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Borla borla cat back

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Product Information

MSRP: $950.00
Average Price: $1,639,344,644.77
Manufacturer: Borla
Yes: 76 / No: 2

Exhaust systems have a tough life. Outside, they face salt, mud, water, crud, and rocks, among other road hazards! Internally, they experience unburned hydrocarbons, acids, and moisture. All Borla systems feature tough 16-Gauge T-304 Stainless steel construction. It's so tough that Borla backs each system with A Million-Mile Warranty.
Cat Back Systems run from the rear of the catalytic converter to the end of your vehicle. Adds throaty sound characteristics, and provides mild performance gains with tuned exhaust flow.


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Registered User
Michael96ZJ's Reviews
04-24-2017, 01:11 PM
Price: $600.00
Pros: Great sound
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Personally, I think Borla exhaust systems sound the best. The sound is deep without any rasp or "hollowness" and is very smooth. It's not the loudest exhaust on the market which makes it more "sophisticated" than annoying. The sound is proportional to the throttle input (doesn't sound like you're trying to go all-out when you're just easing away from a stop. Revving the engine gives a satisfying burble as the revs drop. There's no drone at speed. The construction and materials are top-notch.

Registered User
jharris1973's Reviews
10-19-2015, 11:58 AM
Price: $300.00
Pros: Got the Borla Hemi Mufflers paired to custom 3" stainless exhajust...Sounds Great and Performance Enhanced
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: This is a great system mated with my Brodix Aluminum Head, Headman Headers and ALL Stainless Steel Exhaust

Registered User
02wj47v8's Reviews
03-12-2015, 12:06 AM
Price: $400.00
Pros: better throttle response and sound
Cons: drone when cold
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Very happy with the exhaust, not to noisy and great sound at idle. Very little drone heard

Registered User
Cherokee_B's Reviews
01-01-2015, 10:59 PM
Price: $800.00
Pros: Makes the 5.7L Hemi sound amazing. Love the overall sound and performance of the exhaust.
Cons: A little loud. I have a 2 year old and it does not seem to bother her or interrupt her movies on the VES though.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Makes the 5.7L Hemi sound amazing. Love the overall sound and performance of the exhaust.


Registered User
AirborneCav's Reviews

07-08-2014, 08:26 PM
Price: $362.00
Pros: Stainless! Two pieces with all the parts to install Two different exhaust tips (fancy-onroad and turndown for offroad) Warranty Price (I got mine through Amazon for $362 bucks) Sound! No drone
Cons: none --- yet
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I wanted to upgrade from the stock exhaust on my 2004 LJ. I was researching two brands, Magnaflow and Borla. I heard both on a 4.0 Jeep at a local 4WD Parts store and got price quotes. Both were in low to mid $400 range. Install was extra.

Decided to look online and do it myself. Amazon has the cat-back system for $362 and with Prime....2 day free shipping.

Received in a pristine box! Two pieces and a super easy install! Biggest PITA was the skid plate reinstallation by myself. Everything went perfect, did not even need instructions.

It sounds great, throaty but not obnoxious. It even came with two exhaust tips, one for onroad that looks great and one for offroad.

I have had in on the Jeep for a month and love it. I have even noticed a slight performance advantage on the highway and mild gas mileage improvements. Nothing to brag about though, but I will take any that I can get!

I would recommend this product to all 4.0 Jeep owners, you will not be disappointed!

Registered User
CaptnJack's Reviews
07-05-2013, 09:23 AM
Price: $430.00
Pros: Sounds great.
Cons: None really.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Easily installed. Not to expensive. Sounds great. Good low growl but not loud.

Registered User
CaptnGus's Reviews
06-02-2013, 02:06 PM
Price: $800.00
Pros: Fantastic quality and durability. Great look. Improved power and gas mileage.
Cons: I wish it had more sound.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I got the dual exhaust. Fantastic quality and durability. Great look. Improved power and gas mileage. I was hoping for a little more exhaust sound.

Registered User
Christianofojai's Reviews
05-05-2013, 10:46 PM
Price: $1.00
Pros: good clean sound, sanyless steel.
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: i love my borla. it gives me a good clean sound and good power. i have found it to be very durabol after slaming it on a few large rocks.

Registered User
Jakes93yj's Reviews
03-05-2013, 03:36 PM
Price: $1.00
Pros: Sounds good
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: When I bought the jeep from our cousin it had a borla catback and muffler on it. For what it is it sounds good.

Registered User
j_a_hicks92's Reviews
02-16-2013, 11:07 PM
Price: $500.00
Pros: its durable, gives better gas mileage and more hp
Cons: the hook on the tail pipe is a little short
Recommended? Yes

Comments: its a very good exhaust, its durable, looks good, and sounds good. It'll help out your mpg by a few miles or so, and will give you some more hp.

Registered User
elliemay's Reviews
02-12-2013, 01:19 PM
Price: $900.00
Pros: Easy Installation
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Great product with super sound when excelerating above 4000rpm.

Registered User
60perry's Reviews
12-07-2012, 05:32 PM
Price: $200.00
Cons: N/A
Recommended? Yes

Comments: The cat back system was a perfect fit and great looks. The performance is a great increase and sound is good.

Registered User
JeepCollector91's Reviews
08-17-2012, 01:50 AM
Price: $386.58
Pros: Great sound & performance.
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I have had my Borla Cat-Back exhaust system on my '91 YJ for about 12 years. It still sounds great and there are no leaks. It's not pretty to look at anymore but its easy to remove and reinstall if you ever need to. The exhaust tip gets a little bent up from hitting/dragging across rocks & logs (bent but not broken).

Registered User
AllJeep97's Reviews
04-28-2012, 03:33 PM
Price: $100,000,000,000.00
Pros: 000000000000
Cons: 00000000000
Recommended? Yes

Comments: 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000

Registered User
liveatibiza's Reviews
03-21-2012, 09:29 AM
Price: $1.00
Pros: Installed by PO
Cons: .
Recommended? Yes

Comments: .

Registered User
hookedonthebay's Reviews
01-21-2012, 08:36 AM
Price: $400.00
Pros: great tone on deceleration, easy install
Cons: none so far
Recommended? Yes

Comments: this exhaust system has met all of my expectations.. ease of installation and nice appearance at the tip. The sound is what I was looking for, a nice rumble at low soeeds with a real nice low pitched rumble on the down shift. At highway speeds the sound is not overwhelming. I installed a Smittybuily rear bumper and had to use a longer rear exhaust hanger and grind out a notch ao the exhaust tip for clearance.

Registered User
02blue's Reviews
12-29-2011, 08:15 PM
Price: $1.00
Pros: 1
Cons: 1
Recommended? Yes

Comments: 1


Registered User
Thumper01's Reviews
10-11-2011, 06:25 PM
Price: $385.00
Pros: Stainless steel, not too loud
Cons: Price, to a little work to get it to fit.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Love the sound of the system. Should see some performance gains, although not a lot since I did not do the headers

Registered User
JeepCollector91's Reviews
08-06-2011, 02:59 PM
Price: $250.00
Pros: Sounds great with the 4.0L. Helped me see 22mpg on the hwy and more power. Easy to install and hold up good to abuse.
Cons: None.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I installed this system in 2002 and it has helped with performance and fuel economy. It sounds great with the 4.0L. I have slammed it on many stumps and rocks and it is still holding up. Did I mention that it sounds great with the 4.0L?


Registered User
TurboRubicon's Reviews
02-11-2011, 09:25 AM
Price: $175.00
Pros: High Flow Good sound (not over the top) Solid construction cooler running exhaust
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: It is not actually a "cat-back" system, but the Borla Pro2 muffler. The cost included installation.
I got this because I have a turbo charger and as a JF member once wrote:
"There's no point in taking a big breath of air if you're going to exhale through a straw."
After the installation, my Turbo Charger performance increased by 2 psi and the engine response upgrade was significant.
The sound is a nice tone that lets other drivers know you've got something, without shouting it, and there is little in-cabin resonance.
I always ditch factory mufflers as soon as I can afford to, regardless of intake modifications; and always see performance and usually MPG gains.

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