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Corigirlloves 02-21-2014 06:46 PM

New to me Unlimited Rubicon
Well I just purchased my newest Jeep, a 2006 Unlimited Rubicon, khaki metallic, and am loving it. Thought I would share and keep everyone updated on how I plan to personalize it (built up from the previous owner) and make it mine.

First things first, a name is in progress, currently debating between Cleo, Lucy 2(first Jeep was Lucy), and Isis, I am open to suggestions!

Now here is the current list of modifications:

2006 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited
Khaki Metallic in color. Only 59,*** miles!
4.0 Engine w/ Automatic Transmission/ 4:1 Transfer case/ Dana 44
Axles/4:10 gears
Front/Rear air locking differentials
Superior Cromoly Axle Shafts
RUBICON EXPRESS 5.5 inch Long Arm Suspension System (full kit w/skidplate)
*Recently lowered using brand new 4" springs for a more stable ride
and lower center of gravity but 5.5" springs included with sale.
ACOS coil spacer/bumpstops in front (Jeep sits perfectly level)
RUBICON EXPRESS Sway Bar disconnects
CURRIE ENTERPRISES Currectlync Heavy Duty Steering System
TOM WOODS C/V Driveshafts
37"x12.50" SUPER SWAMPER IROK radial tires (30% tread or more) on 15x8
Black Rockcrawler Wheels
Custom Front Bumper w/WARN M8000# Winch and HELLA Offroad Lights
Brand new Roller fairlead and Winch Cable (not pictured)
POISON SPYDER CUSTOMS 'Rocker Knockers' rocker protection w/ tube sliders
Poison Spyder rear corners
ROKMEN Rear Bumper w/ 3/4" tow points and 2" receiver hitch
EMP Gas Tank, Radiator, Steering Box Skid Plates
Stainless Braided Brake Lines
K&N Air Filter
RUFF STUFF Specialties 1/4" steel Differential Covers
SPIDERTRAX 3/4" Wheel Spacers
Flush Mount LED Taillights
Great shape and super reliable.
New Rampage Soft top

I plan on selling the tires, wheels, and wheel spacers as well as the fender flares, I am searching for the best pair of 35's (or 37's) and wheels to pair with, and buying Metal Cloak tube fenders. I also plan to bedline the interior, switch the gears from a 4:10 ratio to 4:88 ratio, rear tire carrier.

Corigirlloves 03-12-2014 04:39 PM

Well, I finally decided to go with my gut and what advice my technician decided, I upgraded my gears to the Yukon 4:88's and had them installed last week. The pull now behind the Rubicon is far greater than what was originally installed. Runs smoothly and shifts even more smooth.

Spent a day out at the shop and had a chance to remove the rear corner armor to find the right side had rust stains (no physical rust) and the left side had specs of rust and rust stains. Cleaned up as much as I could, we sanded/buffed the corner pieces down and re-painted them with the rustoleum bedliner textured spray and they look brand new.

Got around to painting the rear bumper as well as the poison spyder rocker panels, as well as the rubicon express long arm suspension lift and undercarriage with the rustoleum bedliner textured spray as well. Also painted the door handles; They cleaned up very nicely!

Removed the fender flares since I had sold them, discussing and potentially ordering tube fenders tomorrow if my fabricator doesn't have time to fabricate new ones.

Replaced the factory Rubicon and Unlimited stickers from silver to black, added a customized NC4x4 sticker in black.

Tomorrow we'll be knocking out the track bar bushing, the rear lights needed rewiring, sanding, buffing, and painting the front bumper and which mount.

Corigirlloves 03-12-2014 04:50 PM

Currently looking for new tires, I've heard I should go back down to 35's or just keep it at 37's, Been looking at BF Good Rich KM2's. but the S.O. is really wanting me to put Kumho Road Ventures on it....debating on wheels as well. The current one's are steel and I've heard I need to be considering Aluminum wheels to be lighter on the axles. Opinions?

Corigirlloves 04-01-2014 03:56 PM

Finally got some new decals in the mail while waiting to install the tube fenders.

And she's officially been named/tagged

Corigirlloves 05-08-2014 11:32 AM

First wheeling trip last Saturday went overall pretty well. Was able to accomplish some trails in my jeep that i was unable to do in Lucy. Trying to get her back up and running smoother to get back out there on the rocks.

I just got a response from Mr transmission regarding a hard shift from first and second and after careful research and consideration we're going to do a transmission flush, replace the filter, and replace the temp gauge as well as install a transmission cooler and gauge to help keep an eye on the transmission gauge.

Im currently looking at the b&m cooler and was curious if anyone had any suggestions on any brands?

The drive terrain module is being updated next week at the stealership which might take care of the catalytic codes that are reading, we will see.... There was an update on them a couple years ago and Cleopatra never received those updates.

Front Air locker is not locking in at the moment either but will be looked at next week as well... Thinking there is a leak in the line or the pump isn't pulling in air as it should be.

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Corigirlloves 06-09-2014 12:16 PM

Finally got around to painting my Jack and mounting it on the hood, feels good to finally see it up there.

Corigirlloves 07-13-2014 01:52 PM

Finally had an afternoon available, we got around to installing the rear tube fenders finally. A little more work for to the corner guards being a mismatch against the fenders but we got them cut down

Update on transmission-

It still hard shifts from first to second and has now started slipping randomly, diagnostic is it's dying.... So I'll be driving it until its a goner.

Lockers still not fixed...schedules just been crazy, neither wanting to lock so my guess is its just the air pump....will hopefully have it looked at soon.

Water pump has also made it to the list, finally gone out and will be replacing it this week as well.

Corigirlloves 07-21-2014 12:58 PM

Well changed the diff fluid this weekend and going to get thermostat fixed tomorrow.

Front and rear diff have been leaking so we decided to get a closer look. Front was lower than rear and thicker in fluid, luckily we had enough most fluid laying around and changed out both completely.

However the seals are just not right and will continue to leak and sealed properly.

Thermostat is leaking instead of water pump which is good, thermostat was just replaced and the shop is standing behind their work and will fix it tomorrow morning.

Next biggest focus will be getting rid of the ghetto rig up of my front blinkers and the rear back up light that's been out awhile. Not much but with a jeep, you know the list is always growing

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Corigirlloves 08-18-2016 05:41 PM

So it's been awhile...2 years awhile.... however, in that two years, I have sold my house, lived temporarily with my mom (our house sold in 2 one couldve expected that), put the Jeep into storage for a year (due to sketchyness of apartment...-->>), moved to Charlotte, lived in a ghetto apartment with drug dealers and almost a shoot out in my parking lot (that's a wholeeeeee other story), started a new job, built a house, moved into said house, started ANOTHER new job, and here I am.

However, in the last couple month's I have been pushing through and trying to get a move on, I live near Uwharrie National Forest, Gulches, Flats, SHOP, SO many offroad parks and I'm stuck in park, in my driveway, with a tarp on due to the dang rain. So, let's see, since we last spoke....

Upgrade wheels to 17x9 Black Rhino wheels, matte black, as well as upgraded my Irok 37"'s to Yokohama Geolander M/T's in a 38". They are quiet, aggressive looking, and have done excellent off road and on highway. Replaced the catalytic converter, the O2 sensors, the evap detection pump, as well as numerous components of the evap system. However, after numerous tries, the check engine light remains ON. Meineke has had several attempts at fixing it (at no cost due to the labor they originally put in, so thankful for all their attempts), but couldn't find the source of the leak. I currently work at Carolina Custom located at Lake Norman Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM and have had some of the guys take a look at it , tightened a couple bolts that were leaking, nope. Realigned the CAT that was installed, nope. So next hope is the upper O2 sensors, but now another code has arrived, stating that the Jeep is now running lean.


With my new job though, I am living the dream. My job is to build Jeeps.....without the labor. I sell aftermarket Jeep parts so my job is to literally look at Jeep parts all day (the occasional truck part). So Cleopatra's list has grown, and ...of have been ordered. I have 3 replacement windows (the old ones dry rotted out...did I forget to mention that?), I have replaced the dome light cover that the previous owner cracked and my OCD couldn't tolerate it anymore. I have also received non-ghetto turn signals finally from Metal Cloak to be installed in my front tube fenders! And last but not least, I am replacing my rear reverse lights that were relocated to the center of the tailgate, currently looking for a fab shop in Denver/Cornelius/Huntersville/Mooresville/Charlotte area to build a mounting bracket for them.

Next few repairs and such contain the air locker pump that doesn't seem to want to lock the front locker, the check engine light of course, and this winter I plan on removing all exterior protection and having everything sand blasted and re-powdercoated, as well as coating the frame is rust-resistant covering.

Now that I'm in the biz....I will be able to post more often, as well as continue making progress!

Corigirlloves 08-18-2016 07:26 PM

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Attachment 2995697

Hey kids, wanna buy some Jeep parts?

Corigirlloves 08-25-2016 05:27 PM

Alright, so we found two cracks in two hoses today, one towards the top of the evap line and one under the skid plate. Replaced those, we ordered new elbow tube vents and gromets due to a build up of oil leaking out slowly on top of the engine.

Trying to get this dang check engine light to go off and have it pass inspection.

Corigirlloves 08-26-2016 11:45 AM

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We installed some Pro Comp LED Dual Cube lights on the bumper, unfortunately, the wiring was the craziest experience of my life, every option we tried wouldn't let you run both lights with the same wiring, so we disconnected the Hella off road lights, and connected the Pro Comp's to my fog light switch.

Eventually, I will wire the Hella off road lights directly to the headlights since they're so dim and dull (yay old halogens!) so I can still keep them and just run them with the headlights.

Excuse the ghetto turn signals as well, hopefully can replace those with my metal cloak flashers this weekend, we sold our MR2 so I can finally have my space in the garage back! :highfive:

Jeep is still in the shop for the dang light, starting to think it could be the computer module but we're attempting other repairs at the moment.

Corigirlloves 08-28-2016 08:10 PM

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Installed my metal cloak flashers today, look great and are amazing. So glad to get rid of my ghetto zip tied ones.

Attachment 3009785

Attachment 3009793

Attachment 3009801

Attachment 3009809

It also eliminated my hyper flash as well, which makes me even happier.

Replaced a couple of hoses as well, the originals seemed alright but for $20, might as well put fresh new ones in and clean under the new grommets.

Attachment 3009817

Hopefully this will we can drop the gas tank and check those for cracks as well.

Corigirlloves 08-28-2016 08:15 PM

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Unfortunately, with all of the temperature changes, the crack in the windshield got worse, time to look for a replacement.

Attachment 3009825

Corigirlloves 09-01-2016 04:32 PM

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SO, we found a line loose near the upper O2 sensor's and have successfully sealed the evap leak, it passed the tests and was ready to be sent home. But at the same time, we found a crack in my driveshaft while up on the lift, I crawled it home and it is parked for the time being. I will be doing my research this weekend on replacing the driveshaft and getting it ready for inspection.

However, after we fixed the problem, my work and Metal Cloak hosted a stop in their CTI Tour 2016 and I got to test out the suspension. I am looking to replace my springs soon as well as new shocks. I had the second highest flex, next to a guy who dropped a couple grand into his suspension, so I was a pretty proud ladyjeeper. Good meeting with Corey from Metal Cloak to discuss everything with in what's working well for the Jeep and what it could use to make it even better. A set of metal cloak front fenders will be in the workings as well!

The time now is 08:12 PM.

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