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H3RTCH 07-05-2009 02:16 PM

Pseudo-stock: Smithy's YJ Build
Hey Guys! Here's my Jeep story.

I have wanted a Jeep since I was 6, and I was convinced since then that I was going to have one. I was especially fond of the YJ's in particular. For some reason I wanted a 1991 YJ painted flame red. I think 1991 because I was born that year, but who knows lol. My other criteria were it had to be the 4.0L, and a manual transmission. In October 2007, I made that first dream purchase. It wasn't a '91, but a '93. Forest Green with a spice interior, with A/C to boot! It had the venerable 4.0l and accompanying 5 speed, and some bald 28's :rofl: That was two months before I got my license, which I got in early December. I took that thing through some crazy mud one time. The water was coming over the hood I remember :D Then, being a stupid teenager who had his license, I wrapped it around a pole on January 31st :( Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of that nice rig, they were all lost on my phone that broke shortly after.

Of course, it didn't end there. As a true Jeeper, I looked for another one. After a few weeks searching, mainly on craigslist, I found my gem. The post read, "1991 Wrangler 4.0L, Red, 170k, $2500." Yeah, very descriptive. I called the guy and my dad and I stopped by to check it out on the way back from a swim meet. Let's say the interior was a bit different than my leather-wrapped steering wheel and A/C'd '93. Nothing that can't be fixed with a little elbow grease though! The positives for this one is that it was in much better mechanical shape than my old one, as the '93 burnt some oil. A week later and $2500 lighter and I drove my '91 flame red YJ home :) The cool thing about this one is the fact that it had 30" baldies, as opposed to the 28" baldies on the '93. So at least I'll sit higher when I'm stuck :D Once I got her home I started cleaning her up, namely the interior. I found that the seats weren't at all as bad as they seemed. The ragged, torn look was the seat cover, which I noticed when it was sliding around underneath my butt lol. I put in my floormats from the old YJ into this one, and it made it look much better. Now I was happy again. I was back in a Jeep, which you may recall as the Jeep I wanted since I was six. Weird. Next post I make I will take you from February 2008 up to present time.

Here's a pic of the Jeep in the summer of 2008, Enjoy!

1997_Sport 07-05-2009 09:05 PM

looks good but where are the pictures of the jeep in summer 09' haha

YJPirate 07-06-2009 08:06 AM


H3RTCH 07-06-2009 01:52 PM

haha that's interesting. I kinda do look a little like him in the pic...

okay we're going to continue my Jeep story of that includes awesome off-roading (for me at least. It was my first time at a park!), some exhaust carnage, stupid stucks (more than should have been...), and topless joyrides in the POURING rain...

So anyway, flash back to February 2008. I have never had the chance to put the top down on the old one, and at the current time it was February, which means cold :( So that meant the Jeep was going to stay a bathtub with a tent over it for a little longer, but I did get my chance to put it down. It happened one night after it rained in March I think.

I took my Jeep down by the river for some yucks through the mud a few times, but I was never full out trail-riding. I got my first chance to do that July 27th, up at Rausch Creek with a cool and diverse bunch of Jeep guys, representing the likes of YJ's and TJ's. The other group had a few JK's, but we were all Wranglers.

my specs for this trip were:
bald 30"s, 4WD working, both track bars on, and sway bar disconnected.

Just for the record, the TJ got high centered and I was pulling him back to go over it....

And a group shot. The yellow rig :drool::drool::drool:

H3RTCH 07-06-2009 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by laxncj18 (Post 7528548)
looks good but where are the pictures of the jeep in summer 09' haha

they are coming! I gotta build up for a grand entrance, even though its not an impressive one haha. I am reliving the past a little in these pics I think


H3RTCH 07-06-2009 05:55 PM

I'm just going to let the pics tell the story from last summer til now, you guys would most likely prefer that, you pic whores :D

Got a hardtop and half door sliders for $400 :2thumbsup:


A flex shot: Rear track bar connected, sway bar disconnected, front track bar a little loose because I couldn't get it the whole way off :shhh:

Got some free 31" Super Swamper TSL's :2thumbsup:

Good mud profile pic I plan on using...

And my Jeep sitting in my dad's parking spot as she sits today :cool:

That should bring me up to date.


1997_Sport 07-06-2009 05:57 PM

looks good! What are your plans for it?

H3RTCH 07-06-2009 06:17 PM


Originally Posted by laxncj18 (Post 7533039)
looks good! What are your plans for it?

well first I'm working on cleaning her up. There are a few mechanical things I need to take care of, such as the 4WD. I'm swapping in XJ shafts in the D30 this saturday, and I am ordering a new radiator. But as in plans you want to hear about, I plan on doing lots of bodywork on the dents and stuff, then respraying the whole thing 2001 Dodge Charcoal Metallic. I want to run rims and tires off a JK Rubicon, although I'm debating how to do that. Suspension-wise, I'm debating whether to leave it stock and rebuild the springs, or do a custom 4" SOA much like this one. For the interior, I plan on swapping in a TJ center console TJ roll bar, spraying the dash the spice color (hey, I like it!) and putting in some recovered WJ seats to match. I'd like to get the rear to fit somehow, but that's a little far fetched haha. For the drivetrain, I definitely want to regear to 4:10's. I wouldn't mind swapping an NSG370 six speed either. I do want to do a flat skid, especially if I do decide to leave it stock suspended.


H3RTCH 07-27-2009 07:16 PM

Well, I swapped in some solid shafts out of a '96 XJ. Not too bad either, only took two hours, and that included swapping both shafts, as well as quite a bit of time looking for replacement bolts I broke :D I now know how to properly remove really tight bolts, and it sure isn't just with brute force, as I found out. Also something I found out the hard way, is you need to change the seal in the passenger side. Got that changed today though, using a driver's side seal in place of the other one. Reason for that is the old shafts are larger in diameter in the seal area than the XJ shafts put in. Oops. I sure found out when I had gear oil flinging all over the tire and wheel well. Also, I need to get the shaft balanced, it vibrates a little. Anyway, here are the pics.

New shafts:

Down to the hub:

Hub removed:

Vacuum motor off:

Seating the seal from the outside:

The seal end:

New shaft in:

Much better now! I just gotta get the driveshaft balanced....


H3RTCH 07-28-2009 12:57 PM

Here's the write-up on doing the TJ shaft conversion...

grnjp88 11-10-2009 07:53 PM

$400 hardtop and upper sliders, FREE super swampers.. :eek:

I'm coming to PA to find me some of these deals!

Jeep looks good. Especially de-chromed. :thumbsup:

H3RTCH 12-02-2009 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by grnjp88 (Post 8269737)
$400 hardtop and upper sliders, FREE super swampers.. :eek:

I'm coming to PA to find me some of these deals!

Jeep looks good. Especially de-chromed. :thumbsup:

Thanks man. I was surprised at these deals myself. I also picked up a set of full doors for $125 at the end of the summer :D



H3RTCH 12-02-2009 01:04 PM

I realized I haven't updated in a while. I actually thought this thread was deleted. Hmph.

The only thing I did to the old girl since the last update is I took her wheeling with a fun group of guys over the summer at Rausch Creek. It was loads of fun, and I got to test out my SSR's, which are unbelievable offroad! It almost makes their on-road manners (or lack thereof) worth it. Almost.

Speaking of on-road, I'll include the first pic, just because it makes me :rofl: every time I see it...

Group picture before we headed out. In order of distance, its me, (Smithy), rubiJKsilver, AlecMcMahon, and 97WhiteBeast.

We got hung up for about an hour or so on the newer Trail 23, as one of the JK Rubi Unlimiteds in the group we met up with got high centered in the mud hole (that I managed to get through :D )

rubiJKsilver acting as an anchor point.

Someone else from the larger group acting as the anchor point's anchor point...

After that, one of the guys noticed his fuel tank skid plate was mangled, so we got some more pics.

The victim

The whole group

We then turned down trail 13, which was a blue-black trail. We did all three sections, and this trail was long and challenging!

Caught my fender on a tree

rubiJKsilver tackling the first obstacle

Me taking the bypass

Alec on the obstacle

Airing up for the ride home

Hit a rainstorm on the ride home, good photo opportunity!

All in all a fun trip. I'm going back up again on December 19th hopefully. Should be fun.


H3RTCH 03-08-2010 12:08 PM

Bringin' it back from the dead, yet again!

Not much if anything has happened over the winter months to the Jeep. I replaced a part or two, namely the fuel pump and just last night, the right front brake caliper. Good news is I'm getting some progress made. Over the weekend I helped out JF member puggles install a lift on her LJ, which went pretty well and was a good learning experience. She was gracious enough to give me her rear shocks (the fronts were cut off, rendering them useless), along with her "old" tires. They're nothing to brag about, stock 30" GSA's, but with inspection coming up, I'll need them. My Super Swampers are looking pretty bad. Thanks Angie!

I'm starting to make some progress with my Jeep, as I have said before. Must be this nice weather we're having. Months ago I picked up a replacement tailgate hinge, as the pin on mine would creep out and I would have to hammer it back in. It was only ten bucks, but it needed painted as it was green. I picked up some Rustoleum Gloss Cardinal Red, which seems to match my Flame Red paint very well. If it looks good enough, I'll get some more and paint my doors with it, which are tan. :o

With Angie giving me her old tires, I am looking for some rims to put them on. I'd like to get either a set of Jeep Canyons or Eccos (painted grey like on XJ Classics). I went and checked out a set of Canyons today, I don't know if I'll go for them. The guy wants $200 firm, and there is only four of them. I'll keep looking. On the way back, I decided to stop by the river and take some pictures, as well as the fresh air. Here they are:

My favorite is probably the second one, the third one is close. What a beautiful day today! Stay tuned for updates, I'm excited I'll actually be making some progress on this.



02blacktj 03-08-2010 03:27 PM

Nice looking YJ, and your wheelin' pics look like a lot of fun!

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