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brokenujoint 06-06-2013 07:48 PM

Warn 27 spline 5x4.5 spindle nut kit issue.
Like a MORON, I somehow lost some parts to my warn hub kit. I lost one side's spindle nut pieces (3) pictured here including the 27 toothed space washer . I can source part number 32720 but it appears thats the only one I CAN source. Stu olsens site shows the p/n as 37545 and I cant find that NO WHERE!!!.. Im reading that this 32720 p/n is for 19 and 27 spline apps. .I have a 27 spline .. I guess my question is also, is a 19 and 27 spline axle the same diameter? this site shows it as for a 19 or 27 spline w/ the same p/n...

brokenujoint 06-06-2013 10:08 PM

After making the mistake of having to hodge podge source everything online w/multiple shipments Robert over at has everything you'd EVER need if your a warn hub conversion owner.. for like 1/2 the price.. dang it. He's a stand up guy... heres the new Yukon (warn) hub kit pdf with updated p/n's for those interested.

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