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SSS 10-24-2013 06:34 AM

WJ 4.7 injector upgrade
Did as much research as I could find on the subject and found there is very little info. out there on how far you can push the 4.7 from its factory 19lbs. So i did kind of a trial and error. I bought three sets of injectors and ran each set for around 1000 miles. First was napas OEM 2 port ($100) not much dif. from factory 20bls all I gained was about 1/2 an mpg. The second set was the ford 4.6 21lbs OEM mustangs (Junkyard $95) they were a massive improvement with the stock air box. Gains were in both a 3mpg increase and in an 1.5 second drop from 0-60mph. Now for the real thing to put in. My third choice was a set of Bosch 23bls 4 port MDH-94-855 Fuel Injectors ($165 ebay) which are still in. The gains were twice as much as the Mustangs, with an mpg jump of almost 5.5 mpg from factory and a 2.25 second drop in 0-60mph. The only real thing that you have to do with the bosch set is an after market cold air intake. I went K&N and will do a complete write up on the how to build your own soon.

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