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GenRight Off Road GRC-2001

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Product Information

Average Price: $1,333.33
Manufacturer: GenRight Off Road
Yes: 2 / No: 1

This is a complete replacement roll cage for your Jeep TJ. It was carefully designed for maximum visibility and to fit with a factory hard or soft top. Yes, it has head room for passengers to ride in the back seat too!

It is made from 1.75 heavy wall D.O.M. (Drawn Over Mandrel) seamless tubing and includes all new heavy duty brackets to mount the cage to your Jeeps tub and provide maximum protection to you and your passengers in the event of a roll over.

It also includes brackets and mounts to accept all the factory seat belts (if you choose) AND factory soft top.

You just need a welder to put it all together!

This KIT requires complete removal of the stock roll bar.The kit requires cutting two small holes in the corners of the dash (it does not disturb the side air vents) to get the cage tubes to the floor. The cage is sold un-painted so it can be properly welded together.


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Registered User
RyanBarnes's Reviews

10-21-2014, 11:49 AM
Price: $1,600.00
Pros: Strong, well designed, pre-coped (fishmouthed) at the factory
Cons: Poor instructions, bad labeling of parts
Recommended? Yes

Comments: First of all, this is an awesome cage. The looks are the best I've found. The negatives I have are minor annoyances really. The instructions are pretty basic but hey, if you are installing a roll cage into your Jeep you can figure out how the pieces go from just the pictures. The rest is really just common sense. Still, some nice instructions with clear pics and maybe a hint's-and-tip's section would be cool for people. The parts were labeled with Sharpie, but you could see that the pieces rub on each other during shipping and wear off the marker in spots. Oh well, each piece can really only go in one spot.

The fish-mouth coping where the tubes fit up is perfect in some spots and not so much in others. Again, you are welding in a cage, put on your big boy pants and grab that grinder and make it fit right. No big deal.

I had an issue with the dash bar being a good 2 inches wider than it should have been. I may have accidentally got a JK dash bar instead of a TJ/LJ bar or it was cut wrong, I don't know. I just know there was no possible way it was going in there. I trimmed what was needed and fit it up right. Some people would have lost their minds on that, but whatever at least it wasn't too short.

Bottom line: If you expect to take it out of the box and magically have a picture perfect cage, look elsewhere. If you expect to use a grinder, a welder, have some shop skills, want to look badass making sparks and doing man things in the this cage.

Registered User
tonycere's Reviews
06-30-2013, 01:37 PM
Price: $1,400.00
Pros: This full cage rock's. Very strong design. Looks incredible and everybody that see's it agree it looks and will work awesome if need be!
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Ordered the full cage for my 2005 T.J. from Genright. Had it welded up by a local fabricator who added custom seat frames and tied them into the cage. Got the whole thing Powder coated and bolted it it. Very Nice Indeed. The design is stout. You can see how strong this cage would be in a flop or roll. I would definitely recommend to anybody needing to replace the stock sport cage in their T.J. or other model jeep. I will upload pics when available.


Registered User
USPcommando's Reviews

09-26-2011, 06:08 AM
Price: $1,000.00
Pros: Well designed
Cons: The instructions could use a little work. Needs better markings on the tubes to let you know which ones they are. There were a few gaps but nothing over the top.
Recommended? No

Comments: Gen-Right really needs better instructions & markings on their tubes. I bought mine back in 2010 & some of the parts had no marking on them so you had to look at it & the few pictures that came with the instructions to figure out what everything was.

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