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XJAl 11-30-2009 11:13 PM

Rubi Red, a 99 XJ Build
I have some free time these days, so I thought I would start a build thread for my 99 XJ.
(Current pic of this stage of the build):

This XJ is the third in my family. I bought it used in 2007 and have slowly been improving it since then. It is still a work in progress so I will try to keep this updated. It's been/ is still going to be a fairly slow build since it has all been done a college student, and now college graduate's budget, which isn't all that much $. Anyway, here's a couple pictures of how it looked the day she was brought home:

4.0 H.O.
SE (Super Empty) Trim level.
Chryco 8.25/ Dana 30
Lots of dents and tires that were way to big.

First thing I did was get some tires that actually fit. Put on a set of 235 Goodyear Extra Grips.

Also put two Yakima bike rails on the roof. Then I wheeled it a few times:

Will continue the story/ posting more pictures tomorrow. Have to get some sleep for before work.

Jeepuron2414 12-01-2009 08:19 AM

Where was picture 5th down from the top taken? That looks awesome. Nice looking Jeep!

XJAl 12-01-2009 09:37 AM

Thanks! That picture was taken on the Alpine Loop in the San Juan Mountains here in Colorado.

Jeepuron2414 12-01-2009 10:22 AM

That place is beautiful.

XJAl 12-01-2009 10:01 PM

Yea its pretty amazing.
Forgot to mention, for the set of pictures of above, that I also added a CB and 4-foot Firestick antenna. You can see it in the Moab pictures.
I wheeled the XJ stock like that until Christmas of 07. Then came a the lift. An RE 2inch BB. It's not much but its better than the stock sagging suspension I had before. Here are some pics of when I first put the lift on.

Also added a set a C4X4 tow hooks as well as a faring and bike wheel forks to the roof rack. Then I wheeled it some more.

XJAl 12-01-2009 10:35 PM

Then I had my first and only major stuck:

So let me explain what happened. To make a long story short, I got a stuck in a lake, a reservoir to be precise. It involved a girl, me trying to impress said girl, quicksand, and a lake level which rose slowly over night. I got stuck around 7pm on a Sunday night and was not able to get it out until around noon the next day. The XJ was stuck up to the frame rails in muck, not to mention all this water by the morning. It took a 1986 Suburban 360, 6 tow straps, a hi-lift, tons of plywood, a chain and lots of digging and wading to get it out. After a full fluid change, the XJ was back on the road.

Added some cheapo fog lights, then, you guessed it, went wheeling some more.

Couple more shots from a differnt trip with my friend Thomas and his Tacoma:

Think thats about all I'll post up tonight. I'll continue building the build thread tomorrow. Hope you are enjoying so far!

XJAl 12-02-2009 09:25 PM

Then, this past Christmas, I talked my parents into helping me buy a set of Cragar Soft 8's, the JeepForum special!

I was also given a Yakima Rocket Box to add to my roof rack. I now had something to carry my ski gear in.

This was pretty much the way I wanted to keep the XJ until I was able to afford another DD and build the XJ up more. but.....

XJAl 12-02-2009 09:59 PM

Three weeks after getting the rims put on, I hit a 4 point buck deer at 60 MPH on the way home from skiing. Here are some pics of the damage:

Besides the obvious cosmetic damage, the hit also destroyed my radiator, electric fan, fan shroud, battery and battery tray, power steering pump and pulley, and serpentine belt. And since there are no good junkyards here, the only part I was able to score cheap and used was the front fiberglass clip. Here are some pics from the rebuild process:

Also scored a full gauge cluster at this time:

It cost me about $1,000, not to mention three weeks of really hard work outside in freezing Colorado winter temps, but I got the XJ back on the road. Here are a couple of pics about 3 days after I finished all the repairs:

XJAl 12-02-2009 10:13 PM

And here are a couple from my most recent trips to Moab and the San Juan mountains:

XJAl 12-02-2009 10:21 PM

Most recently, I got really tired of all the faded plastic trim. So I removed my remaining flares and bumper end caps and spray painted the headlight bezels black. Then I gave the XJ a rare washing and waxing.

And that how she sits for now. My current plans include:

-Install Reese Class III Receiver Hitch
-Trim fenders and Rhino Line rockers
-Tires are near the end of their life so I will probably be going with 32's or 33's next
-More Lift!

Thanks for taking the time to read what I've done so far. I will be updating this as I continue to build the XJ. Hope you enjoy!

outtacontrol 12-02-2009 10:38 PM

Very cool pictures of your adventures in your XJ. Looks like you have had a lot of fun!

XJAl 12-02-2009 11:15 PM

Thanks man! Yea its been great so far. Pretty much the most perfect vehicle I could have for the things I do. Only thing that could make it better would be if it was a 5-speed:thumbsup:. Maybe I should add a transmission swap to my mod list?:shhh:

93_xj 12-02-2009 11:35 PM

good looking jeep and girl ya got there

idaxj97 12-03-2009 12:51 AM

Good looking jeep you got there, I wish I could make it down there and do some wheeling, I love the mountains.

2000XJ 12-03-2009 01:46 AM

Sweet Jeep dude, im diggn it. Could i see a pic of the cb antenna mount? i want to relocate it where you did. Lookin foward to more updates from you on the XJ.

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