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TechJeeper 01-29-2012 09:53 AM

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A little background first. I've been wheeling for 10 years and working on jeeps just as long. I traded my old 98 wrangler project on 1 tons and 42s for a littler and more practical 98 wrangler with a LCG build and some other cool stuff. In the trade I got to keep my Atlas and some other parts. I also have lots of old parts and new parts from the years of jeeping and working on jeeps. The Good: Well thought out and executed LCG suspension Mildly built axles HP D30 and Ford 8.8 Some more good stuff if you search Project College FUNd to see the rest.

My plans include the following:
3.8 Atlas II which now includes new skid and tranny mount and likely some cv drive shafts DONE

Get it back street legal ebrake, gas tank back underneath, tail pipe and front turn signals.DONE

Build front bumper DONE

Build in front rollcage

OLD Stock wheels (Canyons) and 35x12.5 R15 MTR/k tires. On and tested and they work great! DONE

Detroit Locker in the rear. DONE

New heims and TREs all around old ones are getting sloppy. In Progress

RE 3.5" Springs to take the load of all the extra weight this thing has. Done

Take 1" drop down out of skid plate mounts. New front seats.Done

Seat belts/harnesses all around.Done

Rework the tube fenders to ditch all the bondo. In Progress.

New ShocksCosts Money

PSC Steering upgradeDone

Build Tire CarrierIn Progress

LineXed Floor.Ready but need the money$$

Finish building Dana 60 RearIn Progress

Motor Swap Done

HD Power InverterResearching

Reinstall CB RADIO

Some pics:

Sgt.Fuzz 01-29-2012 11:20 AM

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What are the details on the suspension? Aftermarket kit, custom 4 and 3 link, single/double tri, etc?

TechJeeper 01-29-2012 11:48 AM

3 link with panhard in the front 2.5 rough country progressive rate coils 12" travel shocks

Triangulated 4 link 2.5" RC coils and 12" travel shocks all the brackets were made by the previous owner and are documented in his build thread "Project College FUNd". The frame is channeled to allow the full travel. When I get under it to attack the atlas I'm going to get many more pics to document its current status for before and after pics I'll make sure and get some more of the suspension and what not.

Sgt.Fuzz 01-29-2012 04:57 PM

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I know the build you speak of. Your initial post was confusing to me in that I didn't realize you bought that rig. I'm up to speed now.

TechJeeper 01-30-2012 07:00 PM

Tonight after work I tried to test fit the atlas so i could get my drive shafts modified and it's a no go. There is a skid plate and tranny crossmember not just a skid and integrated tranny mount. They fit so well together I thought they were the same piece. I started looking for a good aftermarket skid in case I decide to go that route.

Nates93yj 01-30-2012 07:03 PM

Sweet looking forward to this. You bought a hell of a jeep

Irongrave 01-30-2012 07:06 PM

any reason your not keeping the iroks and beadlocks

TechJeeper 01-30-2012 09:09 PM

There are few reasons but they aren't IROKs they are grooved SXs.

The old tires and wheels are:
Heavy due to extra wide steel wheel, super swamper tire, weld on bead locks, and the associated hardware (28-32 bolts washers and nuts).

Pretty wore out over all lots of side wall cuts and scars, quickly fading tread due to long burns in the rocks hunting for traction (yeah I saw that video Cory:)

The groove job is very inconsistent or incomplete cant tell which.

There is no way they'll get inspected.

The good stuff is there bead locks and swampers. They aren't going anywhere permanently just into storage for now unless someone really wants them and makes a really offer.

Since this will be a multi purpose vehicle not just a trail only jeep MTRs are far better all around tire and on a 8" wheel I little less likely to dismount. I ran a similar setup for years and never lost a bead. Ideally I would run alloy wheels but these will work for now. I usually only air down to around 10lbs to maintain tire diameter and it seems to suite my driving style well. I loved every MTR I've ever owned. Believe me when I say this is a thought out decision based on lots of seat through many types of terrain and road time.

TechJeeper 01-31-2012 09:25 PM

Today after some thought, research and some digging through old parts I came up with plan. The 1350 non CV drive shafts i currently have aren't going to work to many conversions joints and not enough room on the back end for a non CV shaft. I have a stock front CV and rear CV drive shafts floating around. I think the rear is from a jeep with an atlas and the front is stock length and will need to be shortened but that is by far the least expensive driveshaft mod there is other than ujoints.

All that said driveshaft length adjustments and 1310 CV yokes for the atlas and I'll be pretty close to good to go. The only other thing I think I will need is a 1310-1330 conversion for the 8.8 flange.

With the driveline connections potentially solved I also had a thought about my belly skid. My dads jeep has an atlas 1" body lift and some sort of after market skid without any suspension mounts like an RE skid.

It's currently at a friends shop getting some of the work that I'm no good with getting done. The steering column is fixed from a previous theft and has all the correct switches and starts with a key now and is all back to factory. The rear axle is getting new seals and ebrakes put back on now to get it legal along with some other odds and ends. I am headed out there tomorrow to throw on the new wheels and tires.

TechJeeper 02-01-2012 08:16 PM

Sorry I have no pics I know that's what everyone really wants but I do have another update. I got the old tranny crossmember out today and slid the atlas on. With the tranny mount bolted directly to the tranny and no offset mount im pretty sure a 2" deep skid will work. The tcase had a surprising amount of room to go up. I feel some what accomplished putting in an atlas by me self but it may not be that cool.

I also mounted the front wheels and tires the back axle is apart for the ebrake install and new seals.

TechJeeper 02-02-2012 11:42 PM

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This little gem got ordered today to take care of the skid issue. The guys at Clayton said it would fit with the atlas clocked as flat as possible. I decided not to build a skid just due to time constraints and overall fit and finish of an aftermarket piece. I'm hoping once it's trail and road worthy I can start doing less bolt on and more fab work myself.

TechJeeper 02-03-2012 05:26 PM

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I was able to swing by and get another pic of the current condition of the jeep. I test fit the grill and radiator hoop I bent. It's a couple of degrees out of plane from bend to bend but I know how to fix it since its not a roll cage member or anything just heat it right in the center of the tube and twist it a little. The bumper brackets will hit all 4 hole on the top of the frame so the radiator hoop will actually weld to the bumper brackets. It'll be braced with angular gussets that go from the front of the brackets up to about half way up the vertical tubes of the hoop. Also the fenders will get bolted to the hoop to stiffen then down to the frame and not just the grill. Maybe that makes since I'll get pics when I get that far.

TSCHNEIDER 02-03-2012 05:36 PM

Good pick up. You got any shots of the TJ on 42s?

TechJeeper 02-03-2012 06:11 PM

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Here is the old jeep. It was incomplete when we traded and it was what I did all my learning on as far as fab work goes. Some things where really good and others were ok or little sketchy. If I had kept it it the sketchy and average stuff were going to get revamped until it was up to par.

TechJeeper 02-05-2012 11:05 AM

Start off with a question today. Does anybody know what size and thread the bolts for the front swaybar frame mounts?

After the Jeep is back up and running down the road I've got a few more mods in mind using parts I already have.

Patriot 9500# winch
Tomken winch mount with brush guard
Steering box brace
PSC steering box and later the new all in one pump and reservoir
Maybe a power tank mount

Some other odds and ends include HD power inverter for power tools. Yellow top optima that is currently in my wife's trailblazer. It was laying around late one night when her battery took a dump. So I guess I'll finally get her a new battery so I can have mine back.

The time now is 09:08 AM.

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