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rampage recovery rear bumper w/tire carrier

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Product Information

MSRP: $897.00
Average Price: $537.00
Manufacturer: rampage
Yes: 17 / No: 1

i ordered this bumper from 4wheelparts, they were not the cheapest, (JCW had them beat by $95 but they matched it with no questions asked) but i loved their service from when i got my tires so i chose them. The bumper was at my door ten days after i placed the order! The bumper came shipped UPS while i was at work, so i expected it to be destroyed, but rampage boxes this thing UPS proof, using triple layered cardboard and even wood. It weighed in at 130 lbs so its no light weight, but i was able to do the install by my self. The instructions were rather poor, rather vauge in what you should do, but did have nice pictures. It came with everything needed to bolt the bumper on including all the bolts, washers, nylon lock nuts, and lock washers, and even (2) 3/4" D-ring shackles!!

Install tips and hints, do the bumper then once its on add carrier, and do the lights last as those holes make it nice to reach some of the bolts and also great for carrying it around, having small hand helps ALOT if you dont have small hands get a friend who does to help you.

Some pros of this thing is the carrier has an adjustable latch so it can be tightened, and has way more adjustablity then needed (almost 2" of thread) and you can even adjust the tire mount to allow for different depth wheels (the backspacing), has intergrated hitch, uses (10) bolts to mount to the frame, i wont think twice about towing with this thing even though its not rated, great welds, and unlike older modles the latch has a saftey pin that must be pulled befor you can open latch and carrier,

Cons are not boxed but is reenforced so dont think it needed, to get to the pin for reciever hitch you must reach under bumper and behind gas tank, directions suck, carrier hinge isnt greaseable,

on a side not dont order their $80 lights, go to wal-mart and get the 4" driving lights from there, they are >$40 and fit great, you just need longer bolts,

Final thoughts, a great bumper that looks even better, is a little on the expensive side ($580 plus shipping) but far as im concerned its very well worth it


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StoneTower's Reviews

04-04-2016, 01:32 PM
Price: $441.00
Pros: Well built, great design.
Cons: Powder coating was a little scratched. Swing arm required a little fitting to make it close level with the bumper.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I mounted this bumper on my 1985 CJ7. I had to make some adapter plates/spacers out of 1/2 steel plate. I added some rear cross member tie-ins for added streangth. I really like this bumper.

Because the CJ7 has a 5 on 5.5 lug pattern I had to re-drill the carrier plate. I re-drilled it (rotated it 180 degrees) and threaded it and used thread locker to secure the bolts as I did not like how the bolts were loose in the factory design.

Has anyone found any LED backup lights that will work in this bumper. How about some part numbers for the aftermarket lights that some of the other members were able to adapt to the bumper?


Registered User
Bustin's Reviews
07-28-2015, 10:24 PM
Price: $600.00
Pros: Nice and Heavy with a receiver hitch, D rings, holes for rear mounted lights. Tire carrier opens/closes smoothly and the latch is adjustable.
Cons: Installation was a little difficult due to bolt holes not quite aligning.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Installation was a little irritating with this bumper. The holes that go through the bottom into the frame were enough off that I had to leave the other bolts loose and use a pry bar to get them lined up and get the bolts in. Everything else about this bumper has been awesome. I had to back the latch off a little bit so that my wife could open and close it. Just the turn of four nuts and it was good to go. The holes for the lock pin are big enough I was able to slide my trailer tongue lock through it to add a little more security to my tail gate as well.

Registered User
StuddMuffinz's Reviews

10-22-2012, 02:08 PM
Price: $575.00
Pros: Pure beef. Packaging. Lights are of pretty good quality.
Cons: Fitment. Powdercoat. Fitment. Lug studs. Fitment.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: A solid bumper, the Rampage, once finally installed, will probably last a good-long time. But getting to that point is a challenge. The welds seem solid, and its taken a few hits off-road already and been fine, but a seemingly recurring problem with this bumper that others have seemingly not mentioned, yet many are this way, is the crookedness of the swing. Although mine wasn't at too crazy of an angle and once I had my spare on there it was nothing more than negligable, I have seen many others who can hardly latch the swing due to the extreme angles of the arm itself.

When installing my bumper, I was installing a Savvy GTS at the same time which helped IMMENSELY. Not only does it look all purrrdy tucked up, but it allowed me to get to the four mounting bolts that you would have NEVER gotten to otherwise (something that Rampage does NOT mention in their instructions). There really is no easy way to drill the mounting holes in the right spots without a template provided... And so I just measured about eleventy-seventy-two times before I drilled. Then came the next obstacle. The bolts provided weren't long enough. There was no feasible way to get two washers, a lock washer, and a nut on the bolt I was given, so I had to pick up new ones (not that big of a problem, as I was needing to anyways due to my frame tie-ins needing longer bolts). As far as the underside mounts go, they're their own story. The bolts were MUCH too big for the threaded holes, and so I ended up drilling out and tapping a new hole to accomodate the bolts. Nothing HUGE, but not anywhere close to a straight bolt-on job. But with all eight mounting points and the frame tie-ins, I would not hesitate in the least to tow anything and everything with the built-in hitch.

The powdercoat flakes VERY easily, and I am just touching it up as it comes off. El cheapo. The only part that I was *really* disappointed in was the tire mount itself. The circular plate mounts to the carrier through a MASSIVE bolt and a few large nuts. Unlike others, as long as you tighten the nuts and bolt together nice and tight, I feel that its not going anywhere, although welding wouldn't hurt it. The dissappointment comes in the form of the lug studs. They were not welded in (ideal) and were smalled than the holes that they go in, keeping them from being pressed in. This means that when you mount the spare (or remove it for that matter) it becomes a two-person job. One must hold a wrench on the head of the stud, while the other removes the lug nuts. Again, nothing a little welding down the road won't fix, but just a little disappointed at how little thought-out some of the design was.

With that said, I did pay a pretty cheap price for what I got, as the lights were included, and it is quite a bumper for what you pay. Once you get the kinks sorted out, it won't fail ya.


Registered User
tshuelsman's Reviews

11-27-2011, 10:04 AM
Price: $450.00
Pros: Built in light options, Very sturdy and strong
Cons: Very small, but sits low and could be a departure angel issue
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Found on Amazon.com for $450 with free shipping. Seems very secure and strong. I only have a 31inch tire on the swing away right now, but haven't heard a single rattle.

Had the bumper for about 9 months and with no complaints


Registered User
julietkilo's Reviews

03-23-2011, 11:31 PM
Price: $477.00
Pros: COME WITH 30-40 dollar 3/4" D Rings (Jeep Jewelry) Noise free latch system Beefy Price
Cons: Install time Install prep Hinge pin design Spare tire 1.25" massive bolt and studs need to be tack welded or will spin freely
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Rampage Rear recovery bumper with tire carrier, best deal on Amazon I paid 390 dollars (477 shipped) if you cant believe that neither can I this thing is stout and a real trail bumper. Its best deal and includes the D-rings for free. There are a few things to remember with this bumper. Here is my review and install notes.

The packaging was incredible, it came well boxed and relatively small for one box and a huge bumper. Excessive cardboard and bubble wrap made this easy to unpack and allowed safe travel without being a pain to unwrap.

The materials and powder coat were very nice and clean looking. The lines are great and the bumper looks much more expensive than you pay here. The fit and finish however left a lot to be desired. Buy a step bit to round out the holes on both the bumper and the jeep to allow movement and alignment. The holes were not elongated where needed and a dremel drum with a rough cut allowed me to make the holes longer. A lot of prep and install time is needed to mount the bumper align everything and remove and recut with the step bit. 4 hours was needed with extra time needed (1 hour) to drop the tank enough to access the back holes needed to be drilled just inside the frame on the rear crossmember. There is NO DOUBT this thing will be able to tow. Its stronger than a hitch I just removed by Curt Manufacturing. The bumper is stout and heavy. No doubt in its abilities. Now onto the tire carrier. Its an easy mount and setting up the noise free latch is as simple as a wrench and some adjustment. Very nice latch. The bolt used in the hinge takes some time to get into place. I removed the passenger tail light to allow me to hammer it into place. The bolt below the hinge is impossible to get to so I drilled a hole in the bolt to put a pin in instead. Grease the pin with lithium grease to keep the pin lubricated but beware this thing is hard to line up due to tight tolerances on the hinge, washers, and bolt. I damaged the threads on this massive bolt but the drilling of the hole for the pin saved the day and simplified installation. The spare tire bolts need to be tack welded or will spin on you and annoy the crap out of you trying to remove them for trail spare use. The tire spins freely on the massive 1 1/4" bolt. Also fixed with a few tack welds. I have yet to install lights but do not buy them here they are overpriced. You can get a better 4 inch set at any autoparts store or super "mart". There are two holes drilled on either side to allow some better mounting positions for lights. The hitch pin is up and inside the bumper but is out of the way of trail damage, my Jeep had a hitch wiring loom installed and I just ran it inside the bumper for clearance and steath.

In conclusion the bumper is very very nice, just be prepared to spend some time installing it and drilling holes. Use lots of cutting oil on your step bit (10 dollars harbor freight large size) and take the time to do it right. Use black spray paint on the holes to curb rust. Still even with all the install time and issues its worth it many times over. Allow up to 5 hours for install time, to install and remove the bumper and to get all the holes to line up properly. I am very anal so it may have just taken me longer.

COME WITH 30-40 dollar 3/4" D Rings (Jeep Jewelry)
Noise free latch system

Install time
Install prep
Hinge pin design
Spare tire 1.25" massive bolt and studs need to be tack welded or will spin freely

Update: Love this bumper, Have had no issues with it, super quiet and with all the bolts used to tie into the frame I would not have any issues with towing and strength, this thing is beast. The lights are from advance auto parts for 30 bucks and they were a cinch to tie into the rear back up lamps in the Jeep, then just remove the reverse lights in the stock housings and use the stock circuit to power these things. at 12 volts they should only require 10 amps or less. Very bright and looks amazing, tons of compliments and it looks like something Jeep would have done from the factory. LOVE IT. If you like my really clean look its because I added a Rokmen rear gas tank skid and tucked it up under nicely.

Registered User
ericrj80's Reviews
03-15-2011, 01:12 PM
Price: $600.00
Pros: Look's good
Cons: none yet
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Easy Install. Have not been on the trails yet to see how tuff they are

Registered User
balzer's Reviews
11-29-2010, 01:59 PM
Price: $500.00
Pros: sturdy, rattle free, good price
Cons: powder coat is somewhat brittle and thin
Recommended? Yes

Comments: got these on sale from quadratech got the front rear and lights and wire harness for just under $1000. construction is solid, welds are a bit sloppy, powder coat is easy to chip off and seams thin. I have seen people complain that they hang down too low but it helps protect the gas tank and the steering box. The holes for the lights are great I can light up a city block with the rear bumper lights, fronts are great in fog and bad weather. I added a shovel, hatchet, and CB antenna mount to the rear tire carrier, since the powder coat isnt great it didnt hurt my feelings to grind it off and weld to it. I may have to refinish them later but then again its nice to be able to touch them up with a rattle can.

Overall I am very happy with them.


Registered User
SolidBrass's Reviews
02-04-2010, 09:33 PM
Price: $400.00
Pros: price
Cons: Didn't match factory bolt holes. Not straight. Rattles some.
Recommended? No

Comments: Read my post about this bumper. Lot's to like but sadly not built the way they should be. IMO. Save you cash up spend a bit more and get the LOD. Now that I have seen both side by side the LOD is simply much more.


So it didn't fit right to start. Within 6 months the powder coat around the "Pivot" bracket was gone, and it's been repainted. Now the tow bracket is starting to rust and it's never been used.

I now realize this design is poor for approach angles as the unneeded lower portion grabs first in a tight climbs. Could not HATE this bumper more.

Registered User
burger3026's Reviews
01-19-2010, 09:53 AM
Price: $600.00
Pros: a little high, but liked the style
Cons: powdercoating no better than stuff half it's price
Recommended? Yes

Comments: it's took a beating so far

Registered User
kking08's Reviews
11-30-2009, 01:00 AM
Price: $599.00
Pros: good quality, easy to use, nice having off road lights mounted inside bumper
Cons: difficult to install, directions were not very clear
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Easy to assemble, tire carrier and bumper are very good quality with good welds, may be difficult to install by yourself. only downside is that the directions could be more detailed

Registered User
Ryan99TJ's Reviews

03-20-2008, 07:05 PM
rampage recovery rear bumper w/tire carrier
Pros: Looks great!
Cons: Near Impossible to get the inner bolts in without dropping gas tank!
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Looks great! Now i just need to get stuck!

Registered User
Ryan99TJ's Reviews

03-05-2008, 09:40 PM
rampage recovery rear bumper w/tire carrier
Price: $897.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Good, Got the front and rear bumper with stinger and tire carriers for 897.00

Senior Member
GodsRollerskate's Reviews

02-28-2008, 03:16 PM
rampage recovery rear bumper w/tire carrier
Price: $400.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I only have the front, but didnt see that as an option...stylish, not very strong, I had to weld it to my frame to keep it from ripping off.


Registered User
2006LJRubicon's Reviews

02-27-2008, 04:28 AM
rampage recovery rear bumper w/tire carrier
Price: $500.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: So far i love them. The rear is nice and tight to the body. I like the front locations for the driving lights. Now to just get the driving lights and wire them in.


Registered User
ImYerHuckleberr's Reviews
11-03-2007, 10:40 AM
rampage recovery rear bumper w/tire carrier
Price: $539.00
Pros: Good lookin' & strong...
Cons: Tire carrier bolt assembly, drilling the last four bumper mount holes...
Recommended? Yes

Comments: It took 5 weeks for the thing to arrive. I'd almost forgotten about it! Then one day it arrived at the loading dock where I work. I couldn't wait to get the bugger back to my digs...getting it IN my 05-Wrangler X wasn't happenin' so I had to call a buddy to get it home. Once at home I ripped open that box with all the excited anticipation of a five year old at Christmas! INside was enugh packaging to fill the recycle bin twice over, so I decided to keep the box to put my old bumper and other assorted Jeep stuff into...

The thing weighs a ton. I mean that... The only real problem with the installation that I had was the fact that there were only 4-pre-driled holes in my 05 Wrangler and the Rampage bumper required 8...drilling wasn't the problem it was accurately locating the position of the holes. I had to make a template out of some really thin plywood/door-skin to get the job done. Frankly, the first time I installed the bumper I decided to bag them extra holes, but, thought better about it as time went by. Consequently I removed the bumper a few weeks later and make the templates & drilled the other holes. I never did get the last bolt (#8) installed because of accessability issues and dropping the gas tank wasn't in my plans...

At this point I occasionally tow a utility trailer (you'll need a 5" drop hitch). The Rampage Recovery Bumper came with (2) D-ring shackles. I like to call them Jeep Jewlery...

I did NOT purchase the light's though I'm about to. Someone posted a note suggesting NOT to purchase them for $80 from Rampage, but, to instead purchase them from K-Mart. They said you'll have to buy longer bolts to install them. No mention of the wiring with the lights from K-March' in the post.

I drive an 05 Wrangler X with some Warrier diamond plate corners & rocker panels. No lift kit as of yet even though I run some Dunlop 32x11.5R15's. The only problem has been the death wobble at 40-48 mph. A Pro-Comp steering stabilizer did the job for about a day...think I'll try the Old Man Emu one next.

ImYerHuckleberry a.k.a.
West Seattle


Have Cummins, Will tow.
rnemovr's Reviews

04-15-2007, 01:40 PM
rampage recovery rear bumper w/tire carrier
Recommended? Yes

Comments: well ive now had this bumper for few weeks, including a wheeling trip and i also moved, i did tow a 4'x8'x5' trailer stuffed with my bed, dresser, clothes and other random stuff, towed over 300 miles to be exact, i love this thing, no hitch "pop" like with reciever hitches, the only down fall is i had to get a 5.25" drop down reciever to keep trailer level, i give this bumper

well after few years still no rattles, little tough to open but i also never greasedthe pin when i installed it

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