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Bill in VA
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Model:AM General M151A2 MUTT

Engine:141.5 cid Hercules, 65 bhp

Transmission:4 speed + 1 reverse

Tires:700 x 16 NDCC

Accessories:vinyl top, curtains, and doors, USGI tool kit, M4 pedestal mount

1972 M151A2 sn 385605

My wife came up with name Otto. Otto was also the name of Sergeant Snorkel's dog (in Beetle Bailey.) Otto is a dog, "dog" (to some) is synonymous with "mutt", mutt/MUTT. Hey, it works for me!

On one hand the MUTT isn't a Jeep, but on the other hand, it is. The MUTT was designed by Ford, and like the WWII jeep (Wills MB/Ford GPW) was built by both Ford and Kaiser. Following the lineage of Willys/Willys-Overland/Kaiser/AMC/AMG puts the MUTT right at the end of the jeep lineage, not counting the acquisition of Jeep by Chrysler. The MUTT is unusual in that it was built using a monocoque design...a unibody replaced the traditional ladder box frame and it used independent suspension instead of traditional live axles (like the MB/GPW, M38, CJ2/CJ3 series.) The MUTT was also the last jeep the US military used, being replaced by the HMMWV (also by AM General.)

The MUTT has the distinction of being the longest serving military jeep ("quarter-ton cargo truck", if we want to be precise about the military's designation for the jeep.) It served longer than the MB/GPW, M38, and M38A1 combined, remaining in service from 1959 until the mid-1980s when it was replaced by the HMMWV; some NG units still had MUTTs in service into the early 1990s.


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