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Engine:Late 60's 283 small block chevy


Transfer Case:Dana Spicer 18

Front Axle:Dana 27

Rear Axle:Original

Axle Gear Ratio:Original

Suspension:Home Made four inch lift

Tires:Stock 7" wide 15's

Wheels:Aluminum 15' Centerlines


Recovery Gear:None

Accessories:Warn Overdrive

Future Modifications:Remove 4" lift replace with 2". Four wheel disc brake conversion. New armor all over, new rock sliders, rock crusher bumpers and a roll cage with new bucket seats and five point harness. 33x13.50's and a detroit locker for the rear and air locker for the front.

This is my first Jeep of any kind and I am proud to say it's a Willys. When I went to look at the Jeep I immediatly saw four shift levers, now I had seen old Willys with 3 but never 4. I admit I had to ask the ole boy what it was for he said an overdrive unit was supposed to be there, but to my disgust was no longer. I bought it for a steal of 2000. There is no rust anywhere on the tub and very little on the frame. I was able to drive it home which I must say was the scariest 45 mph I have ever gone. Most of the front end parts have been home made by some one who had no clue what they was doing. My front tires move about 2" with the wheel held still. I got it home to find the rag joint in shreds and the steering box needing to be rebuilt as well. So knowing it doesn't steer to well I decide to hit the mud hole down the road, and to be honest it did great. The only thing I broke was the motor I now have a nice little knock developing in the bottom end. Which is great now I am going to tear it down to the frame and have it Rhino lined. The tub will be sanded down the underneath will be Rhino lined as well as the inside. Next tear apart the axles and replace all seals and bearings. Then the transmission complete rebuild and transfer case the same. Last the motor honed forged rods and pistons. Roller rocker's with a good low end cam, and Pete Jackson gear drive. 202 heads ported and polished with a Wiend four inch high rise intake and a nice Carter four barrel carb. Last but not least Hedman long tube headers with dual flowmasters. For traction I was thinking some 16x12 steel beadlocks with some 33x13.50 super swampers. Nice Diamond plate armor for the rear corners, tough *** rock slides, .25" skid plates under motor,tranny, and transfer. Good rock slider bumpers and a warn 10,000lb winch. I also plan on taking the four inch lift it has off and putting in a 2.5 inch. I have already ordered a new overdrive and 1.25" wheel spacers to widen the stance some. Four wheel disc's is a must also as the drum brakes suck.

I do have a few questions. Will the stock axles handle those tires and about 300 hp? Is it possible to find lockers for the front and rear? Would it be possible to put all the steering components from a Rubicon on my Willys? I know brakets and mounts would have to be designed and made my question is can it be done? I am a welder fabricator I can design and make it I just don't know if there is a difference in widths that couldn't be compensated for somehow, and if it could be done would it improve the steering that much?

Dumb question is there a trick to getting the drums off so I can inspect the brakes? I have beat the with a hammer pried with a pry par done everything I know. There is no keepers that I can see. I only have two brakes and they are both in the rear. i have fluid at all four wheels no leaks but can' get the fronts to work and I can't get the drums off.


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View 97TJJeep's Jeep
11-15-2011, 10:36 PM
You will get used to the 45 mph thing I have the military version of what you bought (m38) I go 50 to 55 all the time it is fun to have an old jeep

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View Joshua24's Jeep
11-28-2011, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by 97TJJeep
You will get used to the 45 mph thing I have the military version of what you bought (m38) I go 50 to 55 all the time it is fun to have an old jeep
I agree I absolutely love my Willys. I .ever have been the type to go fast anyways 50-55 is great it gives people time to look and admire.

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