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Olympic 4x4 Products - Olympic 121 A/T Slider Rock Rails

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Product Information

MSRP: $346.99
Average Price: $340.00
Manufacturer: Olympic 4x4 Products
Yes: 1 / No: 2
Company Website: http://www.olympic4x4products.com

From the Quadratec website:

Combines the Olympic A/T Rocker Panel Guards with the addition of 1.5” diameter steel side rails for added protection. Simple bolt-on construction with no drilling or fender flare trimming. Rock rails are fully welded together and tough enough for Hi-Lift jacking. Available in three great powder coated finishes.


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Registered User
Nvr_Stuk's Reviews
03-03-2012, 10:37 PM
Price: $369.99
Pros: Install is extremely easy. Work well as a step for shorter people.
Cons: The powder coat SUCKS. It has chipped and peeled and is now rusting after 2 months.
Recommended? No

Comments: If you are from Canada DO NOT order anything from this company!!

They WILL NOT warranty parts!

After installing these on my Jeep in Feb I began to notice chipping and rust only 2 months later. The Jeep wasn't even off roaded by this point so there was no reason for chipping, peeling, etc.. Just street driven in the winter. It is washed often so no salt damage occurs. After numerous emails and phone calls back and forth with Olympic I was told to ship them back to California and they would sandblast and re-powder coat them, then they would send them back. They were not going to pay for any shipping costs, plus I would have to re-pay import taxes at the border. To do this would have cost me over $300. I asked for full replacement, in return I would send the other ones back in a pre-paid box. They said they would not pay for the shipping to Canada, and then told me that because I lived in Canada they wouldn't warranty them anyway. Talk about a total waste of my time. Eventually I was told by Olympic to tape them off and use Rustoleum to cover the rust. I was completely f*cked by this company.

Registered User
ericrj80's Reviews
03-15-2011, 01:14 PM
Price: $350.00
Pros: Look's good
Cons: none yet
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Look great fairly easy install. Have not been on the trails with them yet to see what they can handle.


nOob for life
skydiver30960's Reviews

02-22-2011, 09:17 PM
Price: $300.00
Pros: None
Cons: See Below
Recommended? No

Comments: I ordered these rails from Quadratec based primarily on the fact that no drilling was required for installation. I had several issues with the product:

1.) The rails install with L-shaped threaded inserts that are inserted into pre-existing holes in the frame and body. These inserts are welded together. During initial installation, I broke one of the inserts at the weld under only mild pressure from the ratchet. Under inspection, I could see where the weld had not penetrated, leading to the failure.

2.) The appearance of the driver's side rail was acceptable, but when mounted on the vehicle it became obvious that the passenger side rail was not nearly flush to the body. The vertical portion of the rail also appeared bent: it was further from the body at the front and rear of the rail. There was enough room between the body and rail for me to slip my pinky finger between them. Efforts at re-mounting the rail did not resolve the problem.

3.) I contacted Olympic for some technical support, providing them with pictures of what I was seeing and asking for advice. I asked them for:

a.) Torque specifications for the threaded inserts. None was listed in the installation instructions and I did not want to break any more. They never gave me a response.

b.) A replacement threaded insert for the one that failed during the installation. They took my address, but no insert ever arrived.

c.) Suggestions about how to improve the fit of the passenger side rail, or if they felt there was a defect in manufacturing. Their only response was: unbolt it, push it in, and tighten it back down. I was disappointed and a little insulted that this was their only input.

I was unhappy with this product because I feel the design is flawed, and because Olympic did not provide good customer support; for these reasons I would recommend you NOT purchase this product. I returned these rails, put the money toward other rails that DO drill through the body, and have been immensely pleased with those other rails.

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