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Fabtech 4" Performance kit

Fabtech's 4" Suspension System features four heavy wall tubular lower link arms with rotational urethane pivot joint assemblies on each end to provide articulation like a heim joint but without the noisy highway ride. System includes billet transfer case spacers, pitman arm, rear sway bar links, bump stops, rear trac bar bracket and front sway bar disconnect links. Kit includes front and rear extended length coil springs and will provide clearance for 33x12.50 tires

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Fabtech 4" Performance kit

It does what it should, I got blue they dont offer blue anymore. It looks nice, works well- Im going 6" soon
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Fabtech 4" Performance kit

Over all I am happy with the Fabtech lift that I installed, it has been able to take what i have trown at it so far
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Actually installed a basic kit. Took 2-3 days to install during my spare time after work. Solid product, however I wish it flexed just a little more. Knowing what I do now I would have gone with a longarm kit instead. Although this kit does perform very, besides having to replace the rear shocks within 1 year do to bad seals.

EDIT: Some more time has passed and I found myself cutting the ends off the LCAs to add Jonny Joints. Rear spring and shocks (yes again for the shocks) have been replaced with BDS components. Changed my recommendation from yes to NO. Save your money or just buy the no name cheap kit and know what your getting up front.

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Fabtech 4" Performance kit

I have the basic kit, not performance, if you got the money get the performance. Mine rides stiff, and I would like the detachable sway bars. Not a big deal, I did the upgrade, and I'll upgrade my shocks later. Good Lift.
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Fabtech 4" Performance kit

really happy with fabtech straight foward install xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
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Fabtech 4" Performance kit

Good lift, no squeeks or rattles. I don't the angle of the sway bar drop links.
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Fabtech 4" Performance kit

Great Lift but the guy who helped me put it on messed up the screws in the top of 1 of the shocks and it came out.1 other problem that i had with this lift is that the new lower control arms make alot of noise when i hit bumps but i think i just need new bushings.
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Fabtech 4" Performance kit

Great kit especially for beginners installing their first lift. The springs are a bit stiff but after removing the trac bars and sway bar it rides a bit smoother
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Fabtech 4" Performance kit

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Fabtech 4" Performance kit

Ok lift, not the greatest. LCA's are no longer than stock but the JJ look alike joints do twist/flex very well. Greaseable joints are quite and dont seem to be wearing out. Drop trackbar bracket in front is cracking out and will need to be re welded. Springs seem a little stiff to me. Along with my 1.25'' JKS BL this setup alows me to run 35'' MT's so I'm happy that way. If I had to do again would deff go with some one else RE,RK,etc.
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Pieced the lift together but gave me just the amount of lift i needed and has a mean stance.
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Nothing exceptionally fancy about the kit. It came on my Jeep from previous owner. Was upgraded to lower control arms with flex joints on each end. The flex joints work and held up well. The sway bar disconnects that come with this kit are not very good at all, very difficult to use, replaced with JKS.
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Mine is a 4" basic lift. No real cons for this system. Its great
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First let me say that I was able use a space in a local auto garage. This was a major benefit since most the parts on my Jeep are stock and have never been touched, so it seems. If I had to do this in my garage on the floor it would have been a week long project after work.

Starting with the parts in the kit, they were all there plus some I didn't need at all. (The ones for "if this model then use that part.) For the most part everything went well but it still took a buddy and me a full 8 hours to do. Here is where i have to add that there were some issues do to old bolts breaking, nuts coming lose in the frame, things like that...otherwise it may have been a 5-6 hour job. Anyway, I guess the only things to really mention would be these:

1. The front bracket for the track bar didn't properly fit around the OEM bracket. We had to grind off about 1/2" total to get it on then ended up welding it since we didn't have a drill bit strong enough to get through the OEM bracket for the upper bolt.

2.The rear track bar bracket extension reuses the original bolts. The only issue I have here is that you can't reverse the bolt so that the head is near the gas tank. This is a design issue from Jeep and NOT from Fabtech. I only bring this up because a few weeks ago I had the rear sway bar bolt break on the driver side and because that bolt is threaded front-to-back it poked a hole in my fuel tank.

3.I have a manual transmission and the linkage for the 4-low got jammed on the front bracket bolt. We managed to fix this by simply drilling a new hole to realign things.

Overall I think this is a solid kit and is money well spent. I would recommend this to others and would definetly look at Fabtech again in the future. I'll try to post pics later but for now I can't since I'm still pretty new here.

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