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Nates 4x4 Winch Bumper model 1

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Product Information

MSRP: $325.00
Average Price: $224.40
Manufacturer: Nates 4x4
Yes: 5 / No: 2

Winch bumper


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Registered User
Ajamant's Reviews

12-10-2009, 09:56 PM
Price: $185.00
Pros: Price, stout
Cons: Minor finishing details
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I have heard many comments on Nates poor customer service. Nate called me back 1 hour after first phone call and I had my bumper at my front door 6 days later for 185$. Can't beat the price anywhere for a stout integrated winch mount bumper with winch gaurd. Minor splatter around a few of the welds, but not a big deal. Comes in bare steel, painted hammered black. Overall very happy with product and very impressed with delivery time.


Registered User
rybo's Reviews
10-17-2009, 05:06 PM
Price: $217.00
Pros: good built bumper, great price
Cons: had to paint
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I got this bumper for $217 shipped. Great bumper, good welds. Had to paint, decided to rattlecan it. Went in smoothly, all holes lined up.

Registered User
DPaul's Reviews

09-21-2009, 12:38 PM
Price: $235.00
Pros: I don't know, I never received the bumper
Cons: I don't know, I never received the bumper
Recommended? No

Comments: I paid Nate for the bumper June '09. I have never received a bumper after five months. I've made countless attempts to contact Nate via email and by phone, but they've gone unanswered. I would stay away from Nate.


Registered User
thecleaner's Reviews

06-24-2009, 10:43 PM
Price: $160.00
Pros: Very tough, price, integrated winch plate
Cons: no customer service, "fit and finish"
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Ordered and paid for my bumper on March 19. Finally came in June 9. The bumper itself is very stout. For the price, you can NOT get a stronger bumper.

The "fit and finish" (so to speak) was lacking on this bumper. There was quite a bit of splatter and ugly (strong, but ugly) welds. The main body of the bumper is 3 pieces of rectangular tubing. 2 of the three seams faced forward, requiring some filling to smooth the lines. At install, I had to ream out one mounting hole because it was a bit off.

Nate's customer service is non-existent. Your product will get to you, but you will wait.

All in all, I think I ended up with a very stout bumper at a price that can't be beat. I am very happy with the end product, it just took a bit of time to get there.

Registered User
chedisme's Reviews

02-26-2009, 02:19 PM
Nates 4x4 Winch Bumper model 1
Pros: bumper is ok quality, but needs cleaning up
Cons: Nate doesn't care if he fills your order.
Recommended? No

Comments: I paid for my bumper October 7th 2008. It took almost 3 months to get the bumper its self. I understand nates4x4 is pretty much a one man operation and it takes time to fill orders, I wasn't upset about that. I paid for the grade 8 hardware to mount the bumper, and still have not received it! today is feb 26th 2009, almost 21 weeks since I placed my order! I have emailed Nate 20-30 times regarding this and on the off chance he does reply, he just gives me excuses. nate has claimed that that my order will ship out tomorrow 3-4 times in the past 2 months.
I am so mad that I chose to save 100$ and go with a bumper I didnt like as much cause the price was better. I would have much rather spent the extra money and gotten something nicer and have had it on my jeep for a few months now.

oh and there was a good deal of splatter from the welds I had to sand/grind off, and the 2"receiver is mounted slightly crooked.


Panici's Reviews

07-14-2008, 04:13 PM
Nates 4x4 Winch Bumper model 1
Pros: Strong, Inexpensive, Lots of options
Cons: None so far, except Nate can be difficult to deal with
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Strong, solid bumper.
Had problems with the rear bumper, but front one is mint.


Registered User
MLJeeper's Reviews

07-05-2008, 06:19 PM
Nates 4x4 Winch Bumper model 1
Price: $325.00
Pros: Price design
Cons: no frame tie ins
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Good bumper overall. Needs frame tie ins but they are easily made. Hes a little slow getting them made. He burns his holes instead of drilling and his pattern was off. I had to extend some of the holes and clean them up with a drill.

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