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xgerstandtx 07-24-2013 08:28 PM

Project: Get in where you fit in TJ
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Previous serious wheeler:

That's my credentials. I built it from the ground up and enjoyed every moment with the ol' girl. I sold her to pursue other life avenues, it paid off and I am now self employed after my transition from the Navy.

I am back in IA and loving being with my family, freinds, Mountain biking and riding BMX. I was missing something..... A wheeler. Wheeling around here is a bit of an odd mix of hill climbs, rednecks, mud and beat down wheeling rigs.

I stumbled across this 1997 TJ in a higher end city near where i live. It had reciepts for all the work. I felt odd buying a rig vs. building. But the money was better spent on the built TJ because a shop in Grand Junction CO built it all.

Specs as of 07-24-2013
1997 TJ(4.0, manual, 231 tcase)
Dana 30 ARB'd 4.10 gears
Dana 44 Rubicon 4.10 gears, locker/limited slip, disc brake
SYE Tom woods shaft not hack-n-tap
RE 3.5 full flex lift w/ track bars
Rusty's springs(appparently the RE's rode rough)
Warn m8000 older version
Unsure of build of front bumper(any insight on bumper/winch appreciated)
Sliders home brew from what i can tell, welll built
Rear bumper home brew, also well built
TJ rubicon wheels(5)
285(33'') Big o bigfoot tires
Rubicon fender flares
Rampage frameless top
Weird orange interior, It's growing on me. Previous owner spent a ton a ton of money to recover all seats.

So here are some pics

So Let me know what you think, I believe this rig is going to get around well and be fun to have. It drives at 70 easily with the 4.10's. I love it.

McNasty35 07-24-2013 08:32 PM

The front and rear bumpers look like old style Garvin Wilderness Products to me. Really good stuff. I have their rear bumper, and racks.

Looks good. I dig the interior. Now you just need to get the exterior to match. There is a guy running the orange and Khaki color scheme here in Reno and it looks really good.

zte87 07-24-2013 10:53 PM

Looks like you joined the darkside Matt, welcome to the world of frames haha!

xgerstandtx 12-24-2014 10:17 AM

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Long time and no updates.

I went through a tough spell with the ol TJ. last year (nov 2013) I was wheeling at MIOBI here in IA. I was going through a fairly mild creek crossing, got stuck and sucked water into the engine. From what I could tell it was either a leaking front main or oil pan gasket.
Since I drove to the trail, I had to enlist my trusty daily driver 2007 XK Limited Hemi.
So I had no Oil pressure when I checked. I replaced the lower end bearings and fired her up, no dice still low pressure. So out the engine came and to the machine shop it went. I had them put a new cam, cam bearings and head gasket in it. BACK into the TJ it went. Lackluster results. Ok Oil pressure but still not ideal. I believe the Crank will have to be turned and whole lower end gone through.

SO I was pissed at it. Getting the cam in and everything this was like a 4 month ordeal and I was also buying a house at the same time so it just sat.

Pulled the eninge again and replaced it with a 4.6L ATK stroker engine. Installed and it hums down awesome. The power from this engine is silly. My TJ with the 4:10 gears really gets with it.

So pictures at this stage were minimal, mostly cause I was just mad at it. Now it's fixed and ready to rumble, ON TO THE FUN STUFF :cheers2:

xgerstandtx 12-24-2014 10:26 AM

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So my Daily Driver was moved from Wife duty, to mine. We are a fortunate family and able to get by on 1 vehicle for DD if we want. (I cycle a lot) So the XK was due for tires, suspension and TLC. We have had this for 3 years and it really has served us well. We use it for a Cycling adventures, it can haul 3 bikes on the roof, 4 out back and seat 7 ok comfortable. We really love it.

Thule roof racks
Put on a 2'' RC lift
Monroe Sensatrak struts all around
Spidertrax 1.5'' wheel spacers
Toyo Open Country AT's 255 70 R17 (stock wheels)
Bully Dog programmer
Magnaflow exhaust
AFE intake
This thing is way cool, I call it my lifted Mini Van
Just thought I would pimp my other Jeeps
Older pic of her stuck in a pile of snow pre lift/tires

xgerstandtx 12-24-2014 10:29 AM

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So with the XK going to my possession my Wife needed a ride for our first kid. We really liked the new Cherokee and were in a position to be able to afford it and no stress us out. so we got a
2014 Cherokee
Altitude edition
24mpg and slanty eyes:D

So if you are still keeping track.
1997 Wrangler
2007 Commander
2014 Cherokee
My wife and I enjoy our Jeeps

xgerstandtx 12-24-2014 10:48 AM

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So with the Stroker installed a few days before my 1st son was born, I started wheeling the snot out of the TJ again.

The Iowa Jeep Club puts on a cool little show where they set up obstacles and just in general it is a great time, Grabbed a few photo's of the TJ working her way through some rocks.

I believe this truck to be a bit of a "sleeper" The ARB's, Stroker, Axles and reasonable size of it makes it a bit deceiving to other Jeeps. I believe this is the stance that it will stay for quite some time. But here is a few pics from the jeep show. She ran well and Only in this pic had like 700 miles on the fresh engine/clutch.

xgerstandtx 12-24-2014 11:07 AM

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Bent a Front Driveshaft on that ride, decided since I don't plan on getting her any taller a stock shaft will fill in fine again.

On this same wrench session, I came across a guy selling an ARB diff cover brand new in box and a Antirock Brand new in box. I picked them up for less than half of the sway bar.
THis is a killer upgrade and has really changed the way the low slung jeep handles the road and trail, smoothed up the ride a bit and made it more stable
my only way to flex her out in town and get close to max travel with the swaybar.

xgerstandtx 12-24-2014 11:13 AM

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Started getting Fabbing again, Simple project was a 3/16 steering skid. Did a mock up didn't dig the shovel geometry so I modded it a bit.

wheeled it again at MIOBI. These aren't the best photo's but she got a bit "puckerfactor" a few times. It ran flawlessly. I really love this Jeep. Wish I would have went to the darkside earlier. Having a frame is nice.

xgerstandtx 12-24-2014 11:19 AM

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Just in the last few weeks I have started really putting together the Cage that I am going to do. After the last few runs, and having my 6 month old has helped me realize that I don't want to put it off.
Sweet drawing of ideas

Picked up 1.75''.120 wall tubing. Got all the bent tubing bent up and pretty happy with how this will all work out.

Started getting the front hoop and windshield bars in place the other night.

Modifications in the next month:
Ten Factory CHromoly shafts front
ARB rear diff cover
Rear swing away tire carrier (no pics but almost done)
Long arms
UCF frame mounts
Tummy tuck (hopefully done by FEB)

post up ideas and comments I'm always pumped to hear other ideas

xgerstandtx 01-01-2015 11:32 AM

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So that is my list and progress for the last few days, I have been ultra motivated by everything lately which is a nice feeling. Should be able to get other windshield tube done tonight, AND... I'm out of steel so I will have to wait til next week.

xgerstandtx 01-01-2015 08:12 PM

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Got a lot of work done tonight, mostly what I consider the "harder"work. I had the windshield up and down about 100 times. So t front pillars are done, I also mocked up the start of tHe center. Pretty pumped :2thumbsup:

91AzXJ 01-03-2015 12:20 AM

Nice work, watching with envy!

JonCorwin 01-03-2015 12:39 PM

Looking good!

thirdeye 01-03-2015 01:35 PM


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