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calsouthjeep 05-31-2013 12:27 PM

All those interested in Guns look here...
Hey Guys I know a lot of you are into firearms and tactical training. My uncle, a Sheriff's Firearms Instructor, approached me about a program called Front Sight that is regarded as one of the best in the country. They have all levels of memberships that come with different benefits but he is working with them to provide a limited number of premium memberships for far below market value. If you go to this link, , you will see everything that is included with it.

Essentially it is a lifetime membership that allows you to take any current courses they offer and any courses they develop in the future as many times as you want. The only fees besides the initial membership fee is a 50 dollar background check that needs to be completed each year you desire to take a course. If you take a course this year you would need to pay for the background check, if you then didn't take a course next year then you wouldn't need to pay it, and so on. The Diamond membership is advertised on their website for 15,000 dollars which is far beyond a lot of our budgets, but the deal being worked out would allow me to pass memberships on to you in the 1500 dollar range.

If this would interest anybody let me know and I should have more conclusive information in the next two weeks.

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