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angliagasser 02-07-2013 12:26 PM

Low Buck CJ5 Restoration
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Just remember this was all done with only $1500.00 out of pocket! As we all know when working on our own rigs, our time is not worth anything.

Well lets start from day one. I was out looking for a CJ5 to tow behind my truck to go canoeing. One to drop off at the end of the trip to get back to my truck.
First off I wanted a CJ5 with a straight six with a Half Cab. The first CJ5 I bought was a rusty 67 CJ5 with a frozen V6, but it had a koenig half cab on it. I paid $250.00 for it. I bought it just for the half cab. The bottom of the doors were very rusty though. Then I found a mint Half Cab with no doors down in Woodland Wa. on Craigslist for $175.00. So I bought it. Now I am up to $425.00. Next I found a Meyers full cab in Oregon City Oregon on craislist for $250.00 that was in great shape and the doors were mint. The owners late dad had bought the 76 CJ5 in the late 70's and took the doors off and put them in barn a few years after buying the Jeep. Now I am up to $675.00. Since I now have a real nice Half Cab and full cab for a CJ5 I decided to sell the 67 CJ5 with the Half Cab. The only problem was no one wanted to by the whole thing. So after several weeks of it being on Craigslist and everyone just wanting parts I decided to part it out. First I took the half cab off and put it up in the shop just to have an extra then I sold the factory seats and brackets for $100.00. Now I am at $575.00. It had an extra set of stock rims and hub caps in it when I bought it. A guy from Canada came down and gave me $200.00 for the rims and hub caps. He set the price. ($375.00) Then a guy from Oregon came up and bought the rest of the jeep from me for $475.00. Now I am plus $100.00 ahead into this jeep that I do not have yet. But I have two Half Cabs and a full cab.

angliagasser 02-07-2013 12:49 PM

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One day I was looking on the Portland Oregon Craigslist and I found a 1974 CJ5 4 spd 258 straight six on there for $1500.00. It was a one family owned jeep. So I went and looked at it. No one bought it yet because it did not run. It would turn over but did not run. After a few minute I figured out what was wrong with it and bought it for the $1500.00. Speedometer shown only 61,000 miles on it and by the pedals and talking to the owner I think that is all it had. it was mostly used on the family orchard. Now I am into it $1400.00, Remember I was $100.00 ahead up to this point. The spark plug wires were put on wrong. The son of the late owner tried to get it running but did not have any luck. He bought everything to give it a tune-up plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points, coil, and change the oil. But as he said he is not mechanically inclined. When I got it home I messed around with it. The biggest problem besides the wire being wrong, the distributor. I bought a new but cheap HEI distributor from a guy off of Craigslist again for $65.00. (now up to $1465.00) But it still had a bit of a miss. Drove it around for a few days then one day it over heated. Topped the water off and drove it the next day, it did it again. It acted just like a car i just replace the head gasket on so I started to pull the head after I had all the head bolts out I pulled thermostat housing off and I found the problem the thermostat was shoot. (Dummy Me!) Since I had all the head bolt out I pulled the head and I found another problem. Cylinder 3&4 had had water sitting in them for several years and really rusted up the cylinder wall. Badly pitted. Maybe that was where my miss was coming from. So I decided to find a different 258 engine.

angliagasser 02-07-2013 01:03 PM

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As I was looking for a different engine I decided to mount the half cab on it. Again on Portland Oregon's Craigslist I found a guy parting out a 76 CJ5 with a 258 straight So down again I went to Portland and Bought for $150.00 a 258 straight six with a new weber carb and a new center force clutch on it. I also bought the power steering box with a 4 inch drop pitman arm, for an extra $120.00. Now I am into it $1745.00. Brought it home cleaned it all up and Painted it AMC Metalic Blue and I put the original one barrel on it.

angliagasser 02-07-2013 01:24 PM

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Before pulling the original engine while it was still running I decided to paint the Jeep. Now what color to paint it? I did not want to spend a lot for paint because I knew I was going to take the CJ5 out in the woods, scratch it up and possible put a few dents in it and I did not want to have to spend a lot for paint every time I wanted to fix it. I went to the local auto paint store and price a few different colors. All were way more then I wanted to spend. By the way I am building this thing on the cheap. I did not want to spend a whole lot like I did on the car I built for my daughter we call GT140T. Google GT140T and you will see. That paint (2008 Jeep Rescue Green) was over $800.00 a gallon and I used 2 gallons on it. It was a complete restoration.
It hit me John Deere Green is $49.93 a gallon and I bought their thinner and hardener also. So it came to a little over $100.00. We will just call it $100.00. So now I am up to $1845.00.
I bought a after market hood which was like $50.00 from a place I used to work several years ago. ($1895.00 now) I had everything to do the body work, sanding, primering and sealing, left over from work on the Mustang.
I started out painting it in the back yard but the rain was coming so I moved it into the garage.

angliagasser 02-07-2013 01:44 PM

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I went to install the engine I bought but for some reason it would not go on the trany. Come to find out the 76 CJ5 trany has a 1 1/8th input shaft and and I had a 1 1/16th input shaft. Luckly the original engine had a new clutch and pressure plate on it, so I put the original one on the 76 engine. Then sold that enter Force clutch, Pressure plate and throw out bearing for $200.00. (now I am down to 1695.00) Since the front end was off I painted the whole engine compartment Krylon semi gloss black that I had lying around. I also bought a new set of flares at a 4X4 swap meet in Enumclaw Washington for $20.00 and installed them. (up to $1715.00 now).
After it was back together I painted the dash and the half cab and doors. Which the white paint for the half cab cost $100.00 for a quart of Porcelain White from a 2006 Jaguar. ($1815)

angliagasser 02-07-2013 01:49 PM

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I next painted the dash and mounted the half cab and flares.

angliagasser 02-07-2013 02:08 PM

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Now the problem was the engine I bought smoked like the dickins when you first started it up and I just could not have that. So back to craigslist I went. Found a 1989 258 rebuilt engine with around 40,000 miles on it with a cracked 4.0 head for $300.00. ($2115.00) So I bought is pulled the head and bought a rebuild 1998 4.0 HO head with a bent valve from the engine throwing a rod for $90.00. ($2205.00). Replaced the valve and JB Welded the water jackets on the drivers side of the head and bolted it on. Then sold the 76 258 as a runner but smoked when first started for $200.00 ($2005.00) and sold the original 74 258 short block to a guy that just wanted the crank for $100.00. ($1905.00) When I bought the head he through in a factory header and intake. Pulled the front end off and installed the 1989 258 with the 1998 4.0 HO head. Also installed the power steering box.
I put the extra half cab I had on craigslist because I knew I was not going to use it. I bought a extra set of doors off of Craigslit in Portland Oregon from a guy for $20.00 that was going to just throw them away. ($1925.00) Sold the extra cab and both sets of doors for $550.00. ($1375.00)

angliagasser 02-07-2013 02:18 PM

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Now for the intake. At this time I do not want to run fuel injection so I built an intake out of a early fuel injection intake manifold to except a weber carb. But this was for the first head. It would work but the flow was blocked a little by the 4.0 HO head. So I built another out of the 1998 intake. But again I am just way to picky and did not like the way it turned out. So I bought a 2002 4.0 HO intake for $60.00. (Total now $1435.00)

angliagasser 02-07-2013 02:32 PM

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Brought the 2002 intake manifold home and started in on it. Went down to the parts store and told them I wanted a Motorcraft 2150 two barrel carb base gasket. As you can see they gave me the wrong one and at the time I did not know that. So I continued building the new intake. I cut out some aluminum plugs to plug off the injector hole so welding them would be easier. Then I found a 4"x6"x1" piece of aluminum to build a base for the carb to bolt to. I made it so I could use a Weber or a Motorcraft 2150 carb. Then I flared it out on the bottom for better air flow. Next I opened up the intake so I could weld it to it. Then I went over to a friends shop to use his bridgeport lathe to do a little work to the base I was going to be welding to the intake. That is where I went wrong I should not have cut out that one side of the base because the base of a 2150 is not like that. But a 2100 motorcraft is. I had to build a spacer out of 3/16th aluminum so the carb would seal to the gasket of a 2150.

angliagasser 02-07-2013 02:52 PM

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My friend said bring it over here I will weld that base on for you. How could I say no. He said he would not tig the injector holes up because he was worried about there being to much heat and since he sold his spool gun and I do not have one I only knew one other guy with one. So off to his shop I went. I had him weld up the injector holes on the inside and outside and also build up the outside of the runners some because I would be grinding the humps of the injector for better air flow. After getting eveyrthing where I liked it I got out the cast iron grey paint because after I bead blasted it it was just to much raw aluminum for me. Now to mount it on the engine. Originally I was going to run the Weber carb but after talking to a few friends that do a lot of Jeeping they talked me into the Motorcraft 2150 two barrel. So I mounted one I had lying around that was damn near new. Now just to rejet it.
Sold the Weber carb for $150.00 to a guy that seen my Craigslist ad selling some extra stuff I will not be using. Now I am at $1285.00.

angliagasser 02-07-2013 03:39 PM

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Bought 5 new 31 10.50 15 from a guy on Craigslist in Grapeview Washington that bought a 2006 Wrangler with new tires on it took them off and put on 35. I paid him $400.00 for them. They might have 500 to 1000 miles on them max he said and by the looks of them he is right. Now I am at $1685.00. I also bought a set of 76 jeep seats back in the beginning that had new upholstery just like from the factory for $100.00 ($1785.00). Tried to install them but with the factory brackets I have they just sat way to high, so I sold them on Craigslist to a guy in Portland Oregon that restored a 76 CJ5 back to stock and all he needed was a set of factory seats to finish off he restoration and he said it was going to cost him way more the the price of these seats to have his reupholstered. He paid me $300.00 for them. They were real nice! So that puts me at $1485.00 into this jeep. As we all know our time into these thing is free. Cost me $60.00 to have the tires mounted and balanced. ($1545.00) But then I sold the tires off of the jeep for $100.00. So now I am at $1445.00.
Today I bought a piece of aluminum diamond plating from a friend for $5.00 ($1450.00 now) to make a set of side guards for the Jeep. Took them to Stoffer & Son sheet metal in Centralia Washington and had them shear it and bend it for me. That cost $15.00 ($1465.00 now) Then I brought them home trimmed them and mounted it on the CJ5. All I have left is to build a spare tire/jack/gas can/rear bumper and I am done! I think! At this time I am into this jeep $1465.00 money out of my pocket. I forgot I bought a set of front fender with flares from a guy but I decided to use the fenders I had. I paid him $40.00 for them ($1505.00) but I sold them a few weeks later for $80.00. ($1425.00) I also bought a Dana 44 detroit Locker and a power lock for $200.00 ($1625.00) Installed the Detroit Locker and sold the 19 spline power lock for $275.00. ($1350.00) I also bought all new brake pads, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, and brake hardware kit. which was just under $100.00. (1450.00) Also I bought a set of new front leaf spring that a guy had on Craigslist that he never used for $50.00 ($1500.00) He sold the jeep the way it was several years ago and he was cleaning out his garage before he was moving. They were for stock to 1" lift is all. Now that is it. So I am into this 1974 CJ5 with a Half Cab, recently rebuilt 1989 258 with a rebuilt 1998 4.0 HO head, new paint, 5 almost new 31 10.50 15 tires, and Detroit lock "$1500.00".

Jeeptj3429 02-08-2013 04:04 PM

looks great!

angliagasser 02-09-2013 08:34 PM

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Here are some other pictures of it.

angliagasser 04-27-2013 05:52 PM

Rear Bumper, swing out spare tire and tail lights
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Built a rear bumper and spare tire swing out for the CJ5 the other day. Also put a set of LED tail light on the CJ5. Sold some other parts I had left over from the build so I am only $1560.00 out of pocket for this whole build as of now. Only thing left is rear corner diamond plate covers, build a new front bumper and mount a winch on it, then I will be done.

wlo2000 04-27-2013 06:13 PM

I wish I could do that with my 2 CJ's. I don't have the materials or experience but it makes me want to try to figure it out. Your Jeep looks absolutely awesome! What a great restoration! One day...:drool:

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