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scottlong22 11-21-2012 09:51 AM

SoCal Build - Amateur Hour!!!
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Hey everyone, :thumbsup:

So I guess I will start a build thread since I am making progress on my Jeep Sahara. So I have owned Jeeps since I was 16 (About 7) and I never did anything to them - pretty much got em new. Now at age 32, I am looking to put in some work and get dirty. Makes me feel manly I guess. This forum has helped me with many questions (Mainly dumb ones) and I have learned some lessons already from the pros on here. I admire the fact that so many people come on here and help and simply lend a hand. By no means am I a hands on guy who knows everything about cars even though I grew up in Pittsburgh around hunter car uncles. I should of paid attention! Anywho I will post a pic of how I got her and a pic now 11.19.12. Here is what I did, (Disclaimer - Some may roll their eyes at my attempt to mod my Jeep into something that is actually worth riding)

1. Read all about bed liner spray and wheels and I went ahead and gave it a shot! Turns out I love the look and the rough look suits my Jeep well. This took me about 2 bottles and 2 days to complete - I wanted to be careful... Oh and PS make sure to wear a mask because I did get a HUGE contact buzz and found myself sitting in the front lawn looking dazed....

2. My soft top was abused when I bought it and even though the car looked good, the top had to go. It was faded and the 2 back windows were slashed which I found out later... I rode it off the lot with the top down like an idiot... I thought I was cool - NOT! Learned the hard way. I went to 4 wheel parts in Van Nuys and the guy who I believe was the owner helped me out BIG TIME. It was raining bad and he noticed I was riding wet and hooked me up with a brand new soft top (Black) with tints and non tint windows for $300 bills. The cool thing is I got to do the install. The install was every thing I thought it would be. I was in a garage - had the USC, UCLA game on and I was sweaty... Yea I actually got it installed and it was easier than I thought. Again I am not car savy and I was skerd to say the least. I think I doubt myself too much and need to simply just do it! No Nike plug...

3. Tires - I want 32 or 33 inch tires and looking for 4 tires under $700.00 new. I know they are out there and I will have them! I have been looking around and may have some leads.. Now I need more money!!! My ETA = 2-3 weeks. I am going to do burn outs all day until then to use the current 30's I have on now.

4. Spyder Flares or PUREJEEP Front Tube Fender Flare's - I love the rough, edgy look and want the tires to really show. I plan on buying and installing myself. Funny how you get a tattoo and you end up getting 15 more (I do) and its the same deal with the Jeep.

5. I did tear apart the inside of the Jeep (Took out the middle speaker under the middle console) and that was fun. Got to see what the bottom looks like! Sadly I was excited for such a simple tear down. I took out the blown speaker and will install new one soon.

6. Went to Bestbuy and got a new iPod / CD player since the original Jeep one was skippng all day! Spent 300 bills and got it hooked up - plus the guy fixed my rear view mirror which was not working - now I can see the temp outside~!!!

7. Tint from 2 windows - I dont want people to see me. ETA - 3 months.

8. New Rims - May want to go bigger - 18's. ETA - No time frame

9. Lift - If I can stay away from lift for now with 32's or 33's then thats fine. If not, I will get a 2 inch lift - ETA - tires will dictate that....

Well thats all I have for now - Thanks for reading this clueless amateur hour thread and feel free to bash me for my idiocracy on here... Or you can help me and build me into a super builder!

GreenTJ04 11-21-2012 10:01 AM

Jeep looks real good I like the how the wheels turned out u should keep em save the money for another mod

scottlong22 11-21-2012 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by GreenTJ04 (Post 14488592)
Jeep looks real good I like the how the wheels turned out u should keep em save the money for another mod

Thinking the same thing - the wheels turned out better than I thought and i actually had a lot of peopel comment on how they look. Thought I bought rims lol.:teehee:

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