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SkyJacker - Skyjaker 4 inch Sport lift SKYTJ401BPH

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Rating: None

Product Information

MSRP: $545.99
Average Price: $600.00
Manufacturer: SkyJacker
Yes: 2 / No: 0
Company Website:

This kit has a very noticeable improvement on road handling. There is not as much bounce as the stock suspension. Mine actually gave me 4.5 inches of lift. Cornering is way better with a lot less sway. The value is incredible if you install it yourself and do not pay a professional installations fee. The only negative as of yet has to be the bump stop extension system. I can not get the bump stops to stay in the extensions. I actually removed them from the back. It is incredibly complete for the price and one person can install it.

Off road, I can barely tell the difference between a rough road and actual rough terrain. Before the bouncing was out of control and it was very jarring to go on off road mudding trips. I really can not believe the difference. I even got a lot more flex, though I was not really looking for that. It is just a bit firm off road. I may take up a bit more severe terrains because it is so controlled to drive in the mud, deep off road snow, rough trails, and prairies now.

This kit includes all nut and bolt hardware, four springs, for hydro shock absorbers, tubular lower links that make the stock lower links look like toys, drop pitman arm, transfer case lowering kit, rear track bar relocation bracket, bump stop extensions (which I hate), brackets for the sway bar links are included that change the factory stud mounted sway bar links into a more flexible bracket mounted extended sway bar link. It is not simply just an extended sway bar similar to the factory cheapy. The drop pitman arm is huge compared to the factory stubby. It is not just an extension. There is definitely a strength difference. A rear track bar relocation bracket is included with extended links also. They replace the plastic, factory rear track links with metal ones.

There are five decals for your Jeep also, four nice Skyjaker hydro decals for your shock absorbers or anywhere else. There was a windshield decal included in mine but I may have got that because I had a defective extended sway bar link and exchanged it. I am not sure on that one.

This lift kit can be installed with a basic hand tool set. Nothing special is required. Air tools are a plus but my compressor was down so a breaker bar and a basic tool set is all you need. The kit says you can accommodate 33 inch tires. I think I could accommodate 35 inch tires on mine since it measured out to 4.5 inches of lift. But like I said before, my stock suspension may have been a bit worn. It only accommodated 30 inch tires without rubbing. I only have 31 inch tires right now and my wheel wells are very empty. Get ready to buy step bars for shorter operators. I am 5 foot 6.

The springs are finished in a thick, semigloss powder coat. Of course you can change the color and the black powder coat will still be under the paint to protect them. The transfer case lowering kit is finished in a hammered black paint. There are white SkyJacker decals on them. The kit has red boots for the white shock absorbers that are held with zip ties.

What the kit does not have:
The kit does not have all bushings. You have to reuse some factory bushings. This is no big deal if your bushings are in good condition. The extended sway bar links are not of the quick disconnect type. Not a big deal if you are going to do mudding, trails, prairies, snow ridding and water fording. If you are going to do heavy rock climbing, of course get quick disconnects and keep the fixed ones as spares.
This is not an adjustable lift kit. For the price, nobody can expect it to be. However, it has everything you need for bigger tires and/or rims. There is no steering stabilizer included in the kit. The ugly factory stabilizer and drag link are reused. If you are going to do heavy offroading, a different drag ling and stabilizer may be wanted but not needed. The shift stick is going to be a bit different on the manual transmission Jeeps. You may later want to invest in a rear CV joint drive shaft so you can remove the transfer case lowering kit. I had to take my shifter boot off to be able to shift into second gear without it slipping out again. There are no extended brake lines in the kit. You will note that the rear especially could really benefit from extended brake lines. I am getting those this spring.

I did do the installation by myself as my buddy chickened out. I am a total idiot so anyone can install it although a Jeep buddy would be a very, very big help. (I hope he reads this.)

If you have any doubts but you are on a tight budget, just get it. You can always get the minor parts that are not included later. Even without the minor parts that are not included, you are ready for 33 inch tires immediately. I venture to say maybe even a bit bigger. There is no better value on a new suspension lift kit on the planet.


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Registered User
91yjdude's Reviews
06-02-2016, 01:10 AM
Price: $600.00
Pros: Great ride for the price
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Very happy with the outcome. Looks tough and rides great. I definitely recommend!

Registered User
stockwell338's Reviews
05-08-2014, 09:03 AM
Price: $600.00
Pros: Bolt on minor drilling
Cons: Needs more parts to do it right
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Product is great for the $ but u need the long arm kit to do it right

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