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Rocky-Road SuperSliders

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Product Information

MSRP: $200.00
Average Price: $407.14
Manufacturer: Rocky-Road
Yes: 8 / No: 2

"Our rock sliders are very simple to install and are completely 'bolt on'. They mount on the sub-frame as well as along the body seam. Not mounting along the entire seam causes extreme stress with the leverage of an impact on the outer rocker itself. Our design distributes the load across a broad area instead of focusing it on small spots. Installation is made easier by marking strips which we include with every set. Instead of trying to juggle a 35lb rocker bar in place while you mark your holes, you simply clamp our thin steel marker strip onto the body seam and mark your mounting holes." "It also still features that great looking 45* front and rear edge. Not only good for looks, but alot more practical for trail use than our competition's squared off ends." Quoted From Rocky-Road Website.


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Registered User
djeepen7's Reviews

11-24-2015, 10:09 PM
Price: $490.00
Pros: They look nice, shipped in a little over two weeks and were packaged well.
Cons: They don't fit without major modification. RRO customer service is some of the worst I have ever had the misfortune of needing to call!
Recommended? No

Comments: I purchased a set of these off of Ebay, they looked good when they came but as soon as I tried to install them on my 4Runner, I saw there was a major problem with the distance between the pinch weld and the outrigger plates. This distance is approx 3/8"+ to short. I have left a very detailed description of the other problems if you check my other comment left today in the RRO thread. Long story very condensed since I really don't want to repeat myself, I called their customer service and was treated like garbage. These people are disrespectful, condescending and very rude. end result is I am stuck with a product I now have to modify to fit a vehicle it was made for. And the other poster is also correct, as the supposed powder coating scratches off just like the part was spray painted with a rattle can, something I didn't even realize until his comment.

Registered User
ekpowell's Reviews

12-22-2014, 12:17 PM
Price: $603.00
Pros: Well built. Good construction.
Cons: Poor powder coating, paint to install, and the worst customer support ever.
Recommended? No

Comments: I have a TJ Rubicon but bought a new 2015 KL Cherokee Trailhawk as a daily driver instead of my F150. Need some rails that provided a step for kids and this was only product available. I had to spend an additional $175 to get them Line-X coated because of the inferior powder coat paint job that came on them. Tried to get RRO to give me at least a little refund due to the poor powder coat job but they basically ignored 4 email requests, a phone call and I finally filed a BBB complaint. Their response to the BBB complaint was to call me a liar. After I got them lined and mounted they do look really nice. I give them 2 stars due to the poor customer support, powder coat quality, and being called a liar, even when I sent them photos to completely support my position, which are attached here. They say that the powder coat is a courtesy only. If courtesy, it should still be a decent job that covers all exposed metal and welds. It was inferior and they took no ownership of it. Not a stand up company at all.

Registered User
NickJr44's Reviews
09-16-2009, 05:28 PM
Price: $399.00
Pros: very, very strong. better looking that most others out there. these stay up and out of the way. support weight of entire vehicle with now problem
Cons: a little bit of a pain to install, but well worth the headache
Recommended? Yes

Comments: These look great, and are functional steps to access the roof rack. They are small though, meaning they do not protrude too far away from the vehicle. They have taken a beating since I installed them. Far away, these things have saved further damage to my Jeep then any other product. These come in handy when it's the accident, or the "oh I didn't think that was going to hit" moment. When you need rocker protection, you got it.


Registered User
WJ04's Reviews

08-21-2009, 11:23 PM
Price: $400.00
Pros: Very well built, rock solid, clean fit, easy to install.
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I wanted a strong set of sliders that not only could hold up to the type of rock I wheel, but also I wanted them to look great too. With the RRO super sliderz I got what I wanted... great looks and great protection.

Registered User
k9popo's Reviews
06-16-2009, 01:48 PM
Price: $399.00
Pros: appear to be bullet proof, strong, powder coated and great looking...
Cons: Instructions could be a little better and they almost fit too tight...
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I picked them up directly from RRO and they were packaged with care and tight...

I double checked the sliders and hardware and it was all there...YAY lucky i guess...

The install went pretty smooth and they mounted up great and fit perfect almost too tight ...Though the instructions could be a little better with the addition of pictures for us people who dont like to read very much LOL...

I was able to jack the entire Jeep up from the bars to test their strength hand they eld up great...Fit and finish is excellent and I would recommend these to anyone looking for a great looking and strong product...

Registered User
TMan2's Reviews
05-27-2009, 01:53 PM
Price: $359.00
Pros: Quite sturdy, no loss of ground clearance
Cons: Bolts need to be replaced
Recommended? Yes

Comments: So far I am quite happy with the sliders. There is no loss of ground clearance, and the rails seem more than sturdy enough. Though admittedly I haven't tested them to any great degree at this point.
Be prepared to get new bolts for attaching them to your Jeep however. Believe it or not the bolts that come with the rails are too short for properly attaching the rails. At first I assumed it was just my bad luck, with RRO simply shipping me the wrong bolts, but I have since talked to another individual who had the same issue. Also, if it is of concern to you, the bolts shipped are only grade 2, not grade 8, so you may feel they aren't sturdy enough. RRO claims however that their tests show they are more than strong enough.
If you live in Canada, expect to pay about $55 (Canadian) in fees to UPS to cover GST, inspection at the border, etc. And for me, shipping and handling costs were around $95 U.S. Their website allows you to estimate what your particular shipping and handling will be, with my estimate being only a few dollars more. Apparently you can request the rails be shipped by USPS, which I'm told is cheaper. That option wasn't listed on the website however.
The price listed above is in U.S. dollars.


Come out and play.
Calvin9r's Reviews

05-10-2008, 03:23 AM
Rocky-Road SuperSliders
Price: $200.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: These were the first things I added to my XJ. I like the style and durability.

Registered User
Smittie's Reviews

04-23-2008, 09:19 PM
Rocky-Road SuperSliders
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Rock solid.

WJ Freak
Registered User
WJ Freak's Reviews
12-14-2006, 10:51 AM
Rocky-Road SuperSliders
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Where did you get them and how much were they?


Registered User
WJJEEPIN's Reviews

12-12-2006, 01:52 PM
Rocky-Road SuperSliders
Pros: Very HEVY duty and Extremely Well Built
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I put this guy on mostly by myself. I paid for it over the next couple days since I was wicked soar from holding it up while bolting it in. Easy install, took about 2 Hrs as I had a buddy help in the end. I have tested my Hi-Lift jack on it and have also stood on it with my younger brother who is 250LBS and I weigh 175 and no problems. Plus with the Life Time Warrenty they offer I have nothing to worry about. I am off to the trails to test it as soon as I can.

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