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1977 Jeep J-10 Engine Options

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I have a 1977 Jeep J-10 with

Weber 38
DUI Distributor
T-15 Trans
3.54 Gears (upgrading to 3.92 soon)
32 inch tires (235x85xr16) Custom Rims

What are the best engine upgrade options. I do not want a v8. I want to keep the 6 cylinder but would like to know what my best options are. I also do not want to convert to fuel injection. I want to keep this simple and try to use as many existing parts as possible as well as keep reliability and longevity. I also want to be able to use normal gas 87/89 what have you.

Keep 258 and add intake, header, 4.0 head maybe bore cylinder over and add cam.

Build 4.0 stroker. This is an option but I don't want a lot of engineering getting this to mate with my other stock parts. (Trans, accessories, brake booster . . . Ect.)

Any ideas? Can I get more power from my 258? I hear mixed reviews about the 4.0 head swap and its benefits.


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