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Redline Weber Carburator 34/34DEG

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Product Information

MSRP: $800.00
Average Price: $1,406.50
Manufacturer: Redline Weber Carburator
Yes: 5 / No: 2

Two barrel Weber Carb. Conversion


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Registered User
johnnykind's Reviews
12-08-2014, 03:13 PM
Price: $299.00
Pros: easy to install
Cons: may need some fine tuning depending on the altitude you live or wheel in...
Recommended? Yes

Comments: ready to use out of the box, bolted on and fired right up, may need a little fine tuning or different size jets depending on your altitude, will not pass california smog test... and you may have to get creative with the vacuum lines many have to be removed and a few have to be reinstalled when you switch over from factory carb.

Web Wheeler
Fjguercio's Reviews

06-04-2009, 06:22 PM
Price: $300.00
Pros: works great with the correct jets like many of the weber carbs
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: This is one of the New Weber Carbs 34/34 and works great when jetted properly for the CJ 258 and the Use of Holley low pres Fuel Regulator. I have helped a few dozen or so get this working much better and all webers work the same. It is not uncommon for a carb that fits Jeeps, Suziki's, and other vehicles to need proper jets. I have been working with the factory and they are starting to ship smaller jets like what I have suggested in my Weber Tune Link/Thread. It takes ten minutes to change all four jets and they cost $5-6 each. You can order with the correct jets or if you ask nicely Weber N. America might send you the smaller jets no charge. They have done this for many JeepForum members I have helped.

I have already done the searches, work, and play time. If you follow the suggestions in this link the Weber 34/34 or the 32/36 will run great. If you research other carbs they are recommending the same size jets I am, funny how that works out. 46-47-48mm jets seem to be the norm for 258.

Here is the Weber Tune Thread I wrote:

Just like any larger carb your ignition and overall health of engine needs to be good if you want the performance improvements.

As for this not a Weber Carb.. Come on think about this. It has Weber on the box and is shipped from one of several importers of Weber. It it was not a weber product there would be quite the lawsuite for using their name, the weber name. It is made by Solex under contract for Weber and is made in France. All multinationals use subcontractors and Weber and Solex are used on audi, porsh, BMW and many world famous cars as OEM and aftermarket. They work.

Order with or install the proper jets and you will be a happy camper. I replaced single barrel carb and intake/exhaust with a two barrel intake/borla header/Weber 34/34. Runs like new and the video is at the end of the Tune Thread for the proof.


Web Wheeler
mcmud's Reviews

06-04-2009, 07:04 AM
Price: $6,501.00
Pros: Can't buy one.
Cons: It has a 3 and a 4 together.
Recommended? No

Comments: Thankfully there is no 34/34 DEG. Weber already allowed a blunder to reach the marketplace when the 34 DGEC was developed, forums are full of complaints. This is a phantom carburetor, NEVER EXISTED. Click any of the links and read the results for yourself. If you are shopping for a Weber look for a genuine one. The pleasure would be yours.

Web Wheeler
Fjguercio's Reviews

02-09-2009, 12:27 PM
Redline Weber Carburator 34/34DEG
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I agree this is a nice upgrade for 1 or 2 barrel 4.2 liter jeep. Works realy well with correct jets, more power, response, and 24 mpg. Webers like a better ignition so do the TeamRush, aux grounds, and CDI if you can. Here is a link I put together for a good jet change and tune information.

Registered User
YJ-Tweaker's Reviews

11-04-2008, 11:16 PM
Redline Weber Carburator 34/34DEG
Price: $250.00
Recommended? No

Comments: OK but should have went for the 32/36 or better. Maybe even a Holley 250 CFM. too many install plates to have a possible vacuum problem.

Registered User
jbeau's Reviews

06-16-2008, 05:35 PM
Redline Weber Carburator 34/34DEG
Price: $289.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: the carb seems to preform better than stock with an increase in power. the gas miliage seems to be about the same.

Registered User
spikejda's Reviews

06-04-2008, 01:11 PM
Redline Weber Carburator 34/34DEG
Price: $800.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: To be honest i didnt get that carb, but i did purchace a factory replace ment from autozone. I tried to instal the carb my self, but i instaled it wrong. So i had it taken to the shop. Where a screw from the butterfly choke fell into the engin. It was sugested to tare down the engin and find it. But the alloy of the screw was week so it pushed through the engin with no problems. BUY CARBS FROM A MANUFACTURE

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