Paramount HD Rock Crawler rear bumper w/tire carrier Reviews, Ratings, Specs & Prices
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Paramount HD Rock Crawler rear bumper w/tire carrier

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Product Information

MSRP: $449.00
Average Price: $550.00
Manufacturer: Paramount
Yes: 0 / No: 1
Company Website:

I purchased this bumper about 3 weeks ago and my first impression was very good! Literally for half the price of some of the "high-end" bumpers I got a very sturdy, heavy and what looks to me, nicely built bumper AND tire carrier. Installation was pretty easy with two people- trust me, you WILL need help! Luckily, I had a motorcycle lift and that came in VERY handy! It bolts into the factory bumper holes(4 on each end) and two more on the bottom. All the holes lined up perfectly and the hardware that came with it seems pretty heavy duty. I did have to wait an extra day for the tire carrier to show up but that was a snap to install also. Overall, I'd say this was about a 1 1/2 hour job but I didn't have to remove an old bumper.
Now the bad- this thing is BIG. After it was installed, I realized it partially blocks my gas filler cap and I am going to have to relocate my license plate. The tire carrier latch gets in the way. I am still able to get the gas nozzle in so it's not a deal breaker and I will have to wire a license plate light somewhere. So far though, these are my only gripes.
I will see how this holds up long-term and will update my review as I see fit. Overall, for the price, I think this is a GREAT deal!
BTW, this was installed on a 90 YJ. Also, I purchased this bumper from Ebay and it technically didn't have a manufacturer's name but after researching a bit, it appears to be a Paramount brand....or a knock off.


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YellowLJinOK's Reviews

01-24-2016, 12:23 AM
Price: $550.00
Pros: Good idea to get weight of spare tire off tail-gate. Wrinkle finish is nice. Latch isn't bad.
Cons: Most of the Bolts were too short to engage thread-locking area of supplied nuts. No installation instructions, which should have included a drilling guide or template. No "stop" on the bumper to keep the tire swing from swinging all the way round until the tire contacts the body of the Jeep. One of the tire mount studs / lug nuts was cross-threaded.
Recommended? No

Comments: I purchased Paramount-Automotive, model # 51-0015 thru a local shop, so that if the bumper and swing arrived with damage the shop would re-order or do something about it. There was some damage due to insufficient packing/packaging, and the shop promised a break on a winch. There were no installation instructions, which wouldn't be too bad, except that on a 2006 TJ there are 4 holes to be drilled. A drilling template or guide would have been a big help. I didn't notice that most of the bolts are too short, since they all engaged the threads of the nuts, but then I realized that the thread locking portion of the nut is NOT engaged. I had to go back and add some thread-locker fluid. I suppose I could have left out one of the washers - the one under the head of the bolt - but the steel isn't the greatest so I wanted the washer to spread the stress. Same goes for the steel of the frame member that you're bolting thru. It's not very hard or thick steel, so you want the washer under the nut. I had read a review from another TJ owner that liked this bumper/swing, but the handle of the latch FELL OFF. I dis-assembled mine, lubed the wear points, added thread locker to keep the handle on. The latch comes pre-assembled, so you would think that they would have lubed and thread-locked where needed. They did not.
Speaking of lube - the spindle for the swing was sort of protected with some kind of crappy brown paper for shipping, but it was also quite corroded! I had to sand it a good bit, and then still didn't get the pits out. I didn't want to remove too much metal - I didn't want the swing to be loose on the spindle. That sucked.
The 2" receiver hitch isn't welded all the way, either. The face of the opening of the receiver has gaps where a weld should be, to hold the reinforcement of the opening in place. It's welded on the back side, but the side you see is not welded, just tacked in the corners, and the gaps look like crap. Good places for moisture and rust, which could have been avoided had the maker spent one more minute welding, and another minute grinding for looks.
Also, there are no loops or places to hook the trailer safety chains. Who builds a receiver hitch without safety chain attachment points?
If there weren't so many little things wrong I could recommend this bumper, but I wouldn't purchase it again with the way it is. Proper bolt length is an easy thing to fix, adding a stop to the bumper during manufacture would be easy, etc. Welding a couple of loops or eye bolts near the receiver hitch for the safety chains wouldn't be that hard. How hard is it to NOT cross-thread a lug nut? Adding some installation instructions with a drilling template would be great. I looked on the web, too, and didn't see any down-loadable .pdfs.
What would be really nice would be a license plate mount because the latch covers up your stock mount, and a couple of studs along the lower arm of the swing to attach your Hi-Lift, but that's asking too much when there are so many little things that were too difficult or too costly.

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