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TJRUSSELL 08-22-2010 09:08 PM

MY lil 2.4 TJ Build
First off my name is justin:wave: I have allways wanted a wrangler since i was a lil kid
This is my jeep wrangler purchased in Oct 2009, the first one i have ever owned. Its a 2005 TJ SE with a 2.4L 6 speed, yeah i know its not the power house, but it came from vigrina beach area and its got no rust on it and i got a great deal for it. Around here all the used jeeps are rotted out from all the road salt.
Winter was coming and i dont care for the cold, so i found a used hard top in the area for cheep
Got some used 33x12.5x15 tires mounted on steeles for cheep, tires are shot but i wanted the wheels insted of buying new ones. No steering rub, but i got the flairs a coulple time on big bumps some times, oh well for now.

Custom installed a dd navi unit with hdd for music storage and map storage
Painted the cluster and center trim silver
Installed heated seat kits to the drivers and passengers seat, great for them cold seats
Installed a Midland CB nice and compact, its a great lil unit can go portable too
Also installed driving lamps

Found some hard doors for the winter, i love not dealing with the soft half door windows with it this cold here. I also cut the bumper ends on and angle.
Gotta love the snow shovel
I coldent belive how amasing 4x4 is driving in the snow, its geat lol

Made some disco for something to do wile winter is here
Also in this pic you can kinda see everything i painted in POR-15 before winter came, the stuff its toughf for shure

I was looking to get more power and a lil more mpg so i tried out the E3 plugs, they werent but when first installed they made a huge difference. In the long run they are not worth it i went threw 2 sets under warrenty and they allways come back to misfire problems. Now im back with new stock champions

2000BB6 08-23-2010 08:19 AM

wow, i love the TJs with the four bangers. and khaki is an awsome color. looks great man.

JohnW720 08-23-2010 09:09 AM

Looks good man. did you get rid of the 33's?

TJRUSSELL 08-23-2010 07:45 PM

Thank guys, i did get rid of the old 33's, they were shot all dryroted and cracked, the one had 3 patches inside it

TJRUSSELL 08-23-2010 08:32 PM

Got my new rubber in 33x12.5x15 Goodyear Wrangler Duratech
I had a local blasting company sand blast my wheels, then i painted them, they look great and for alot less than new ones

Got some 6" wide flairs curtisy of 2 JF members

I got 1'' spacers off ebay just to keep the tires from any rub for now untill i get my lift in

I was having trouble getting in 1st and reverse gears the warrenty wouldent cover the throwout bearing so i replaced everything clutch related since i had the tranny out. I also replaced the hydrolics since it came as a whole assembly and i got it cheep from the dealer too. At the same time i did this i was noticing a misfire so i changed the plugs but i noticed alot of oil in the intake manifold so i threw a cheep air oil seperator in the pvc line for now bc its cheep and it works lol. I also put in an Advance Adapters 4x4 shifter bracket its so much smother, all i had to do is put a lil bend in the upper linkage since i dont have a body lift.
Thats oil from one days driving

I got some new toys insted of buying a lift lol. I recently painted the trailer rustolum back, it looks great now

Swagger_Wagon 08-24-2010 09:01 AM

How's the 4 banger pull the skis?

TJRUSSELL 08-25-2010 04:06 PM

It pulles the skis pritty good. I beleve with the 6 speed it helps in the city, the the highway going to the lake usally im in 5th and 4th gears

ClayBonics 08-25-2010 04:26 PM

Isn't amazing what wheels and tires can do

Hurley91 08-25-2010 06:03 PM

Nice TJ and good job with the Nav.

TJRUSSELL 09-02-2010 04:59 PM

Thanks guys!!
BTW i got the heated seat kits a year ago their great come with everything to install them. i got them from

95riograndeman 09-02-2010 08:38 PM

I am new to the forum but have to say Very Nice TJ and very interested in this project. Did you say you have those 33's on without any lift what so ever and just spacers? I have a YJ and really want to get 31's or 33's without a lift. I think 33's will definitely rub for me but I dont know if the 31's will rub even without spacers. If you know with yours because I dont know how close the TJ's and YJ's are in tire specs but if you have any feed back please let me know.

TJRUSSELL 09-05-2010 10:25 AM

Thanks dude, when i put them 33's on they hit the factory flairs. i go new wider flairs on and their higher than factory and i got a 1'' spacers on the springs untill i put the lift on. I have no rub when turning, the wheel are backspaced at 3.75 i belive, i have no wheel spacers too.

TJRUSSELL 09-05-2010 10:35 AM

3 days of driving to work and a trip to the lake towing the skis, this separator really works, no more misfires from oil getting into the motor

Picked up a lift kit finally, got it off a friend that had it on his tj for the summer he went back to stock for some reason. 2.5" RC with 2.2 shocks

95riograndeman 09-05-2010 10:52 AM

Thanks for the reply. I dont know what kinda backspacing my wheels are. I got 15" American Racing Ar23's. I just think that since I have 225/70/15 i will go to 235/75/15 for now until I figure out what I'm gonna do. I am hopefully selling my nitro rc cars/trucks and but a RC 2.5 lift kit for my yj. But thanks again for the reply.

TJRUSSELL 09-12-2010 09:01 PM

Just installed new JK headlights

The time now is 05:21 PM.

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