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TJO 05-24-2013 10:29 PM

Painting fender flares
Has anyone tried to paint the textured fender flares that come on the new wranglers? I am thinking of taking mine off getting the paint color matched the black of the jeep and then clear coat them. If anyone has tried it how does it turn out and can you still see the texture?

ATVRACER76 05-26-2013 02:02 PM

I have painted plenty of chevy truck textured flares to match the body color.. What ya want to do is get and aggresive sand paper and sand them down good.. I use either 80 or 120 grit.. I sand till i cant see the texture on the flares. After you get to that point you want to go back over them with a finer grit paper. 220-280 would be good.. Then find yourself a high build primer and prime them.. Id say 4-5 coats to completely cover any texture or sanding marks.. Spray a coat and wait 10 min and repeat and repeat etc.. Even if it looks like its covered in two coats, i recommend doin more as the primer will shrink as it drys.. Let the primer dry overnight and use a guide coat (very light layer of a different color paint but they make a "guide coat") and spray a coat on.. Its is so when you sand the primer you will know when its all flat. Finish by sanding your primer down with some 400 grit paper .. Sand it until the guide coat color is gone and you will be left with a nice smooth surface for painting.. Good luck.

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