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Bobsgym 06-03-2013 09:02 PM

Aluminum wheels
I bought some canyon wheels that were badly corroded. I had them sandblasted with the intent of painting. While sanding them to my suprise they started to look really good. My question is after sanding could I just use a clear coat sealant or will it not stick or is my best bet to use some self etching primer and them paint. I would much rather have them look like original than painted. Thanks for your help.

ATVRACER76 06-04-2013 07:20 AM

It all depends on what your going for.. Do you have a pic of the wheel you could post up? If you want the polished look, you can just put a coat of bulldog adhesive promoter and then just shoot clear over that.. Ive been repairing curb damaged wheels for about 10 years so i know youncan do whatever you want with them.. I have an acura integra gsr that i took the stock "fat five" wheels and sanded all the paint off and then polished em good and did the bulldog and clear on them.. But id really like to see which wheels your talking about so if you can, post up a pic cuz id be much better help for ya..

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