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Super Lift Tru Speed

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Product Information

MSRP: $175.00
Average Price: $130.75
Manufacturer: Super Lift
Yes: 5 / No: 0

Corrects speedometer / odometer readings, and the speed signal sent to the Engine, Powertrain, and Anti-lock Brake Control Modules. Besides the obvious, these modules affect fuel delivery, engine timing, and automatic transmission shift points
Eliminates speed signal related reductions in engine performance and fuel economy, as well as related changes in exhaust emissions
Infinite adjustability provides precise speed signal calibration to within 1%
Two settings allow off-roaders that seasonally run different height tires to correct their speed signal by flipping a switch
Simple four-wire hookup
Includes complete instructions and adjustment charts
Can be recalibrated infinitely for future tire size or gear ratio changes
Works on most vehicles equipped with an electronic speedometer


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Registered User
uvalax236's Reviews
07-05-2009, 08:39 PM
Price: $220.00
Pros: Perfect for getting the instrument cluster accurate again.
Cons: Mounting Location?
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Awesome product that is highly recommended for anyone with a lifted Jeep.

Registered User
pcjeeper's Reviews

09-30-2008, 07:43 PM
Super Lift Tru Speed
Price: $125.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Have to have accurate speed no mor off by 5 to 10 guessing what speed you are actually are going

's Reviews

04-02-2008, 03:01 PM
Super Lift Tru Speed
Price: $3.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: a test


Registered User
jetter's Reviews

08-18-2007, 07:22 PM
Super Lift Tru Speed
Price: $175.00
Pros: easy install, correct speed mileage
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I too have the JB super short SYE with no speed gear, so this was my only option for correct speed readings. The install was easy and straight forward. The only thing I did different was hard wired the power instead of using the fuse pins. I mounted the box under the steering column on top of the air duct. When it's hot outside the duct stays cool from the a/c and the velcro stays adhered. It's also easy to access yet out of the way. Calibrating the unit takes time. I have a GPS in my Jeep and it still took a lot of driving, stopping, adjusting.................... . The unit works great though. Now I know exactly how bad my gas mileage really is.


Some Call me RockDog
JeepRocks86's Reviews

10-25-2006, 02:32 PM
Super Lift Tru Speed
Pros: Corrects Speed for Tires and gears
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Well I finally installed my TruSpeed today. I was dreading it because I didn't want to have to read the directions (mostly the directions seem to be very confusing to me, I always complicate them) and I didn't want to have to search for wires. It can be used to calibrate your speedometer for Tire changes, Gear changes, both, or based on a % change.
I purchased it used with all the parts from some on this forum.

These directions were very easy to understand and anyone that knows how to read and understand what they are saying should be able to use this to correct their speed.

The package said it was for up the 00 wranglers, but I have an 03 so I was a little worried it would be different. It all worked the same and the White Wire with the Orange line was the one that needed to be cut and attached to the superlift box.

Step one...
Read the directions and understand them.

Step Two…
Find a fuse that would work to power the box and also ground the box. You will want to mount the unit in an area that is inside the jeep. It’s supposedly weather tight, but why take a chance when it’s just as easy to mount it behind the glove box. My box is Velcroed above the glove box.

Step Three…
Locate the white wire with the orange stripe in the wire loom above the battery. Cut this wire in a spot where it is easy to work. I cut mine about three inches from where the two groups of wires connect. I pulled the two right plugs from the computer because they were the ones attached to the loom.

Step Four…
Crimp the Superlift wires onto the wires cut. Follow the directions in this section because it matters which way the current travels (that’s what the directions hinted at). I drilled a hole through the firewall under the battery, this probably wasn’t 100% necessary, but I wanted the hole right where I put it and I needed a large enough hole to fit the loom (wire protector) through. You will also want to put some paint on the hole that you drilled to keep it from rusting. I used Rustoleum Clear coat because that’s what I had.

Step Five…
Tape up the wires and put the Plugs back in. Remember to put the plugs back in because the Jeep will not start with them out. I forgot to put them in and it just cranked for a couple minutes. Then I realized what I had done and felt kind of silly.

Step Six…
Time to calibrate. If you are like me and it was used, you will want to reset the system by turning each adjustment screw counterclockwise 15 times. The directions are fairly easy to follow and you can also get more information at or for more help. The only problem I had was that I was setting the tires and gears. Their charts did not have 3.73 gears to 4.88s. The formula to calibrate the system was #turns for tires + # turns for gears – 8 = total number of turns.
I calculated 6 turns for the 33” tires and 16 turns for my gears. I made a total of 14 turns. I had my girlfriend tell me how fast she was driving and it was a little low. I gave it another ¼ turn and haven’t checked it since. ¼ turns = 1% change. Clockwise is (+) and counterclockwise is (-). I plan on adjusting it with my dad’s GPS eventually. I did send them a question off of their website to ask them if they have any more of the number of turns for the greater gear ratios. I have not heard back from them yet.

As a whole it was not as hard as I had thought it would have been. It would have taken me under an hour if I would not have stopped to do other things. If you knew the directions well and were comfortable with doing the installation, you could probably install this in about a half hour. It also has two settings. You can run street tires and then switch to trail tires. They called this the Street and Show/offroad tires. I am glad I have this. Now I won’t be racking up a lot more miles than I actually drive, I will now be able to more accurately calculate my MPG, and I will actually know how fast I am going. I haven’t been able to know that since it was stock over two years ago.

Before anyone says this product is not needed, if you do not have a speedo gear like I do this is needed. The dealership said they were not able to calibrate my speedo because my Jeep is not a rubicon. I have the JB supershort kit and it eliminates the speedo gear. It's great for people who run different size tires.

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