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Wild Boar - Wild Boar Modular bumper

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Product Information

MSRP: $795.00
Average Price: $798.33
Manufacturer: Wild Boar
Yes: 2 / No: 1
Company Website: http://www.wildboarproducts.com

Installed Wild Boar Modular Bumper with winch mount.

Extremely satisfied with the product and the company, excellent service and response time.

Also installed the rear utility bumper to match ($595)


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Registered User
jokerswild2k's Reviews

08-09-2012, 01:20 PM
Price: $800.00
Pros: Solid HD bumper; Looks mean with "Boar Tusk" tow hooks; brush guard tube light mounts are great
Cons: Very cramped area to work in when attaching the modular end-caps; Customer Service wasn't horrible for me but they really didn't do a whole lot for me either; product packaging for shipment sucks, fortunately my bumper wasn't really damaged during shipping (a couple of minor scratches)
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Overall, I think this is a great bumper. The cut-outs reduce the total weight of the bumper, but it is still heavy. It increased the rake stance of my JK slightly (enough to be noticeable to me anyway). I installed a Daystar levelling kit to fix it. I'll find out when I install my lift kit if I'll still need the levelling. Customer service was supposed to email me when the bumper shipped. They didn't. I hadn't heard anything for about 3 weeks so I emailed them, no response. Fortunately, the next day the bumper showed up. I'm not a huge fan of the customer service side of this company, but their products are quality. I will be ordering their rear bumper soon.


Registered User
flea7907's Reviews

04-29-2010, 06:35 PM
Price: $800.00
Pros: looks, material,
Cons: no instructions, damaged due to poor package, forgot some bolts, customer service
Recommended? No

Comments: First the bumper on its own is great. It is solid as they get, with all the wholes in it, lowers the weight. It looks great and love the tow husks (hooks). The lights on the extension are sweet. If this was the only thing that mattered, it would get 5 stars.

However, there is more than looks and material. Customer service was great while talking about buying the product. However, after I got the bumper and had questions about it, they said they were busy and would call me back in a few. I never heard back.

The boxes the bumper arrived in were in good condition, but when I opened them they were just tossed inside and the corners were damaged. They did not have the wrapped or anything to keep it from banging around.

I also ordered the lights, they did not come with any materials needed to install them. There were not enough bolts in the boxes to attach the bumper. I had to go to a shop to have them use a hyd press to bend the bar to make it line up with the bumper. Also, for 800 buck for bumper, 100 for tusks, and 99 for lights, you think you might get some instructions, NOPE.

If you want a winch you are going to have to drill into the bumper. Also they said that there would be extra bolts to use, again NOPE.

I wanted to order the slant top after the summer and the rear bumper next week, but not going to. I will go with a different rear bumper next week and figure out a top later.

I spoke shops that work on Jeeps. They say that wild boar make one heck of a product. However, they return many items due to poor packaging, screwed up orders, and poor customer service. I will have to agree with them.

Hope this helps any of you looking at this bumper.


Registered User
swnmcop's Reviews

04-20-2010, 04:15 AM
Price: $795.00
Pros: Heavy duty material, easy assembly of modular parts, readily accepted winch, great clearance, aggressive look
Cons: Mounting to frame very tight to get to with tools
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Besides being a great product the company has excellent customer service and response to questions.

Also puchased the "tow tusks" ($50 ea.) and rear matching utility bumper ($595) equally as satisfied with the rear bumper!

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