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Fishbone Offroad - Fishbone Offroad Rock Sliders

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Rating: None

Product Information

MSRP: $272.99
Manufacturer: Fishbone Offroad
Company Website: http://

As promised, I would like to finally give an in-depth review of the Fishbone Rock Sliders I installed on my 2006 TJ.

There is not a lot of info on these online due to Fishbone still being fairly new to the market. I contacted Fishbone requesting some specs on these sliders, and Jamey Paine was a huge help in my decision to move forward with the purchase. The following questions were asked by myself and answered by Ms. Paine:

What type of steel?
3/16 laser cut solid steel plate

What gauge or thickness?

What diameter and thickness tubing?
2 diameter .120 wall tubing

What type of fasteners?
M10 Stainless steel fasteners with lock nuts

Any other specs or features worth sharing?
They mount around the body mounts, then bolt to the side of the Jeep for extra strength and rigidity. If you plan to use them offroad, they are ready for the abuse.

I ordered the sliders through quadratec, whose customer service could use a good tuneup.. After waiting 2 weeks with no word and no sliders, I contacted quadratec. They informed me that the sliders were on backorder and they were awaiting a shipment from Fishbone. I contacted Ms. Paine a couple days later about what quadratec told me. She explained that there was no order from quadratec, and it would be best if I called quadratec, and have the sliders drop shipped by Fishbone. Quadratec was a bit more helpful over the phone in doing this.

Two days later, they're on my doorstep, shipped directly from Fishbone, and in a very clean looking package. The box was undamaged, with plastic bands taped down making sure the box stayed closed. Inside, the sliders were wrapped and taped in a foam cloth material to prevent damage or scratching against each other. Once uncovered, the craftsmanship was very high quality, and the durability was, just as Jamey explained "If you plan to use them offroad, they are ready for the abuse."

Installing them took no time at all really. I am a full time structural designer, and a part time student in the evenings for structural engineering. I am also stuck in an apartment complex in Pittsburgh with basic mechanics tools and a Hobo Freight drill.... So if I had enough time and ingenuity with the given circumstances to get them installed, anybody should be able to.

The weekend after installing them, my fiance and I decided to test out the sliders at an offroad location with a group from our local chapter of Wicked Jeeps. I am really impressed with these sliders. I didn't drop the jeep on the sliders, but I would not be worried if I did. I did however use them as a pivot point on a tree to get around a tight corner, and there is no deformation on them anywhere.

This wouldn't be a true review if there weren't any negatives at all.... But the only "issue" I have found with the sliders is how hard they are to clean after wheeling in mud (see image).. Mud likes to hide in the crevice between the tube and the step plate. It's almost impossible to get the mud out of that crevice, but it's definitely not an issue that should deter anyone from buying a set of these with all the positives they have to offer.

Overall, I would most certainly recommend a set of Fishbone Rock Sliders to anyone looking for rocker protection due to the customer service, quality, and durability of these rock sliders.


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