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BDS Basic 3 inch kit

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Product Information

Average Price: $671.41
Manufacturer: BDS
Yes: 14 / No: 2

three in lift kit made by BDS


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Registered User
Murphyshuman's Reviews
10-31-2015, 04:06 PM
Price: $700.00
Pros: Love it so far, really easy to install alone in my garage. Haven't had a chance to really wheel it yet since I just finished up the alignment yesterday, but the ride is better than stock and I actually gained a touch over 4" with a 3" lift.
Cons: none yet
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I'll write up a better review after I get to wheel it.

Registered User
Grashopr's Reviews
06-10-2015, 02:19 PM
Price: $800.00
Pros: To early to tell
Cons: To early to tell
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Just got this w/Fox shocks on 6/1/15. So far the ride is much better. Got a steering stabilizer installed as well.

Will be putting on 33's soon.

Will post update on this in time.

Registered User
Talldude950's Reviews
05-18-2013, 12:03 AM
Price: $1,000.00
Pros: Great lift, no complaints
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I really enjoy this kit. Good quality components and no issues so far. The no B.S warranty really gives good piece of mind and from what i've heard, they really do stand by their products

Registered User
Marinerider's Reviews
12-27-2012, 10:34 PM
Price: $700.00
Pros: Complete kit was ready, thus eliminating the need to search around for parts.
Cons: None yet. Finished install today.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Took me significantly longer than 6 hours, however this was my first lift kit install, didn't have all the tools, and worked by myself most of the time. When it's all said and done I would highly recommend this kit so far. Can't beat the BDS warranty.

Registered User
ivester1992's Reviews
01-31-2012, 12:40 PM
Price: $250.00
Pros: no major alterations
Cons: its spacers not springs
Recommended? Yes

Comments: could use new track bars but the rear has a relocation bracket

Registered User
HandyAndy516's Reviews
07-27-2011, 01:39 AM
Price: $763.00
Pros: Military Discount 10% Nice. Great kit, new hardware, overall impressed.
Cons: Shocks seemed a little on the cheap side when installing, but feel fine driving.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I have only been driving this lift for a week, and no wheeling yet, but the kit installed great, and I was really impressed with the new hardware. It felt good to be replacing some of the old stuff I took off, and I could use the BFH with no worry on the old bolts. The instructions are thorough and have good pictures. Took 4 guys with a 4 point lift and high jackstands about 6 hours, 1 whole hour devoted to a stubborn shock tower of mine. Handled well with only slight vibrations before alignment. I expect them to go away after an alignment and new tires and wheels next week.

Registered User
bahndrvr's Reviews
05-20-2011, 08:44 AM
Price: $649.00
Pros: Freaking Awesome Flex, Great Ride
Cons: No Stabilizer Bar included
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Excellent Lift kit, very easy install and very complete, only option I wish it had was steering stabilizer. The Quick release sway bar works Great and easy, was some clunking at first but it went away once the springs settled.

Super Flexy, So muhc more capable over stock now with the added flex and lift.


Registered User
julietkilo's Reviews
04-17-2011, 01:03 AM
Price: $289.00
Pros: Free shipping No questions asked warranty WOW
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I received free shipping to my local 4x4 store and tax free with a JF discount. Unreal!

Incredible ride, softer than my rubicon springs and budget boost. BDS is awesome, dont believe all the advertising hype about big lift companies, BDS is the best. Install pics in my build thread (link in signature).

Registered User
gotrailin's Reviews
04-16-2011, 11:40 AM
Price: $600.00
Pros: Easy installation
Cons: No control arms
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Went with the Gas shock which added another $300 to the package. Easy installation that didn't need to much drilling.It come with all the necessary equipment needed to install and don't have to look for any other parts.


Registered User
Cassafrass's Reviews
03-14-2011, 03:06 PM
Price: $800.00
Pros: Very nice ride.
Cons: none
Recommended? No

Comments: Kit came with everything needed including the bumpstops and transfer case drop. Easy install and rides fairly well.


Registered User
Popeye11's Reviews
01-03-2011, 09:15 PM
Price: $970.00
Pros: Great price and quality. Free shipping to dealer
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Installed myself. Easy to follow instructions. Great tech support.

Registered User
eurichs07's Reviews
09-16-2010, 10:53 PM
Price: $700.00
Pros: Good clear instructions
Cons: no longer control arms
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Local company in Michigan that has great customer support. Was missing some hardware because i got it used and they helped me find out what i needed. Very clear instructions


Registered User
AmazingBlu's Reviews
07-30-2010, 09:39 AM
Price: $649.99
Pros: Awesome
Cons: Little stiff at first.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I have the 4" lift.

Registered User
hunter4it's Reviews
06-06-2010, 11:34 PM
Price: $0.10
Pros: taller then stock
Cons: not a good lift
Recommended? No

Comments: lift came withe jeep looks cheep will BE Getting a 6"

Registered User
atrhys's Reviews
06-06-2010, 11:46 AM
Price: $1,200.00
Pros: The kit comes with everything you need. Instructions are pretty good. All the parts are well built and strong.
Cons: Price. Some drilling required.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I've only installed it a couple days ago but so far its a huge improvement over the economy 2" lift I had before.

Registered User
search+rescuexj's Reviews

03-16-2009, 03:49 PM
BDS Basic 3 inch kit
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Great lift kit easy to put on in the back yard with simple tools. Put it im my cherokee in a day in a half. Great flex and gives it enough clearance to run 265/75/16 on moab wheels

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