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Tuff Designs - Tuff Designs Tire Carrier

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Product Information

MSRP: $429.00
Average Price: $476.25
Manufacturer: Tuff Designs
Yes: 2 / No: 2
Company Website: http://www.tuffdesigns.com

NEW Rock Solid Tire Carrier that will fit wranglers from 1976 - 2006 including unlimited models. The Tire carrier will fit up to 37"
tires with adjustable mounts so you can mount the tire as far or close as you like to the back of your jeep. The bumper mounts
to 10 factory holes with all hardware included for a very strong mount. If you plan on towing very heavy loads you must buy our
Frame-Tie in Kit that costs an extra $35. The hinge is made from 1.5" solid steel with a grease fitting that can handle a 3500
LBS load which is unsurpassed in ANY tire carrier on the market. There is a Bumper Stop on the Swing out to prevent it from
over opening and hitting your body. The Tire carrier comes with a convenient pin latch system for easy opening of the upper
swing out.

The Tire Carrier comes with a hitch that is made of 1/4 thick steel which is the same thickness as Reese or other name brand
manufactures. The hitch passes completely through the bumper and is welded front to back and includes large tow tabs for
safety chains. The D-rings are 3/4 solid steel and pass completely through the bumper. The bumper also comes with unique
corner guards to protect the rear quarter panels of your jeep when doing heavy trail riding. It comes unfinished so you can style it
to your liking or with our powder coating option. Hi Lift mounts above the tire carrier with large wing nuts for easy removal. CB
RADIO tabs come standard mounted in the right corner of the lower bumper. Optional rack coming soon! Please buy with
confidence as we have put a lot of time into the design of this tire carrier system. $429

IMG00133-20091031-1641.jpg picture by scott5star - Photobucket

IMG00135-20091031-1642.jpg picture by scott5star - Photobucket


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Registered User
cheffin13's Reviews

08-24-2010, 06:03 PM
Price: $488.00
Pros: Solid; Inexpensive
Cons: CB Mount, Crossmember Mount, Telescoping Mount
Recommended? Yes

Comments: First off, if you buy this one make sure to have a 3/4" open ended wrench on hand to tighten the crossmember mounts. Speaking of said mounts four of the eight are almost unreachable unless you want to drop your gas tank. So, if you're planning on towing anything buy the frame tie in kit.

Some other things I didn't like - the lug nuts and the telescoping mount. Just a bad idea all around. The lug nut stems just slide through the mounting plate with no additional securing other than the lug nuts themselves. So getting the tire mounted is a real *****! You would think they would either thread the mounting plate or just weld in the bolts. The telescoping mount was also very difficult to get attached. You have to have your tire there to see how far out to put it, but then it's really hard to get it to slide into place. The telescoping piece is also very loose. They suggest using shims to keep it from rattling, but that would involve taking the tire back off and then there's the question of what to use.

All in all a well built piece that I am happy with, especially for the money.

Registered User
UltimateCC's Reviews
12-17-2009, 06:35 PM
Price: $450.00
Pros: Great product Excellent quality Very solid bumper
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: great bang for your buck

Registered User
BadAzTJ's Reviews

11-15-2009, 06:12 PM
Price: $538.00
Pros: Nice design
Cons: Poor workmanship on several pieces
Recommended? No

Comments: I have had a Tuff Designs bumper on my Jeep for well over a year now. Needless to say, I am quite disappointed with the workmanship. The unit can mount to the frame and the rear cross member, but only one set of cross member holes are in a somewhat reachable position. The other set requires you to drop your fuel tank just to tighten the bolts.

The mount for the CB antenna could not be in a worse place. It is mounted right below the right rear taillight. You cannot mount an antenna to the mount. I had to get some flat metal, mount that to the CB radio antenna mounting hole and direct it to the right.

The entire latch mechanism is very poorly designed. The hole for the cross pin could not have been drilled any further out. The bumper was excessively loud. I had to carefully take a dremel tool with a small grinder and open the hole closer to the bumper so that I could put a larger pin through. I have a larger pin, and it makes significantly less noise, but I should not have had to do that after paying $538.

The tire mount itself can be adjusted closer to the carrier, or farther out. There were two major problems with mine:

First: There was powder coating on the inside of the female portion of the tire carrier. The tire holder itself was also powder coated. I had to use a 3 lb sledge hammer to get the thing to go in, and it may never slide out. That may or may not be a bad thing, but if I wanted to move it farther out, I would not be able to do so.

Second: The holes that were drilled for the cross bolt/pin were not in the best of positions. No matter which hole you tried, the wheel would have been able to wobble. I ended up sledging the tire mount in further than the holes were drilled for peace of mind as the holes were not in the best of positions. I had to drill a custom hole just to make certain that the tire holder was going nowhere, even though I did have to use a 3 lb sledge just to get the thing in. I certainly wouldn't have wanted it to work its way loose over time.

The frame strengthening straps were very poorly designed. When I looked at the straps and tried to mount them, I was confused. I was certain that the straps were for a different vehicle, because there was no way they would mount as designed.

I had to significantly modify the straps just to get them to fit. Then, I had to drill another hole in the straps, because the existing holes would not line up.

One jerry can holder had no problems. I had to bend the other one open just a bit more before the can would fit into the holder properly.

As the other reviewer mentioned, the shipping method caused a few spots to be rubbed raw. Some flat black spray paint fixed it right up.

The bumper definitely seems sturdy, but they need to relocate the CB antenna mount, and work on quality control before I would be comfortable recommending this particular bumper. There was just too much that I had to do to get the bumper to fit. If I had it to do over again, I would not have purchased this unit.

The only reason I gave it 3-stars is because it is a nice design.


scott5star's Reviews

11-01-2009, 09:12 PM
Price: $429.00
Pros: Solid design
Cons: No directions, rattles a lot
Recommended? No

Comments: Good overall but it does make a lot of noise. Website says that shims may be needed and I think MFG should supply them. UPS damaged a bit and I ended using my own hardware because I couldn't figure out what was supposed to do what with theirs. Self tapping grease nut is a joke and should have been installed at the MFG

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