Treks offroad equipment - TNT Rock-Tek 3.5-5.5" Suspension Solution Reviews, Ratings, Specs & Prices
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Treks offroad equipment - TNT Rock-Tek 3.5-5.5" Suspension Solution

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Product Information

MSRP: $3,529.95
Average Price: $3,000.00
Manufacturer: Treks offroad equipment
Yes: 1 / No: 0
Company Website:

T&T Customs Rock-Tek 3.5" long arm suspension solution for the Jeep Wrangler TJ is a total replacement suspension designed around a singular goal turn your Jeep into a hardcore rock crawling unit that will make you smile; even driving to work on Monday. When we say complete, we mean it! Every component needed to do a suspension lift on your TJ is included - yes even shocks. No hidden charges, no gotchas no extra parts to buy, shop and compare, you will not find a more extreme production suspension for your TJ on the market.

Do you want the most from your Jeep? With a Rock-TekTM long arm suspension you have the freedom to take on the most demanding trails with the biggest obstacles. Every component has been thoroughly tested in real world environments and diverse terrain - from rocks, sand, mud to snow in high mountains to the desert and anything between. The aggressive TRI-4 geometry and flat roll center of our Dual Triangulated 4-link inspires extreme off camber or vertical climbing confidence, in addition with our outboard rear shock kit and extended length rear shocks you get maximum articulation without rear steer. Coupled with our original Y-Link TM front control arms the adventurous Jeeper will get performance from a system that drives BETTER than any lifted Jeep should. No other system offers this advanced performance in one package.

You want durability? All components in this suspension system are built for maximum longevity, user serviceability and extreme terrain conquering agility in mind. We use 1026 DOM tubing for all of our control arms - 2" x .375" wall for our lower rear control arms, 1.75" X .250" for our Y-LinkTM front lower arms and 1.50" X .250" for all our upper control arms. All control arms feature 2.50" of adjustability that maintains 1.50" of positive thread engagement at their maximum length. Fully rebuildable Flex Joints feature races molded from Nylatron GS, a high grade nylon created specifically for bearing applications. Polyurethane bushing assemblies that are greasable are easily repaired - if needed - with replacement bushing halves. CNC equipment is used to cut and form all bracketry which are then carefully jig welded by our crew of experienced welders.

This system will offer you superior stability both on and off road, minimized body roll, and enhanced traction over any other lift kit. Our competition will not want to see a TREKSTM Offroad Equipment suspension system on your Jeep, you can just smile knowing you have a full suspension solution designed by guys who wheel and drive their Jeeps.


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RanTJWJ's Reviews

06-09-2010, 05:39 PM
Price: $3,000.00
Pros: Amazing drivability for a daily driver and most impressive offroad capability.
Cons: Wheeling is sometimes TOO EASY. i have to admit it was far more challenging to wheel before. Yes there are less expensive setups out there..... I have nightmares about those who are running them. I never think about the price of the kit any more, especialy when its point and shoot on the trail.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: This is a Y link with dual trianglulated rear. Not a radius arm. I looked at tri link(scary for Daily Driving). This kit does not bind ANYWHERE. I no longer keep a hi lift with me cuz it is pointless, it wont lift the tires off the ground. It flexes that much!!!! I am having a hard time keeping tires. This kit corners like a race car so i am driving it like one. and the offramps arnt nice on tires.

I have ran Rustys(2) rubicon(2) Pro comp(1) OME (2) This kit is the most impressive. Find some one who has one and drive it. You will buy one the next day.

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