. Can anyone suggest best way to remove the filler neck so I can replace the old hose at the top. There is a small vent hose connected to the filler neck at the top which connects to the tank down below. If I can remove the clamp on the vent hose, maybe it will slide out the hole in the bottom of the enclosed space holding the filler neck? There are apparently two kinds of hoses for this replacement. Straight and 45degree. Mine seems more like an S curve? It's 2 1/8" hose so I am hoping to just replace the filler neck hose and not have to change the tank out or find a new neck. Any sugestions would help


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09-27-2011, 02:05 PM
gas leak
i have a '74 J10 with the same problem. only the approximate 3" non-metal tube that connects the tank to the filler is straight and affixed with hose clamps. i have not had time to replace it, but mine appears to be very simple. the prior owner of my J10 (my mom) said at some point in the past the filler pipe had to be replaced because the new gas pump vapor recovery system would not work and she could not fill the tank, so the portion that comes in from the bed side has been replaced. perhaps that is why mine has a straight rubber 3-4" connector. good luck.

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