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Win A Complete XJ Suspension from Metalcloak!

Do you want a full 3.5" Duroflex Suspension System, ARB Edition for your Jeep Cherokee?

If so, this is the first step in a giveaway that will see you get a full Duroflex Suspension System, our 3.5" short arm lift, for FREE!

This could be yours:

The first step is simple, post here no more then two pictures of your Jeep Cherokee, and some information in this format:
  • Your Name:
  • Year of Jeep:
  • Current Lift On Jeep:
  • Your Favorite Place to Wheel:
  • What you would do if you won this kit:

Remember to include no more than two pictures.

STEP TWO, will be a voting contest, similar to the one we did a few years ago, where you will be encouraged to get your friends and other members of Jeepforum to vote for your rig. We will choose the top 20 entries for the voting.

The one with the most votes, wins.

STEP ONE must be completed by June 27th. STEP TWO will take place from June 30 through July 11.

Good luck!!!

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2001 XJ Cherokee 
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Gregg M Bedore
2001 jeep cherokee
3" Rough Country lift
Rausch Creek Off-Road Park , PA

I would spend a whole month testing out this amazing set-up at rausch creek and see how bad this bad boy lift is - The show off to the wrangler ppl that an xj is more then capable doing anything they can do to shut them up =) . Then on my way home hit every place I see or know to keep wheeling .
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1990 XJ
Not lifted.. Yet, soon to be hopefully. Have parts starting to pile up in the garage for it!
Calico, Rubicon, Big Bear.. Or anywhere with rocks
I would jump for joy, install lift and then jump the jeep for joy! Then park it next to the wrangler and crawler. Oh and take plenty of pictures

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My name is Aaron XJ
91 xj govt edition. Her names muddy mistress
No lift yet
Black mountain, Harlan KY is my favorite wheelin spot

If I were to win this awesome kit I'd install over a weekend. Then take it out to one of the local spots, dirty turtle off road or mud madness, and show all my xj buddies how well it performs. After that I'd plan a big trip out to Harlan and really put this kit through its paces on some of the best trails in Kentucky.

Here's my muddy mistress, had I been lifted I could've gotten out of this without help.
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Your Name: Paul
Year of Jeep: 1992
Current Lift On Jeep: Stock leaf springs, 2" Terraflex shackles with RC relocation brackets. ZJ V8 Up Country springs with 2" spacers.
Your Favorite Place to Wheel: trails behind my house
What you would do if you won this kit: Install it. My poor stock leafs are shot.

Originally Posted by Ron Swanson
There is no such thing as bad weather. Only inadequate clothing and transportation.
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1997 XJ Cherokee 
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Steven Glanzer
1997 Sport
Budget Boost
Frederick lake, Lake Ellsworth
If i won this kit, i would install it as quickly as possible and head to big red off-road park and play on Articulation hill for the first time. Then i would go on a cruise night with family and show them that it can play and ride all at the same time, very important since it is my daily Driver. After that I would go wheel the heck out of it again and just enjoy my newly acquired sweetness. Hopefully this will allow me to fit bigger tires and prevent getting buried again.
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Name: Luke Pighetti
Year: 2000
Lift: 1" Homemade
Favorite Spot: Abandoned airstrip in Milford, ME. We try to keep it as clean as possible, a lot of the locals trash the place, which is a shame because it's a perfect spot for a day of trails and shooting trap.

My girlfriend and I go adventure touring solo around central ("yeah bud!") and downeast ("yessah!") Maine. As a mechanical engineering student, I ruthlessly scrutinize modifications to the Jeep. I see it as an offroad system, not a project to make modifications to willynilly. A lift has been on my mind, but I won't do it unless it is of high quality. I had a long list of modifications I wanted to make to the suspension, and the Durocloak appears to check all of these boxes. It would give us extra peace of mind when we are out in the wilderness wheeling outside of radio contact. If we won this lift, we would install it together on a Friday and spend the rest of the weekend camping and going places we were too timid to go before.

Thank you for giving me the chance to upgrade the Jeep with a lift I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. As a small business owner, I am looking at your giveaway and think I might have to do something similar in the future. If any of you guys are into high end portable audio, shoot me a PM. Best of luck to you all.
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JF Admin
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Subscribed, nice to see the XJ's get a little love around here.
That's a great looking suspension kit and I'm excited to see where it ends up!


"You can set my jeep on fire and roll it down a hill,
But I still wouldn't trade it for a Coupe DeVille."

COTY 2009

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1998 XJ Cherokee 
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current set up: 3 inch ryusty's coils, 1.25 inch teraflex spacer, 1 inch JKS shackles and 2.75 inch OME leaf springs
Your Favorite Place to Wheel: all over this beautiful state we call Arizona
What you would do if you won this kit: use the many high quality parts to augment my ride meant for long distance offroad travel. the beautiful places I am privileged to see deserve a beautiful lift!

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” ― John Muir
COTM October 2014
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Your Name: Ryan Pelletier
Year of Jeep: 2000
Current Lift On Jeep: none (stock)
Your Favorite Place to Wheel: trails in New England
What you would do if you won this kit:
If I won this kit, I would take a trip down to Rausch Creek to test out its capabilities. My XJ has already brought me to many places I never thought I could go. I also have used my jeep to recover stuck vehicles in the snow storms we had this winter. I bet the lift would allow me to conquer the deepest snow New England can dish out, and help me pull out many stuck motorists this winter.

Here is me with my Jeep:

Here is my Jeep on top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire:

Thanks for offering us XJ owners a chance to win a great lift!

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1998 XJ Cherokee 
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Location: Tucson
Posts: 4,233
to be honest if i dont win I may just order those springs anyway

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” ― John Muir
COTM October 2014
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re:Win A Complete XJ Suspension from Metalcloak!

oh, my, my , my
this is , ironically, all that four people in a younger family that have
jeeps (JKU and our beloved '95 XJ w/ 358,250 original miles on its [define: flat & dead] stock suspension, up-country package....)and larely have felt our teeth rattle through the poor suspension in our fav, the unit body XJ known as 'Cherry'

Your Name: JVWilliams
Year of Jeep: 1995.5
Current Lift On Jeep: 0"
Your Favorite Place to Wheel: Adventure Off Road / Beasley Knob- currently in the JKU only. XJ wouldn't make it with flatter-than-pancake leafs and coils and OEM bushings shot ....
What you would do if you won this kit: have a safe, happy wife and kids that don't rattle their way all the way to school as they are currently doing in the poor little Cherokee. All the JKU got the love and it needs some badly.
I am in because wife and kids consider the Cherokee a member of the family. It will continue forward forever \we will never get rid of it.
Just prior to my Mother Law ( who we bought it with and her husband , PawPaw, helped us choose it!) passing, she said she'd take the image of her daughter and grand-kids riding in the 'red Jeep' up the driveway to Heaven with her ( no joke)...yes. I am playing the sympathy card that hard because THE WILLIAMS FAMILY needs and deserves this kit!
Please vote for us and thanks!

'11JKUr 5.13s|OX|3"SynergyMfg|5160's|SynergyLinks|37"KO2s| ArtecTrussed|ExpOne
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Wow, so excited to see this happening, almost bought MC adjustable Duroflex arms for my rig but went with Currie JJ after much debate. Never really seen you guys put much effort into marketing any of your products toward the XJ crowd. Id be happy to be a convert though, really like the looks of this setup.


-Brandon R. Cook
-99 Jeep Cherokee Sport
-4.5" lift from varying manufacturers. Rubicon Express leaf springs and Coils, Currie JJ control arms, HD Offroad no lift shackle relocation brackets, etc.
-The Wishbone Ranch in Bowling Green, KY, awesome place to wheel, had Ian and the Crawl Mag guys out here 2 years ago for a bounty climb in the rock bouncers. Place is a good test of equipment.
-If I won this, first I would have to change my pants, because I never win anything. But seriously, Id install everything right away and go right to wheeling the same as always. At times I regret not giving the Duroflex joints a try over Curries Johnny Joints, Id certainly love to test the difference, and Im sure the rest of the kit would be top notch as well. Ive also had trouble with one of my Rubicon Express coils sagging prematurely so itd be nice to swap those out as well. Been considering lowering my rig down to 3.5" lift from the 4.5" Im at now, so this whole setup looks pretty idea for my plan.

Heres a couple shots of my rig:

- '88 MJ Pioneer -
Build In Progress
- '04 Sierra Z71 Crew Cab -
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Keep on Jeepin on........
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Location: Blue Springs
Posts: 6,913
  • Mike Bradley
  • 2001 XJ Sport
  • 4.5+" - Assortment of RE leafs, RC relos, stock shackles, RC coils and LCAs, Rusty's adj UCAs
  • My favorite "park" to wheel is Southern Missouri Offroad Ranch (SMORR) - Seymour, MO. My favorite place to wheel is Colorado.
  • If I won this Metal Cloak lift package I would pull everything from my XJ that the kit would replace.
    Then I would install the MC lift components. Next I'd sell the parts I pulled and use the money towards deeper gears.
    Lastly, a good day of wheelin to break it all in.


Build Thread WK
Other Build Thread XJ
September 2013/January 2015 COTM
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2001 XJ Cherokee 
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Posts: 322
Man, I'm in strong company here. I actually just caught up with VegasGT's thread a couple days ago...

Kyle McCraw
2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport
Woefully Stock
Still working out a favorite wheeling spot. I'm new to Jeeps personally, any NC suggestions for the Mountain or Piedmont regions of NC?

This thing would go a long way toward my expedition, rescue, and recovery build theme (which is on hold since I don't have the money for anything besides tuition at the moment), but for now, if I won this lift, my first step would be to find some decent 31s. Then I'd travel back to my native Appalachia and drag my good buddy out of bed to assist with the install. Then I'd climb to the top of every hill I could find to show him what he's been missing since he traded his last XJ for a TJ...hahaha.

Sorry for the driveway pic, I need to get some better ones...


"Some Assembly Required" is a target, not a deterrent.
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