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Old Man Emu XJ OME 3

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Product Information

Average Price: $1,002.47
Manufacturer: Old Man Emu
Yes: 16 / No: 0

Lifts your XJ 3"s


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Registered User
lahpq-xj's Reviews
02-12-2014, 10:02 AM
Price: $900.00
Pros: Amazing handling Great movement
Cons: Some might consider stiff
Recommended? Yes

Comments: The kit is amazing. On the street the jeep rides like a lifted sports car and off road the jeep can hang with the best of them if not out wheel them. I personally love the stiffness of socks but some would complain. A friend told me their old shocks "OME nitrocharger" are softer than their new "OME nitrocharger sport."

Registered User
ridekj's Reviews
07-19-2012, 05:02 PM
Price: $800.00
Pros: very good ride for taller/ heavy duty springs.
Cons: kit did not come with adjustable trac bar. go for the 4 inch lift instead. wouldve came with everything needed including the correct length shocks, trac bar and brake lines.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: overall very good. the place i got it from did not put the kit together very well. i opted out of ome shocks and got cheaper ones. ended up finally put some procomps 3000 on it. much better! the kit could've been ordered as a 4 inch kit including much more and correct parts i needed. should've, could've kinda thing. next lift i do i think i might just use the ome springs and still part out everything else on my own. but definatley more research.


Registered User
nateyz2000's Reviews
05-29-2012, 02:33 PM
Price: $900.00
Pros: Product is great
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Shipping was a hastle... but product is amazing... I have the 4" not 3 inch as shown...


Registered User
nateyz2000's Reviews
02-02-2012, 07:26 PM
Price: $1,135.00
Pros: good ride
Cons: here I bought them from as horrible
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I bought without researching, and didn't get what i should have... lessoned learned

Registered User
brian0128's Reviews
01-09-2012, 07:13 PM
Price: $1,962.00
Pros: Rides better than factory.
Cons: Expensive
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I purchased the complete Super Ultimate 3.5 lift from Dirk at DPG. The kit came with everything needed to work as a system.
OME XJ Coils(2930), OME Dual Rate Leaf Springs (CS033RB), OME Front Long Travel Shocks(60052L), OME Standard Lenth Rear Shocks(because I got the JKS Shock Mounts(60053)), JKS Disconnects (200D), JKS Adj Trackbar (OGS126), JKS Lower Adj Control Arms (6100), RE SS Brakelines (RE1550), 1.75 in coil spacers(MO2532), DPG HD Ubolts (DPG825U), DPG Ext Bumpstops (DPGNHL2), DPG Disco Cables (DPGDC1), Leaf Bushings, JKS Weld On Shock Mounts (OGS922), RE 4 Degree Shims (RE1467).

Registered User
Jcham85's Reviews
08-24-2011, 07:21 PM
Price: $1,200.00
Pros: Very smooth ride
Cons: needs to offer higher lift sizes
Recommended? Yes

Comments: for the price of the lift kit, and the smooth and soft suspension travel, this kit is worth the buy! I would call it the XJ with the cadillac suspension lol


Registered User
KyBob's Reviews
10-22-2010, 09:34 AM
Price: $900.00
Pros: Smooth ride on the road, great handling off road.
Cons: Rear lift is a little high.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: The lift is still new but the rear is riding at 4.5", so the vehicle has some rake to it, front to back. I am waiting to see if it will settle. No wobble or vibrations. It included the transfercase lowering kit which is installed.

Registered User
agl80's Reviews
06-27-2010, 07:27 PM
Price: $1,275.00
Pros: Good lift, shocks are superb, OME quality exceeds expectations.
Cons: No instructions SYE needed at this height
Recommended? Yes

Comments: good kit

Drew M

Registered User
Drew M's Reviews
04-21-2010, 05:11 PM
Price: $700.00
Pros: Awesome ride - far better than my RE 3.5" SuperRide.
Cons: None yet
Recommended? Yes

Comments: My new (to me) XJ came with this lift on it. Will report back when I have spent more time with it.

Registered User
ozzie77's Reviews
04-16-2010, 12:36 AM
Price: $700.00
Pros: Better clearance
Cons: I had to have an actual shop do it to comply with warranty, would have preferred to do it myself.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Great lift I think it is better than stock ride, I should have gotten a better SS but I love it, it is solid, make sure you get the HD, which is what I got otherwise it may be a little loose. I got the 3" OME.

Registered User
Krazors001's Reviews

03-24-2009, 10:08 AM
Old Man Emu XJ OME 3" Lift
Price: $900.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Good lift and ride quality but don't know if it is worth the money if you are wanting a true 3". Mine came to exactly 3" in the rear but makes me nervous if it will sag lower over time.

Registered User
Cherokeegrrl's Reviews

03-14-2009, 12:03 PM
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Great system, pricey, but worth it for my baby. I wish OME made taller XJ kits. xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Registered User
ehowell's Reviews

12-20-2008, 09:34 AM
Old Man Emu XJ OME 3" Lift
Price: $1,215.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Kit purchased from DPG Offroad and included JKS front and rear adjustable track bars, JKS front quick disconnects, JKS rear adjustable sway bar links, and OME steering stabilizer.

Registered User
emcvay's Reviews

07-23-2008, 02:56 PM
Old Man Emu XJ OME 3" Lift
Price: $750.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Does it get better then this? The OME stuff went in without much fuss and made a significant improvement to offroading as well as onroading

Registered User
fdulax13's Reviews

05-20-2008, 10:21 PM
Old Man Emu XJ OME 3" Lift
Price: $1,000.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Only had it for 3 months now, but seems like a good lift. I hear some sounds coming from it, not exactly sure, but good overall


Registered User
mortalenema's Reviews

04-25-2008, 10:34 PM
Old Man Emu XJ OME 3" Lift
Price: $700.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: HOT LAVA!

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