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RockRodHooligan 11-16-2012 09:15 PM

Parking lot Pre-Runner
I got another Jeep finally, 96 XJ, 2 door, Sport, Up Country Suspension, 4.0L, AW4, NP231, HP30, 8.25. The best part? I picked it up for a grand.

This Jeep used to belong to one of the founding members of IndyORV, Gary. Anyone who ran around with us when he was still around will understand why this Jeep will always have an air freshener to combat the "Old Man Smell" :shhh:

This Jeep has changed hands a couple of times since he owned it, but it never strayed too far from the club. This thing has it's areas that it's in outstanding condition, and not so much in others. A lot of the problems it has are fairly minor, the interior is pretty gross, but there are no rips or tears and the seats are still pretty comfy. Kind of surprising since it has 210k on it. The body has several dents and dings down low(a result of Gary wheeling it I'm sure) but they aren't very noticeable aside from a dented fender, and the paint is in great shape. It runs like a top too.

Things may seem slow moving but I've constantly been throwing stuff at it since I got it, so if it seems like I've not been making much progress, keep a look out.

The list of mods are finally getting bigger than the maintenance list, but so far:
Upgraded ground/charging/starting cables to 2ga welding wire with 4/0 from the battery to the engine compartment
Die Hard Platinum Marine battery w/Ruff Stuff box, relocated to the rear
136 amp alternator
Reupholstered headliner, with overhead console, and sound bar
Pioneer head unit, factory dash tweeters, Pioneer 5 1/4" door and sound bar speakers, Polk 5 1/4" hatch speakers, 900 watt Kenwood amp
Custom mandrel bent cat-back with 2.5" Magnaflow cat and muffler
PSC power steering pump with cooler
Transmission cooler
LeBaron hood vents
Custom headlight harness, Autopal housings, Hella H4 xenon bulbs, LED brake, turn, and side maker lights
Oldsmobile Aurora reverse lights with LED flood light inserts
DirtBound Off-Road 3-10" fan shroud with Perma-Cool 2300 CFM fans, Volvo fan controller, BMW temp switch(soon to be replaced with a Dakota Didgital controller)
4" Currie progressive rate coils
OME 3.5" leaf springs w/1" OME AAL(going to pull the AAL, and replace with shackle relocation bracket and RE shackle)
Synergy Suspension leaf spring hangers
Synergy Suspension track bar/bracket/brace
IRO front BPEs
Moog steering with IRO tie rod
JKS Quicker Disconnects
Synergy Suspension long arm brackets
(Building) LCAs with Currie Johnny Joints, UCA with MetalCloak Duroflex Joints
Ruff Stuff axle side UCA bracket, and I'm picking up Synergy Suspension axle side LCA brackets
Rancho 5000 shocks(temporary till I get the long arms on)
Procomp LCAs(also temporary till I get long arms on)
JB Conversions SYE
33x12.5 BFG All Terrains
15x8 American Racing Outlaws
Hannemann fiberglass fenders
Specter cowl intake
97+ washer reservoir
Relocated universal coolant tank
2x4-1/8" wall rocker-sliders
New floor pans with beefed up seat mounts tied into rocker sliders
T&M Fab door frame and hinge braces
Custom gas tank skid

G Beasley 11-16-2012 09:17 PM

I love two door XJs , whats your plans for the S.O.M?

sjones26573 11-16-2012 09:18 PM

Nice. Spray Fabreeze on the seats and cover them with seat covers. Rip out the carpet and headliner. Armorall the dash and plastic. That should get rid of a good bit.

RockRodHooligan 11-16-2012 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by G Beasley (Post 14468268)
I love two door XJs , whats your plans for the S.O.M?

Building this mostly(75%) for looks, since I live in central Indiana there really isn't a lot of good places for a prerunner to stretch it legs unless I wanna go tearing off through some farmers muddy field, and that's not what I would consider prerunning, not to mention I hate mud.

It's just not in my nature to build something that's "all show, no go", so this is going to have the equipment to be used and abused from time to time, even though it may be few and far between. Think of it as my own.... Poor mans Raptor.

Keynotes are:
Hannemann fiberglass- Check
Currie 4" coils- Check
33" BFG All Terrains/AR Outlaw's
OME leafs, shackles
Custom 3 link, Metalcloak Duroflex joints, PolyPerformance/Synergy Suspension brackets


Originally Posted by sjones26573 (Post 14468271)
Nice. Spray Fabreeze on the seats and cover them with seat covers. Rip out the carpet and headliner. Armorall the dash and plastic. That should get rid of a good bit.

The carpet will be coming out and Al's Spray-in Bedliner going down, but I'm going to be keeping sections of carpet for sound deadening and heat insulation. The headliner is sagging, but I'm going to have to redo it. I've daily driven a rig without carpet, no AC, loud tires, and a crappy ride. Never again.

Barrows 11-18-2012 07:32 PM

Are you giving up on the mj project? Or just going to have two jeeps now?

RockRodHooligan 11-18-2012 09:08 PM


Originally Posted by Barrows (Post 14476299)
Are you giving up on the mj project? Or just going to have two jeeps now?

MJ has shifted slightly to the back burner for the time being, this is my new DD that will curb my wheeling itch. This one has a cap on tire size, no bigger than 31" ATs so long as it's my DD, and don't plan on any bigger than 33"s for a LONG time. This one isn't going to get a bunch of body armor, cutting, or a cage, it won't need them, not going to get put in those tight situations.

The MJ is going to be the one that gets beat on, that I know is going to get dented, scratched, flopped, I know the fiberglass is going to get tore up, and I know it's going to need a cage. I can't get up to my Dads as often as I want to to work on it as I want to, and I still have a lot of very pricey items that I need to get yet. The XJ feeds the need to work on a Jeep, when I can't work on the MJ.

jeepkid03 11-18-2012 09:11 PM

Awesome build name. :laugh:

That is one clean looking 2 door. :thumbsup:

Imped 11-19-2012 06:18 AM


Originally Posted by jeepkid03 (Post 14476774)
Awesome build name. :laugh:

It is awesome, right?

RockRodHooligan 11-19-2012 01:53 PM


Originally Posted by Imped (Post 14477811)
It is awesome, right?

Yes, Connor can take partial credit for the name, I had been dancing around using the old man smell in it in some way or another. Connor just said it outright, and it stuck.

RockRodHooligan 11-21-2012 10:02 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Spent the day working on the Jeep again, unfortunately I spent way more time doing the tune up than I wanted, derailed by a simple mistake that even the best get caught by time to time.

I did get the chance to throw some of the parts for the rear tire carrier in the sand blaster before I had to call it quits, should have some of them in paint Friday. Some of the bolts for the mounting brackets on the bumper broke off in the welded in nuts when we were removing it. Gotta grind those nuts off and weld on new ones before I can mount it. I'll throw the tow hitch on at the same time since I have to remove the rear bumper to do both.

Also found out I've got a hole in my cat so that needs changed, I will be making a few changes to the intake and exhaust system when that happens though, more on that later.

And the siblings have finally been introduced.....

RockRodHooligan 11-28-2012 10:56 PM
Rear tire carrier is on, the brass bushings where the carrier attaches to the bumper bracket need attention, the top one is in bad shape and the bottom is gone. (Number 14 on the exploded diagram) Dealership can't get them anymore, been discontinued. I'm playing around with the idea of modifying the swing away and using heim joints to replace the factory hinges.
While I had the rear bumper off, I tried to install the hitch from my 01 XJ, after lots of cussing getting the bumper off, and then the skid plate unbolted so I could instal the JCR nutstrips I had. I finally figured out after fighting with it all for 10-15 min, that the gas tank skid is too wide for the hitch.:mad: Then I had to fight the rear exhaust hanger and tank skid to line up with the nutstrips for an hour. Never again by myself!
Good news is my buddy Robert has one he made for his 95 a few years ago, made specifically to work with a hitch, he can't use his anymore so I'm getting it.

Ordered a new O2 sensor through work that finally came in, these ones are special order, but we can get them, took like 3-4 days to get. New Magnaflow cat to match the muffler I had put on a couple weeks ago is next on the list, along with a mandrel bent Dynomax tail pipe. I talked to one of the exhaust shops that we deal with a lot and got a weld-in O2 bung, that'll save me something like $45 by going with a universal fit instead of a direct fit.
I'm going to hold off just a little longer on mod to the front half of the exhaust. I still have the head, intake/exhaust manifolds, and exhaust from my 01, I like that exhaust design much better, so I'm going to swap the whole top end over, minus the pre-cats. Going to do a little bit of a refresh on the head, yes it's an 0331 head. Going to clean up the ports, valve stem seals, new Hesco valve springs, and lap the valves. Going to throw in the first Comp cam I bought for the MJ project, new lifters, and timing chain while I'm in there. LS1 fuel injectors are on the list as well. I may look into the Spectre cowl intake while I'm working on it all. Might as well, right?

homeboy1991 11-29-2012 04:03 PM

Can't wait to see what you do to this one!

RockRodHooligan 12-04-2012 08:16 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Spent yesterday installing the remote starter I'm getting for Christmas with Robert, and grabbed my new gas tank skid. Thanks man don't know what I would do without you.

Had a somewhat slow day at work, so I made use of the brief periods of calm to finally make my new battery cables. While I was over at Roberts he had a bunch of welding wire sitting around from projects on his Jeep that he gave me, enough for me to make new cables for the XJ, and at least the positive cable on the MJ, would be plenty to do both but I'm putting the battery in the cab behind the seat, so I need a few feet to do that one.

Got the negative cable pulled to match up, didn't get to do the positive because I had to wait for some heat shrink to come from the warehouse to finish them, a I had to leave work on time tonight, so it had to be done by 6. I need to get more cable ends from Robert, I could use the ones we have through work, but I like how the ones that Robert gave me crimp a little better.

Total cost so far: about $7. That's for the new marine terminals and heat shrink tubes, might have about $12 in it when it's all said and done.

RockRodHooligan 12-05-2012 07:04 PM

Positive made up and in, all in all I think I have about $20 invested so far, that's including the HD shrink wrap. Going to make the cable from the fuse-able link to the alternator once a few things at work die down, maybe this weekend.

RockRodHooligan 12-28-2012 09:06 PM

Well sounds like the power steering pump is on it's way out, possibly brought on by driving around in 4wd a lot recently with all this snow. I have a V8 WJ P/S pump and PSC under drive pulley that was planed to go on the MJ project, but also want to do the same mod to the XJ, well since the XJ needed one first, the MJ will have to wait, not like it cares. Guess since I am going to need a smaller belt because of the under drive pulley, it would make since to go ahead and do the Taurus fan at the same time as well, just so I don't have to buy a different belt a second time.

Just have to fit this in between replacing the catalytic converter and tail pipe, and doing the 8.8 swap. Both are high on the priority list since the cat is leaking and sounds like crap, likely contributing to my poor gas mileage, and the drums are starting to grind. :(

The time now is 03:02 AM.

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