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KOZ OFFROAD - Koz offroad yj full roll cage

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Product Information

MSRP: $699.00
Average Price: $699.00
Manufacturer: KOZ OFFROAD
Yes: 0 / No: 1
Company Website: http://www.kozoffroad.com

Full roll cage including sixteen pieces of tubing and six floor plates. Floor plates match up to OEM holes. The geomotry of the roll cage attaches to the windshield to increase streangth in roll overs and includes supeirior overhead protection for the front and rear passengers.


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mpgrunt2002's Reviews

03-09-2010, 12:26 PM
Price: $699.00
Pros: shipping is very speedy and the customer service is friendly and helpful.
Cons: wrong pieces are shipped and not all the pieces arrive as indicated. the customer service is horrible at solving problems associated with the equipment.
Recommended? No

Comments: Ok here is the deal. I already posted a thread when I had the first issue with my roll cage from this company. I ordered a full roll cage kit from KOZ in Januarary and it arrived very quickly and their customer service is very friendly. In fact the customer service is the shop owner. Now the first problem was that the plate they sent me to mount the roll cage to the floor were for a TJ, and they did not include the rear spreaders with my order. I talked with James the owner and he said the plates should match up with the OEM holes. No problem he sent me those parts so I THOUGHT. What I got was four universal floor plates and two pieces of scrap tubing that were not bent or notched. First of all if I ordered a full roll cage kit with everything already bent and notched what the hell am I going to do with that tubing. Ok I gave him the benefit of the doubt and went with it. I cut off all my old floor mounts off of the stock roll cage and was going to use them. Sounds good so far, but wait it get's better.
So I am using C-clamps and some tack welds and putting up the roll cage. I expect and every one else should that all the tubing should be a tad long so that it can be cut down to fit just right because not every application is the same. Well the tubes running from the rear to the front were just this, so I cut them down to fit. The problem I had though is that the center overhead tube and rear over head tube were 2 inch's to short. I would have to move inward the tubes running from the rear to the front so far that is would not only degrade the safety of the cage but also the tubes don't even fit on the mounting plates anymore. So I have had it, if the company couldn't fix the plate problem how possibly could they fix this. But, wait I do know people work very hard at their business and deserve the oppurtunity to fix their mistakes so I called James and told him of the problem and he insisted that he needed dimensions. I specifically told him what the problem was and when he just could not give me a solution, I asked for my money back and I would ship it all back to him so he can figure it out for himself. Did this happen.....NO! He said that since I already cut on it and put a couple tack welds on the metal that is was not acceptable to return. Look how are you going to install a roll cage without cutting and tack welding to make sure it fits. So now I am out $800. I just bought $800 dollars worth of scrap tubing. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!! I now know that you get what you pay for so go pay for a reliable roll cage from a reputable company like GENRIGHT.

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