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K&N 77 Series Cold Air Intake

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Product Information

Average Price: $267.60
Manufacturer: K&N
Yes: 10 / No: 0

Built for performance and show utilizing the highest quality components, the K&N 77 Series High-Flow Performance Kit is a free-flowing mandrel-bent aluminum tube induction system designed for Trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles. 77-Series intakes have a polished aluminum finish. K&N intake systems replace your vehicle's restrictive factory air filter and air intake housing. K&N intakes are designed to dramatically reduce intake restriction as they smooth and straighten air flow. This allows your vehicle's engine to inhale a larger amount of air than the OEM air filter assembly. More air means more usable power and acceleration throughout the engine's RPM range. The filters on these kits are washable and reusable. Most of our intake kits are relatively easy to install using tools commonly available (see installation instructions)


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Registered User
Jeepcherokee09's Reviews
11-29-2014, 09:53 AM
Price: $300.00
Pros: Better throttle response and mean sound when the pedal is to the metal!
Cons: Under normal acceleration makes high pitched whistle sound but you get use to it.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I found this intake for a steal price on craigslist and it was in great condition. The install was easy except for getting the intakes body into position to line up with everything was tricky. The install took about an hour and a half (this includes searching for tools in the garage and drinking beer). After the install the Jeep has a more deeper sound when you give it gas. However don't be alarmed that it is not gonna be a huge difference when you start it up and just casually drive down the road. The throttle response is much better. When you put the pedal to the metal this is when you will notice the difference! She roars!! The only negative thing about it is the annoying high pitched whistle under normal driving but you get use to it to the point that you don't even notice.

Registered User
GC10LTD's Reviews
03-10-2014, 04:34 PM
Price: $286.99
Pros: Makes it louder and helps on the MPG's
Cons: Doesn't connect to the throttle body, it uses stock airbox.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I like the K&N 77 Series. It helped me from 12 mpg in city to mid 15's. It gives the V6 a nice sound, and looks sharp! Only downside is it uses the stock airbox unlike the 57 Series FIPK intake for the WK. For the money it is worht it if you are going for looks. Im going to uninstall and get a Injen intake instead. Its all about what you really want out of it

Registered User
violators's Reviews
08-19-2013, 11:57 PM
Price: $300.00
Pros: amazing sound
Cons: air pipe runs across engine and heats up lots
Recommended? Yes

Comments: installation was fairly easy, I really wish the intake pipe didn't run across the hot engine, as we all know that heat kills hp.

Registered User
2012JETLIMITED's Reviews
07-07-2013, 06:42 PM
Price: $200.00
Pros: Easy install, better performance, mpg.
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Intake was very easy to install, increase in performance. A little increase in mpg is you can stay off the gas! Sounds great when your right foot is a little heavy. Notice a difference while passing at high way speeds.

Registered User
RebelMS38WK's Reviews
01-10-2013, 02:20 AM
Price: $310.00
Pros: Looks and sounds good
Cons: Makes me waste gas even more cause I like the way it sounds
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Not to hard to install and looks really good. I defiantly notice an increase in Horse-power and quicker throttle response


Registered User
BigBlue7's Reviews
02-07-2012, 08:37 AM
Price: $250.00
Pros: Excellent price, and $25 gift card, from StreetSideAuto.com, cheapest out there!!! Excellent results More HP Better MPG Better sounding engine Simple install
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Don't hate on my results. I have increased my fuel economy by an average of 2MPG. My JKU is stock, and before I added, I was getting avg 15 to 16, now 17 to 18. I don't work for K&N!!!! Just trying to help the complainers out there.


Registered User
weber20's Reviews
07-04-2011, 11:00 AM
Price: $299.00
Pros: Sounds great, more horsepower, better MPG, easy to install
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: me and my buddy installed this kit in just over an hour right in my driveway, it was very simple, the only part we struggled on was removing a few screws holding the stock filter box because they were under the fender and sometimes had the plastic fenders covering them, i would recommend having 2 sets of the sockets, its a great product and in the end i would more than happily refer this product to other WJ owners

Registered User
Christ45's Reviews
10-05-2010, 12:09 PM
Price: $250.00
Pros: Performance. Looks.
Cons: Whistles slightly
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Under the hood it looks amazing! And it does give some much needed engine enhancing. I can actually feel the car react to me stepping on the gas!


Registered User
Barbarian's Reviews
09-19-2010, 01:30 PM
Price: $180.00
Pros: Very noticeable horsepower. and mpg. Sounds great.
Cons: i heard in sloppy mud they can get a little dirty. havent had a problem yet thou.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Great Product! noticeable gains. Along with exhaust and a steering stabilizer i can easily get 80+ on the highway. and get about 15-16 mpg on my 4.0L. makes exhaust sound great also. find them on ebay really cheap.

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