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Tractech Detroit Locker

The Detroit Locker maximizes traction by delivering 100% of the torque to both drive wheels. It is engineered to keep both wheels in a constant drive mode, and has the ability to automatically allow wheel speed differentiation when required. Used by both professionals and enthusiasts. Applications are also available for C-Clip style axles.

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Tractech Detroit Locker

This is an unselectable, fulltime locker. It is always engaged. You will find that while excellerating through turns the vehical wants to drive straight. Torque-steer is increased for anyone already experiencing it with their lift kit/tire combo.

Overall I'm quite happy with this locker, I did plenty of research and knew what I was buying. Although plenty of people use a detroit locker in a daily driver, I would not recommend it especialy if you are living in an area that gets snow.

Even though this system is rock solid as stated in the pros, I would highly recommend going with a selectable locker if you have the extra money kicking around, but for anyone who wants a no-bull locking solution, go with Detroit.

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Some Call me RockDog
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Tractech Detroit Locker

Overall it's a good locker. I wouldn't do it in a daily driver. it has a lot of play. It works like a ratchet for your sockets.
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Nice....Keep Wheelin!
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Tractech Detroit Locker

I use this locker on my DD. The first week it racheted a few times a day. The first time this happens most people think I've been hit by another vehicle but after some break in it only pops about once a week now and I've had it for about 2 months.
I wouldnt recommend it for snowy places but you really get used to the drivestyle you have to adjust to.
Around here (South East) I wouldnt hesitate to say "get one" its kinda fun with the torque steer too.

I've been told that using an oil with a limited slip additive will help keep the pops down.
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Tractech Detroit Locker

The Detroit has been made since, what.. the beginning of time? It's been used in big rigs, back hoes, and other commercial equipment for years. I would venture to say that it's one of, if not the strongest/most reliable locker out there.

However, on the road you will notice it's there. Getting on and off the gas will sometimes try and make it change lanes with you. A little corrective steering takes care of that though. You get used to it very quickly. It's less obvious in a auto than an manual trans, I've heard, and it's a little smoother than a lunchbox locker.

Sometimes (about once every couple weeks for me) it'll make a loud metalic "Bang!" sound, that everyone around you can hear. People will think you broke something.

Edit: Ran it for about a year now. Sorta regret not getting a selectable. Kinda annoying if you have to drive it everyday. Performs flawlessly offroad though.
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Tractech Detroit Locker

Have never had a more positive locker for on and off road
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Tractech Detroit Locker

works great, except for the occasional "BANG"
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Tractech Detroit Locker

Detroit both front and back! Fabulous and bullet-proof.
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Tractech Detroit Locker

Detroit Soft Locker works as intended, occasionally it makes a few noises (which I enjoy hey, it's a jeep)
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Tractech Detroit Locker

Awesome locker!
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Tractech Detroit Locker

It works, I canīt complain, it provides great traction.
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Tractech Detroit Locker

Excellent traction
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Tractech Detroit Locker

Great strong locker has many quirks that you have to get used to and it will completly change the way that the jeep drives, but once you get used to whats going on its not a big deal. I have this in my DD and in the snow it can get a little white nuckle. Im on my second one now though after blowing the first one out on the trail... still overall a very good locker..
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Tractech Detroit Locker

it locks and unlocks
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Tractech Detroit Locker

Takes getting used to on the road in a 5.
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