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Grant 4x4 Rear Bumper w/ Tire Swing-out and Trail Basket

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Product Information

MSRP: $600.00
Average Price: $514.00
Manufacturer: Grant 4x4
Yes: 5 / No: 3

A rear rock and trail Bumper that will carry extra fuel and more, with trail rack included.

Made to Fit TJ, YJ, & CJ.


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Erik T.

Pew Pew Vroom Vroom!
Erik T.'s Reviews

05-26-2010, 10:31 PM
Price: $550.00
Pros: None.
Cons: It's complete crap.
Recommended? No

Comments: It's been 3 years now and nothing but a headache since I ordered it.

This weekend it's being sold or tossed in the dump.

Grant4x4 no longer exists, so count yourself thankful you missed out on such a crap product.

Registered User
abendx's Reviews

06-26-2007, 08:48 PM
Grant 4x4 Rear Bumper w/ Tire Swing-out and Trail Basket
Price: $600.00
Pros: Very good design.
Cons: LOTS of work to make it right (as ordered).
Recommended? No

Comments: I recently ordered a grant4x4 rear bumper/tire carrier and cargo rack. After lots of reading here and seeing the write up, I got a hold of grant and ordered a bumper from his e-bay auction. After a few issues (see below review), I have the bumper mounted and am happy with its overall design. The rack could be a bit larger, but it is not unusable. I had also had hopes to mount tools (shovel, ax, and maddox) on the racks legs, but they sit a bit too far apart (never advertised as a feature, just something I thought would be a neat idea).


Fit: Bumper not made for my year CJ. I was clear on the phone, on the e-bay auction, on my PayPal payment, and in an e-mail or two of the year of my Jeep... this was ok with grant until I received the bumper with the wrong year mounting (I called and he claimed that I was not clear with the year, I stated the repeated communications and he seemed to be confused and accepted it). He was worried about the shipping to return and send the correct bumper, I suggested to take it to a local welder to fix. He agreed to pay for the corrections ($120), but can only imagine that it voids any kind of warranty he has and he made no account for my time and effort involved in having this corrected. Not even a simple thank you for going out of my way to correct his mistake?

Shipping: Package was received several days late, can only assume grant did not ship on the day he said he did. Packaging was poor and not professional (just cardboard boxes cut flat and wrapped around the bumper) which caused several holes in the packaging during shipment, but other than slight scratches, no real damage. I felt the shipping cost of $100 was somewhat high considering he shipped via USPS parcel post, using the USPS website, the shipping could have been no more than $60. Considering the packaging, I can't think of how he has anywhere near $40 in handling fees.

Shipping costs: Web page stated that this was included, e-bay auction stated $100. He told me the web site was old and he no longer shipped for free. Although this seemed fishy, I accepted it (after the mostly positive reviews and the fact that he had a jig for a pre 76 CJ). He also stated that he would make the shipping ($30) on the optional rack free if I ordered the two together. I never received a credit for that and when I called after receiving the shipment, he stated that he never said that he would do that. After some debate, he finally conceded and followed through with his initial promise of dropping the addition shipping on the rack if ordered together.

Modification: Requested that he add a swing out stop so the rack would not hit my Jeep when fully opened. This was discussed several times on the phone and in the PayPal payment. This was not added.

Quality: Somewhat acceptable welds, but not pretty by any standard. Was painted with some kind of industrial primer, not bare as advertised. Not a big deal and after a few hours of work and several wire wheels later, it was ready for a POR15 coating (this is good stuff!).

Quality control: After the POR15 coating and during assembly, I noticed I had two left side legs for the cargo rack. I had to take this back to my local welder to correct. Another $20 and it was fixed. grant refunded that amount, but once again, did not apologize for my troubles nor accounted for the loss of time, money and effort placed into the paint job.

Conclusion: While I decided to go through the hassle and time of making the bumper right and it does work on my Jeep now that I have corrected it's issues, I cannot recommend grant's products based on my experience. The design is superb, but the execution was horrible. Problems do sometimes arise, but should not at every turn.

Side note: I found a very good welder in the Ventura, CA area. He not only corrected grant's bumper, but also put together a very nice front bumper and winch plate for me. Work was completed quickly and the cost was very reasonable. He even included removing the old bumper (which was welded on) and an education on how the whole welding process works (which included a little time hands on welding!!). His name is Brandon Naves and his shop is Heavy Metal Fabshop ( This sale would have gone to grant if the experience with the prior purchase had gone more smoothly.

UPDATE (7/3/2007): Took my rig out on the trail for the first time last weekend after installing grant's bumper. Some of grant's welds did not hold up and the carrier started to come apart in the middle of nowhere. Had to use a bunch of tie downs to keep it together. I sent grant an e-mail with pictures of the welds that broke and have not heard back from him (5 days).

Also... looks like grant left me e-bay feedback after reading this review. Notice that he does not refute the facts of what transpired, yet resorts to name calling. Someone you'd want to business with?


Registered User
FLATFENDER54's Reviews

03-02-2007, 09:02 AM
Grant 4x4 Rear Bumper w/ Tire Swing-out and Trail Basket
Price: $420.00
Pros: Very well built - NO rattles
Cons: you will need to paint it yourself
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Very nice - had about 1 year - no rattles or anything holding 33" tires and 2 jerry cans entire time

EDIT - had about 2 years now and both bumpers are still outstanding - very satisfied customer here


Registered User
jtpaintball70's Reviews

02-23-2007, 07:08 PM
Grant 4x4 Rear Bumper w/ Tire Swing-out and Trail Basket
Pros: Great features
Cons: Wrong tire mount.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I just got mine on (pictures are coming) but I got the wrong tire mount. So I have to wait for Grant to send me a new one that will actually fit stock TJ bolt patterns.

Erik T.

Pew Pew Vroom Vroom!
Erik T.'s Reviews

01-31-2007, 06:22 PM
Grant 4x4 Rear Bumper w/ Tire Swing-out and Trail Basket
Price: $550.00
Pros: Very easy to install, good design.
Cons: Time it took to arrive, paid more than advertised price.
Recommended? No

Comments: I decided to purchase Grant4x4 because of the design. I wanted a bumper/carrier combo that carried Jerry Cans. I had heard good reviews of both the product and the owner.

I purchased the bumper on Jan 9th. I was charged $550, when the website said $500 and free S&H. I was told it would take two days to be out the door, and 3 days to arrive.

On Jan 19th(Friday night), I emailed Grant asking when my bumper would arrive. He emailed me back Sat night and told me it was completed that day(20th) and would ship Monday(22nd).

I emailed him back telling him that I was less than pleased that it was taking so long for my bumper to be completed, when I was told 2 days over the phone and it had already been 11 days. I also mentioned I wasn't happy paying for S&H when his website said it was free to the lower 48 states.

He called me back Monday morning(22nd) and told me that they had mailed it to another person, but they happened to have one in the shop that had a pressurized bumper/cb mount/and polyurethaned(I guess thats what that black sort of crusty looking paint is on it) that another person had ordered but had not picked up yet even after repeated phone calls. I could have that one instead, roughly a $80 value more than mine.

I thought, ok - I don't need that extra stuff, but allright. I'll be a good sport about it. Even though I was somewhat sketched out on being told it was Completed Saturday, and then being told Monday morning at 8am that it had been shipped to someone else.

My BS detector was going off.

I patiently wait until Monday the 29th, and called again. If it hadn't been shipped out yet I was going to cancel my order. Grant told me it had shipped out Thursday.

It was shipped a full FOUR days after he said he had one laying around that he would send.

It arrived today, the 31st.

Three weeks after I ordered it when I was told it would be 5 days at the best.

It went on very easily, about an hour and a half install total. Taking off the stock bumper/rear carrier/tailgate bumps and installing the new bumper/carrier. I still have to fine tune it though as I have to lift it when I close it.

It is a very good product. But I do not appreciate being jerked around. Especially after I've paid a decent amount of money.

I would never recommend the product to anyone for that reason. They will never have my business again.

EDIT - I just noticed on the package it shipped in that the S&H fee was only 27 bucks. About half of what I was charged for S&H.

EDIT - Three Weeks later, the 21st of Feb. I'm seeing rust even with this coating Grant put on it - so I'll be hitting it with some rustoleum for the time being until I can repaint the entire thing some sunny day in the near future.

EDIT - Almost a year later, it's rusting all to hell. I'm going to have to remove it and sand blast and repaint. This supposed powder coat stuff he used is flaking off pathetically. The T-Handle no longer works except to keep it shut, the spring doesn't seem to be working at all. I'll be removing this and having a welder work on it some so I can put a proper latch on it. When I get a warm week I'll take before and after pictures when I fix it. It's a real piece of crap. The metal latches on the red straps have rusted beyond any usage, but not before they actually chewed through the straps and came undone and dragged on the highway for a while. Also wore through that same crummy painting he put on it and started more rust there. I replaced them with some decent black straps(the sort you use backpacking) and the same black plastic latches. Those have worked great so far.

I also mounted my spare cans back in March. The things slammed into my tailgate and rattled all over the place even with those red straps it came with. I finally ended up buying some of those furniture felt pads that protect your floors and mounted a set to both my tailgate and the cans to keep from ruining my tailgate. I used a total of six pairs, three for each can. Luckily no one sees them until I open the carrier, than it looks retarded.

This product isn't a complete loss yet. After I get it sand blasted and repainted it will be allright.


Registered User
barry1me's Reviews

08-23-2006, 03:58 PM
Grant 4x4 Rear Bumper w/ Tire Swing-out and Trail Basket
Pros: well built excellent quality
Cons: paint finish is below adequate
Recommended? Yes

Comments: great bumper, great prices. Bill Grant prides work on quality and good fabrication, but he will tell you he is not a painter. Before installing bumper put a good layer of paint down first. He will also make custom bumpers!

Poor Boy

All Around Nice Guy
Poor Boy's Reviews

08-23-2006, 04:23 AM
Grant 4x4 Rear Bumper w/ Tire Swing-out and Trail Basket
Pros: excellent price and customer service
Cons: i was warned about the finish, and expected to have to make rattle-can touch ups, so it's not really a con...
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Grant protects both my front and rear ends. if something ever happens to them, i'll buy from him again.


Registered User
Difranco's Reviews

08-22-2006, 11:47 PM
Grant 4x4 Rear Bumper w/ Tire Swing-out and Trail Basket
Price: $450.00
Pros: good welds, competitive price, lots of feature, great finish
Cons: Needs some adjustment so gerry cans don't rub on body.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: This setup features:

+Epoxy primer and poly top coat in satin black.
+Supports a 40" tire
+Adjustable tire back-space and hieght
+Holds 2 Jerry cans and a hi-lift jack
+Greaseable 1.250 OD solid pivot pin for swing-out
+Heavy wall 2X4X56" tubing main bumper, tapered on ends and welded closed.
+Supplied backing plates and bolts for mounting
+Supplied gerry can straps

Flat Rate shipping service $80

I had experience with Grant 4x4's products prior to this purchase as you can read about here. So after talking to them about some of my concerns, I felt confident about ordering matching sets of bumpers from them.

So I ordered the bumper, they were back logged with work, so it took about a week for them to ship my rear bumper. Once shipped it, DHL ground service had the bumper to me in about 7 calendar days. The box was in good shape, some minor cuts on the exterior but that is about all. Everything was professionally packaged. Upon opening the box I found all the necessary parts and pieces to assemble and mount this bumper combination.

The swing-out was already bolted to the bumper, so all I had to do was remove my old bumper and mount this one on. The bolt mounting locations were very tight, so I had to make sure I started the bottom chassis bolts, then start cross member bolts, lastly tighten all the bolts down until they were tight.

Next installed the trail rack. I did have to fidget with the trail rack so that the basket was level, but it only took a minute or two to do.

After the basket was complete, I installed the gerry cans, Hi-lift, and my Goodyear 33x12.50R15 spare tire and wheel. I currently have the tire mount extended out to its farthest extension point to allow room for my gerry cans. However I am still having a slight issue with the bottom of the driver side gerry can rubbing against the body and wearing the paint.

Lastly, I greased the swing-out hinge and tuned it with my Hi-lift jack so that it slammed shut with ease.

The finish was great on all parts, even the trail rack this time around. The Epoxy Primer and Satin Paint are quality Sherwinn Williams products. I would have liked to have seen the reciever tube painted all the way through to cut down on rust, but I'll touch that up with a brush.

So far a sturdy and rattle free setup. For a guy on budget (and who isn't?), I'd certainly recommend this setup.

UPDATE: Question Recieved.

Originally Posted by OffCamberTJ
Did I read somewhere in one of your post about Grants requiring a jerry can be used because the can rest against the stock rubber isolators to help secure it and make it rattle free?

I emailed grant asking him if he made on w/o the can option and he mailed me back stating the the carrier is adjustable to the point that it doesn't rattle. Is this true?

Thnaks mike

Yes the newest version does run fine without any gerry cans installed. There is a plate that needs to be adjusted and the tire easily slides back against the swing-out frame. Takes only a couple minutes.

I have ran this way without all the extra stuff, and it worked as designed.

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