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91jeepkidd 01-26-2009 10:13 PM

My jeep build....
Well, been on here for a bit, kinda sucks havnt posted pictures of my rig yett.
thing kinda looks crappy.... so bare with me no job. lol

so here it is:
guy had the rear window busted out in a bar.... lol
dented fender/bumper is going to get replaced soon.
when i first got her home.... green arrows are where cancer was
New peices to weld up..

And to the REAL reason i have NO MONEY....

91jeepkidd 01-26-2009 10:16 PM

oh yeh, i'll get more pics tomorrow....

so far plans for spring time since it's wayyy to cold out are:
-hurcaline the tub
-reinstall everything inside(only got one seat right now)
-put on the inner wheel wells/fender flares on rear
-put in ammo box center console
-replace tranny/rebuild it
-new gas tank skid plate/ rear crossmember where skid plate bolts into
that kinda rotted in a spot or too.

The time now is 05:42 AM.

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